A Perfect Home for Your Trinkets: Light Jars by Kristine Five Melvaer


Trinkets and little personal items are hard to display without having to constantly think about dust. And then there is that part of us that wants to beautifully display our precious items under a spot light, so they would be admired the way they were meant to. Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvaer captured these wishes in a set of fun glass jars presented under the…

Local Rock House in New Zealand is Absolutely Charming

Local Rock House 1

House construction, these days, has turned even more interesting. Homes built in different designs for special purposes sport absolutely charming visages, thanks to the fun element the architects and designers find in the whole process. The Local Rock House in New Zealand is one such wonderfully built structure. As the name indicates, the apartment is developed using rock. Pattersons Associates have designed the house with…

Patterned Rugs Can Induce Seasickness

black and white rug causing seasickness

You might have felt a sort of dizziness while staring at cloths featuring intermittent black and white patterns. Have you ever thought why it is so? Now, researchers at St. Peter’s college in Jersey City have found out that black and white patterned rugs can cause dizziness. This could eventually lead to a condition called seasickness. This dizziness is a regular experience, but it is…

Tetra-Shed Prefab Office is Outstandingly Private, Indeed

Tetra-Shed Prefab Office 3

We know you may initially disagree with the claim that this makeup is a prefab office. But it is, not in the literally sense though. This fantastic irregular geometric arrangement bears the title Tetra-Shed Prefab Office. The stylish post-modern office is tailor-made for those who want to work in a silent environment. The structure is precisely designed to confer you the required privacy, so that…

Elegance Meets Purpose at 7th Street Residence

contemporary interior apartment New York 2

Folks at Pulltab Design have come up with a great idea that stands out as an example for a plan where elegance meets purpose — 7th Street Residence. Based in Manhattan, Pulltab design specializes in architecture, interior design and custom furniture. The materials they used for this contemporary interior are stained concrete, American black walnut, bronze and steel along with modernist finishes, including hand applied…

Exquisite 1,000 Square Feet Molly’s Cabin by Agathom


This cabin is definitely the most amazing retreat I have seen in a while, partly because of its wonderful interior design and part thanks to the fantastic surroundings. Molly’s Cabin was designed by Canada-based Agathom Architects and it occupies 1,000 square feet in Pointe au Baril, a remote archipelago in the Georgian Bay, Canada. The exquisite cabin retreat was built for a multi-generation family who wanted…

Awesome Modern Pharmacy Design by Karim Rashid


Walking in a pharmacy means instinctively thinking about health or health problems. But this unique Oaza Zdravlja Pharmacy was designed to offer a different view on health issues and describe the “beautiful intricacies of the human body and healing process” through its contemporary design. Those living in Belgrade, Serbia, can easily admire the superb interiors of this inviting pharmacy. Designed by the well-known industrial designer Karim…

Folded fabric Moon lamps by Färg&Blanche

Folded fabric Moon lamps 1

Designers Emma Marga Blanche and Fredrik Färg have joined efforts (read that as talents) and came up with these Moon lamps made from folded fabric. Built for Zero — a family company in Sweden which manufactures and sells attractive lighting fittings for all types of space, the Moon lamps by Färg&Blanche are as stylish as they are cool and innovative. The new lamp design has…

Chalet Zermatt Peak in the Swiss Alps, Probably the Most Luxurious Ski Vacation Ever

luxury ski chalet swiss alps

Located at the feet of Switzerland’s highest peaks, Zermatt is one of the most desirable location for skiing in the Swiss Alps. There are four ski areas surrounding the village for all levels of skiers or snowboarders, and plenty of stylish places to rent for a dream vacation. But what if you want a bit more? The luxurious chalet Zermatt Peak with its stunning interior…

Sustainable Houses: Taking Your Nomadic Home With You, Wherever You Go

Sustainable Nomadic Home 3

Ever imagined a house that can be uprooted and planted again anywhere in the woods? Or even meadows and mountainsides? Sounds like a dream, we know.  Not really, as we have managed to set sights on such an amazing house in Bozen, Northern Italy. Named Fincube, the structure stands at a height of 4,000 feet above sea level , and thereby provides a magnificent view…

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