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Trendy Kitchen Colors 2021: The 5 Best & Worst Colors

Undertaking a kitchen renovation is no small undertaking. It takes a lot of planning and you want to make sure all your hard work pays off by choosing everything perfectly. Whether you are starting from scratch in a new-build or remodeling the kitchen you have now, it takes a lot of effort to look Pinterest-worthy.

One of the most important elements that draw attention to any room is the colors you choose. It can make or mar the impression it leaves on anyone. Colors set the tone for space. It could be austere, cozy, airy, delicate, masculine, or traditional.


5 Best Colors

Dark colors

Dark colors are any shade that stands in contrast to light colors. It could be dark blue, chocolate brown, black, etc. The idea is to form a sharp color contrast to the rest of the kitchen decor. It is tastefully modern.

Photo by: Hanse Tiles

Classic White and Black

White and black colors have been in vogue for so long, and the combo is not getting old. With every new trend, these two colors together remain relevant. They look absolutely stunning with wood accents and metal decorations. There’s never going to be a time where a black and white theme can’t be implemented well.

Photo by: Ottawa Citizen


No matter the shade, green just has a way of bringing a natural hue into any decor. Whether it’s sage green, moss green, olive green, hunter green, or gasoline green, this beautiful color hits the spot and brings freshness into the kitchen. That’s why it’s trending this season, and we don’t think it’s bowing out anytime soon.

Photo by: Homes & Gardens

To make the most out of your green paint, balance the color with metal appliances and fixtures like stainless steel or gold.

Photo by: Architectural digest


Homeowners are becoming bolder every season, and their favorite daring color right now is red. Kitchens are getting done more creatively with various shades of red that look so tasteful, and make a big statement.

Photo by: Home stratosphere
Photo by: House beautiful


Get creative with more than one color in your kitchen—but don’t exceed three. Use eye-catching colors to bring attention to your kitchen space, without overwhelming the eye. There’s no rule that says your upper cabinets, lower cabinets, and kitchen island all have to be the same color.

Photo via: Decoist

5 Worst Colors

Mustard Yellow

This yellow-brown color has been claimed as one of the world’s ugliest colors and does not evoke any feelings of happiness or safety. So why use it? It’s so unattractive. It reduces the sale quality of your home if you ever want to sell, and it doesn’t create a comforting, warm environment for you to live in.

Photo by: Homify


Neutral colors like eggshell are outdated. Eggshell is a safe unassuming hue, which is why many homeowners seem to go for light colors like it for their kitchen decor. Now though, people are becoming more daring and intentional about their home decor, especially the kitchen. Hence, this color is reminiscent of an era long gone.

Photo by: Art of Kitchen Tile

Warm beige

Warm beige or taupe gives your kitchen decor an old-fashioned look. If you’re looking to update your current kitchen, don’t discount the money you’re spending and the effort you’re committing by choosing a color that is out of date!

Photo by: Houzz

Bright yellow

Bright or canary yellow seems to put a lot of people off. It may be a happy, warm color, but you have to be careful how you use it, else it may come off looking more tacky than cute.

Photo by: Homedit


While red may be a bold color choice and one that works for you this year, you have to think about the future too. Many people find it too irritating, and it can be offputting to buyers. So while you might like it at the moment, it could be too much for the masses.

deep red kitchen cupboards with multicolored granite
Photo by: House beautiful

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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