Handmade Luke Lamps Take You Back to the Vintage Era

Tired of the supra-modern chandeliers and expensive lamps? Here comes something rusty for you. The lamps designed by Luke Lamp Co would definitely take you back to olden times. These lamps are reminiscent of vintage period or the times when Thomas Alva Edison discovered modern lamps. The very first proof for this is the absence of switches. But, Luke Lamp Co will install one for…

Monolithic and Masculine Celato Storage Unit


The Celato storage unit was created for those looking for a modern piece of furniture that does not display its function at first glance, but rather hides it away from indiscreet eyes. Designed by Italian studio Factory De Castelli, this faux wood storage unit has a range of birch drawers – large, small, thick and thin – prepared to store your precious items with style….

Marvellous Sugoroku Office Concept Made from Shipping Containers

Sugoroku office is a marvelous concept derived by designers Daiken-met Architects based in Gifu, Japan. The framework consists of a pile of shipment containers arranged in a specific manner to make it into an office, in three levels. This is an architectural wonder sporting spaces for living area, kitchen, design studio, penthouse floor and everything that you would find inside a contemporary office. Gifu is…

Hopen Place House: Uncompromising Luxury Along With Privacy

Hopen Place seems to offer a wonderful visual treat once you set your eyes on this contemporary residence. Located in the famous Hollywood hills in California, the house has risen to the top of the yardstick on which modern buildings are compared. Whipple Russell Architects‘ brain must have had an extremely challenging phase, while designing this massive structure. The house has got lots of luxury…

Oz Sofa-Bed Combo Furniture Sports Two-in-One Design

Modern Oz Sofa turns into Bed

Today we bring before you a convenient Oz sofa-bed to decorate your living room. This fantastic piece of furniture was designed for Moldeni&C by designer Nicola Gallizia.  Unlike other multipurpose furniture sets, the transformation of the Oz sofa to a beautiful bedding and back seems to be very simple. It just takes a few seconds to switch between shapes — all you’d need for the…

20 Home Office Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Workplace

ultra modern white home office with Apple products

When decorating a home office, you should seek out design schemes that promote good work habits. You should have somewhere devoted only to your work, such as a dedicated corner or preferably a separate room. The furniture, decor and setup should all be conducive to organization and productivity while still making you feel comfortable and creative. The most important aspect of home office design is…

How to Make your Rented Home Look like a Show Home


Let’s face it – rented flats and flatshares aren’t always the most attractive homes around. Sometimes the value of a lower rent outweighs that of a trendier flat and you have no choice but to move to a home that isn’t going to be on the cover of any home decoration magazines any time soon. If you were buying you’d be doing so safe in…

Modern Garden Shed in the Netherlands: Poplar Garden House


Springtime brings the new hope that dreams can come true. Under the natural light, a modern garden shed would invite you to interact with the surroundings. Take for example the Poplar Garden House – a small , contemporary shed in Groningen, the Netherlands. Part of Onix Architects‘ portfolio, this shed is built on an ecological allotment garden space in the outskirts of Groningen, where city…

Halsuit Concept Shop in Japan by Nendo

The Japanese can now go shopping in an exclusive, highly voluminous men suit store called Halsuit — a conceptual new generation shop from the famous retailer Haruyama. The showroom exhibits a large volume of suits, shirts and ties, displayed in a very cool and pleasant ambiance. The Halsuit concept has been designed by the famous Japanese studio Nendo and virtually assists the customers to select…

Portland Street Duplex Homes Sport Great Views of the Sydney Harbor

Twin Modern Homes contemporary living room

Sydney is a favorite destination for people who love to become a part of Australia’s unbelievable blend of seasons. The MPR Design Group was right when they zeroed in on this location for the Portland Street Duplex homes, which overlook the city and marvelous beach lying close to it. The project includes twin buildings completed in two levels. The site offers an irresistible view to…

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