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Sizzling Stainless Steel Kitchen Brings Home Professional Panache!

Stainless steel counters and worktops are fast making a comeback in modern kitchens, but if you want a smashing kitchen that is entirely clad in stainless steel, then few match the sheer style and practicality of this delight from Abimis. A gorgeous kitchen that combines timeless design with contemporary trends, it is all about expressing your culinary genius with a hint of metallic glint! Each of the models is built around the same functional and durable core and comes with a series of cabinets, free-standing units and clever drawers that take care of everything you need in a kitchen.

Sleek and stylish modern stainless steel kitchen from Abimis

Even a professional cook would find himself absolutely at home inside an Abimis kitchen, as its many stainless steel-clad features replicate the effortless ergonomics of top restaurant kitchens across the globe. And even if you are not a dedicated cook, you will soon find yourself spending more time in your new kitchen as you explore its many versatile features and maximize them to suit your own cooking style. The star of the show inside this kitchen is its phenomenal island that comes with built-in appliances and ample storage space.

Stainless steel dining table complements the style of the kitchen

Posh stainless steel kitchen island and worktop with smart functionality

Abimis professional kitchen island with built-in appliances and stainless steel gloss

Base of the stainless steel kitchen island gives it a breezy appeal

Brilliant and ergonomic kitchen island with cabinets in stainless steel

Gorgeous kitchen workstation in stainless steel

Being clad in steel, every work surface inside this kitchen is pretty easy to clean, and the gas and induction cooking rings are crafted to match the exact size and functional demands of the kitchen island. Epitomizing precision, poise and sophistication – this magical metallic kitchen composition also ushers in a dash of modern industrial beauty!

Kitchen drawers bring ample storage space

Freestanding stainless steel cabinets for the contemporary kitchen

Kitchen pantry design in stainless steel

Stainless steel kitchen island and prep zone

Sherry Nothingam
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