Amazing Summer Wall Murals: How to Trick Out Your Room?

summer wall murals

Maybe summer is not the greatest period for makeovers… But if you are planning to refresh your home instead of going on holiday, you can easily enjoy it and adapt it into a wonderful time full of creativity! You will be proud of the results if you follow our tips for summer walls renewal. Today we joined hands with our creative friends from PIXERS and came…

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Poster Power: Add a Touch of Vintage Vibe And Showmanship To Modern Interiors

Remind yourself of everything you can BE!

Most of us tend to outgrow our fascination for posters as soon as we step out of college and into the real world. Yet, posters are not just additions relegated to kids’ rooms and college dorms. They can be meaningful part of modern interiors bringing in color, contrast and exclusivity. One of the first instances when posters caught the eye of yours truly was when…

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Modern Landscape Design Tips for a Manicured Yard

Outdoor seating in a modern yard

I recently moved, and finally I have a yard that I can landscape! Trust me, I’ve gotten started on some contemporary updates, but the work is leveling off now, and things still seem amiss. Despite the addition of gray gravel, stepping stones and modern planters, the yard is lacking that “modern look.” Are there design principles that I’m missing? Is there anything I can do…

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Happy 4th of July: Interiors Inspired By Red, White & Blue

Combination of various patterns and prints in blue, white and red for a plush bedroom

Decorating with the American flag can be a touchy subject. It does tend to polarize people into two different corners who present arguments that are equally compelling. Those who love to decorate with their beloved old glory will tell you that it is a gesture of patriotic zest and a celebration of being American all year round. Then there are those who will remind you…

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DIY Nautical Decor That Makes a Splash

DIY Nautical Decor

Summer is here, which means a trip to the beach! Whether you actually lay out on the sand or just dream of a shoreside vacation, you can bring home some of your getaway home with some nautical-inspired decor. Embrace the driftwood, sailboats, and blue hues and create an oasis that you never want to leave. Here are a few DIYs to get you started. Bathroom…

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Stylish SoHo Loft In New York Features a Trendy Black and White Interior

The SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan, New York is iconic for more reasons than just one. Bounded on four sides by Houston Street, Lafayette Street, Canal Street and the unmistakable image of Hudson River, the locality is known as the home of modern chic. A refuge for anyone with a touch a creativity and a dream of making it big in the Big Apple, the streets…

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4th of July Decor That Celebrates the Holiday in Style

Fourth of July table in red

The 4th of July is only a day away! If you’re preparing to celebrate this upcoming holiday, you’re in luck! Today we feature Independence Day decor that will help you savor the holiday in style. Not only are we spotlighting decorative finds that are specific to the 4th of July, we’re featuring items in shades of red white and blue–pieces that can be kept on…

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Stylish Stockholm Loft With Classic Scandinavian Interior Design and Modern Overtones

Pristine white interiors are a great way to enhance and accentuate the presence of an intimate space. This gorgeous and smart apartment in Stockholm is all about bringing together a touch of contemporary style with unassuming Nordic interiors. The loft sports an open living plan with the living room, dining space and the kitchen in the lower level. Bedrooms and the terrace are housed on…

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Understated Radiance: Dazzling Recessed Lighting For Warm And Inviting Modern Interiors

Dimmable recessed lights above the bed create a soothing atmosphere

Lighting is often the best when it is least noticed. Unless you are adding an extravagant floor lamp or a dazzling chandelier to the interiors, lighting is all about shining the spotlight on something else. The right illumination can make or break the appeal of your interiors. It can transform a dark and grim looking residence into a warm and inviting abode. When it comes…

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DIY Vases Fit for a Beautiful Bouquet

blue diy vases

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having a fresh bouquet of flowers then you know how special it is. So it’s easy to see how a plain glass vase don’t do the bouquet justice. The next time you reach something to house those floral beauties, display them in style with one of these DIY vases. Sensational Stripes Add a little sparkle to your life…

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