How to Dry Clothes Stylishly with a Drying Rack

pullout clothes drying rack

Your laundry area of your home may not be the place you enjoying spending much time. Many people hand dry their clothes and you begin to consider how much time it will take to carry a heap of washing from the laundry room to the basement and down to the backyard, drop the heap and bring out the laundry line or rack outside, get it…

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21 Gorgeous Armchairs That Blend Comfort and Style

Armchairs - comfort and style

Armchairs. Aren’t they comfy?! Another great thing about armchairs–they don’t take up too much space! While some people may be hesitant to purchase a long sofa in a bold hue or cutting edge design, many are more than willing to buy an armchair with a distinct look. Why not add a vivid pop of color with an armchair in fire red? Or make a statement…

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Sleek & Stylish Home With a Minimalist Appeal by WCH Interior Design

A bit of green to make it warm and inviting

One of the biggest challenges for modern interior designers and architects is to create elegant, sleek and beautiful homes that are not just in line with the modern trend, but also to ensure that despite those neutral shades that can border on ‘coldness’ at times and the clean and well defined lines, there is a certain sense of inviting warmth that is exuded by the…

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Outfitting Your Kids’ Room With A Stylish Loft Bed

Cool loft bed set-up with dinette below

If you are having challenges in your home concerning space, loft beds will always come to the rescue since over the years, lots of homeowners have come to know them as “space savers”. It is very common to see bunk beds but with more creativity, you can make a dramatic addition to your home by having multiple loft beds designed which saves even more space….

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Creating Fascinating Interior Spaces with Wall Mirrors

Mirrors covering up storage spaces

Try not to think about your gym as the only residential space that can display a mirror wall – indulge in the luxury of creating visually larger, brighter spaces in your home by using this wonderful way of spreading natural light in darker corners while preserving much of the light’s original quality. Unlike electric lights or candle light, mirrors help direct sunlight throughout the space…

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Villa Sapi: Lavish Contemporary Getaway in Indonesia Entices With Its Scenic Splendor

Luxury Retreat Villa Sapi in Indonesia

South East Asia is indeed one of the world’s most favorite destinations when it comes to luxury holiday trips and ravishing resorts that help you detach from the hustle and bustle of your mundane life and offer you a breathtaking window into a stunning new world. The islands of the region set in the Indian Ocean are prime tourist destinations thanks to privacy they offer,…

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Olympic Palace Hotel in Athens Gets New Design by Campana Brothers

Elegant use of glass offers visual connectivity with outdoors

The Olympic Palace Hotel in Athens, has received a complete renovation recently as the designer duo, Fernando and Humberto Campana of Campana Brothers went about trying to give it a brand new look and image. It is understandable then that the invigorated and rejuvenated structures sports a bright and distinct neon sign that reads out ‘NEW’ as it pretty much signifies precisely what the hotel…

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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Design Lovers

George Nelson clock

Doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? Today we present 20 gift ideas for the design lovers in your life. Purchasing decorative items for others can be a daunting task, especially if the giftees are picky when it comes to their interiors! That’s why we’ve chosen many items that are functional as well as decorative. After all, who can argue with the utility of beautiful agate coasters?…

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Luxurious Black Pearl Chalet For Stunning Holidays in the French Alps

Chalet Black Pearl designed by Philippe Capezzone

Christmas is but a couple of weeks away and most of us already have had the holidays planned out and that often includes a lovely and memorable trip with our near and dear ones. The Alps are one of the most sought after destinations in the holiday season each year and as tourists rush in to Europe to enjoy all the sights and sounds of…

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