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Courtyard Craze: 1950’s Era Home in Seattle with a Breezy Modern Revamp

With summer here, life outdoors once again comes alive. And in a year when many of us are desperate to finally step outside after spending almost all of last year indoors, the idea of a home with a spacious and engaging courtyard offers welcome change. The modern Central Area Courtyard Home in Seattle was originally built in the 1950’s and in is latest avatar, the house has been improved with a new addition along with a fabulous courtyard that becomes the heart and soul of the revamped outdoor area. A FiveDot Arch project, the contemporary addition and expansion feels bot organic and innovative at the same time.

Modern extension with an exterior wrapped in vertical cedar slats as backdrop to the fabulous new courtyard

With elevated decks on one side and a curated garden area on the other, the Courtyard House allows the homeowners to easily host friends and family over weekends. The new wing added to the house holds additional adult bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms and guest rooms along with bathrooms and other social spaces. The new wing does much more than just offer additional living spaces, it also brings light into the old building with addition of skylights and a smart design that encourages cross-ventilation.

Gorgeous and family-friendly central courtyard of the renovated Seattle home from the 50’s
Greenery on one side and elevated decks on the other surround the lovely courtyard
Kitchen and dining area of the Courtyard House in Seattle with a modern extension
Look at the exterior of the modern extension of Seattle home

The existing home was a small square on a large lot. The addition created a new brick courtyard embraced by the low entry decks on one side and the abundant foliage of the garden on the other. The whole house was wrapped in vertical cedar to tie everything together and bring a sense of warmth to the project.

New interior of the home with the kids’ bedroom that feels bright and cheerful
Renovation of 1950’s Seattle home with a new courtyard that is the heart of the outdoor social area
Skylights and clever orientation ensure that there are no dull spaces inside the extension
Skylights and smart design bring ventilation into the new extension
Bedroom in white with classic wooden drawers and ample natural light
Bedroom in white with classic wooden drawers and ample natural light
Sherry Nothingam
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