Words on Walls to WOW Your Rooms

Words on Walls 3

Do your rooms look bare and in need of an urgent filling up? Ever thought of brightening your days and walls with words that have inspired you? If yes, then here’s something WOW to adorn your dwelling. Words on Walls (WOW) is a unique and personal piece of wall art that would go well with your home décor. If there are words that have inspired…

Design Ideas / December 27, 2011

DNA+ Iseelite is a Multi Purpose Lamp

Iseelite 2

DNA+ has unleashed their new product, a multi-purpose lamp, which can double up as flash light and a reading lamp. The product is becoming very popular, since it incorporates two essential services in a single piece. The hybrid lamp, named Iseelite, utilizes the magnetic energy to offer a clean and cord free appearance, without negotiating on the performance. Switching the lamp on or off is…

Lighting / December 26, 2011

Toda House in Hiroshima Looks like a Bird’s Nest

Toda House 1

Toda House, a spiral building, located at Hiroshima in Japan, has a unique design of a bird’s nest elevated a little above the ground. The elevation is provided to give it a watch-tower-like look to the building and is meant for security. The building has been designed by Japanese architect Kimihiko Okada. The landscape of the region is like platforms forming several layers, placed one…

Dream Houses / December 26, 2011

House O Sports a Contemporary Japanese Design

House O 1

House O, a recently completed building in Japan, is attracting eyeballs for its unique design. Located in Mie, Japan, the house has been constructed by a Nagoya based Studio Stands Architects (Hiroshi Yokozeki, Yuji Shimiz, Kyoko Ikuta). The design of the house is such that you can see a marvelously made garage, which is an extension from the road when seen from the interior. A…

Dream Houses / December 26, 2011

Exotic Mykonos Grand Hotel Welcomes You to Apollo’s Birthplace

Mykonos Grand Hotel 2

We all dream of living in exotic beach resorts and enjoying the luxury of a lavish resort. Mykonos Grand Hotel in Greece is one such place. The luxurious beach resort, with its pleasant architecture intended to arouse a soothing feeling in the presence of picturesque surrounding landscapes and royal interiors, offers some incredible moments in your life worth preserving in your memory. Supposed to be…

Design Ideas / December 22, 2011

Cool Wall Hooks Can Keep You Hooked

Wall Hooks by Thelermont Hupton 3

These cool wall hooks by Thelermont Hupton are sure to get you ‘hooked’. This line of hand-shaped hooks features various hand gesture-shaped hooks. Our personal favourite is the hand with the devil-horns, but there are the ones that say hello, thumbs up, shake, okay, peace, and even the ‘up yours’ gesture. The hooks come in various bold hues, including black, pink, orange, red or white,…

Furniture / December 22, 2011

Short-Term Vacation Rental Home in Skyland is Alluring

Skyland Lakefront Home Rental 16

It’s vacation time and we’re all looking for places to go and relax and let go of all the tensions. This quite Lakefront home in Skyland offers you the perfect spot to enjoy life with your family. Skyland is a family-style community with great homes that have private beaches. Also, located at a place with easy access to shopping, skiing, golfing and beaches, this house…

Dream Houses / December 22, 2011

Weekend House in Rensselaer County by David Jay Weiner

Weekend House by David Jay Weiner

You might have seen this Weekend House before. Maybe just part of it, but you definitely saw it before in your dreams. Its stunning architecture was designed by David Jay Weiner Architects and encompasses a 1,200 square foot living plan. Located in Rensselaer County, New York, USA, the exceptionally beautiful dark cladded villa was constructed for a Japanese Client on an existing shared property. Overlooking…

Dream Houses / December 21, 2011

Modern and Bold – volumetric half white half red cedar Maison P+C

Maison P+C

Located in Indre, France, this fabulous residential construction you are about to enjoy was nicknamed Maison P+C. A beautiful dream home, the villa was designed by French team of Atelier Alassoeur Architecture. They imagined a home that could be easily integrated in the surrounding traditional residential area. The 326 square meter floor plan includes the two floors – the upper floor offers views to the…

Dream Houses / December 21, 2011

Floor Lamps by Viso are Bold and Beautiful

Floor Lamps by Viso 3

Subtle is out, bold is in. These bold floor lamps by Viso state the same. Put the lamp in any room and it is sure to catch your attention. Designer Filipe Lisboa created the Juju and Archie lamps with an eye towards modern art. The Juju floor lamp is an eye catcher – its impressive height, the seductive hourglass-shaped body and the dramatic oversized shade…

Lighting / December 21, 2011

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