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Scorpios: Greek Paradise Reveals a Cycladic-Infused Gateway to the Aegean Sea

There are stunning resorts and idyllic escapes across the planet that promise a holiday of a lifetime. And then there are those that take the experience to an entirely new level by combining soothing relaxation with a hip nightlife and bringing together the very best of both worlds. Located on the glamorous Greek island of Mykonos, Scorpios is one such magical retreat that transports you into a carefully constructed world of rustic chic beauty and Cycladic design that transcends eras. Designed by Lambs&Lions, this unique hangout is entirely different from anything else that Greece has to offer – undoubtedly an achievement in itself!

Awesome hammock hangout at the Greek retreat overlooing the sea

Perched on an isolated ridge on the Southern tip of the popular island and overlooking the vast Aegean Sea beyond, Scorpios guarantees privacy and tranquility. With a stunning sunset beach and its many wooden huts, pergolas and hammock-laced cabanas on the edge of the Aegean, one experiences the very best both in terms of comfort and solitude here. Of course, the undisturbed haven transforms into a hip, colorful and happening beachfront party zone once the sun sets and music starts to flow in the air.

Overlooking the Aegean Sea from lovely Scorpios in Mykonos

Scorpios sits proudly on the southern part of fabulous Greek island Mykonos

Exclusive design of Scorpios celebrates beach culture and Cycladic architecture

Fabulous Mykonos escape combines awesome nightlife with a soothing hangout

Seaside Greek resort with a rustic chic design

Soothing getaway in Greece with rustic chic vibe

Use of natural materials also creates a perfect dreamy hangout that keeps away the harsh sun

It is in between this never-ending nightlife and lazy afternoons that one finds shelter in the stone houses that showcase the timeless beauty of Cycladic architecture while providing contemporary opulence. The decor inside these stone houses along with their overall form is largely defined by natural materials with stone and wood. And amidst all the sun, shade, endless parties and tranquil siestas, there is the beachside restaurant that serves everything from local delights to delicious international cuisine.

Stone houses at the Scorpios in Mykonos with unique decor and a 60s rustic syle

Hammock for the tranquil stone house

Interior of the stone houses is both contemporary and classic

View of the blue sea and the outdoor retreats from the villas

Stone structures bring back the 60s Greek flair

Beautiful outdoor Greek restaurant overlooking the sea

Scorpios offers everything that a traveler heading to Greece dreams of – boisterous nightlife, pristine beaches, secluded hangouts, inspiring tastes and a truly unforgettable holiday. Yet, it does all of this without pretentious modern overtones, and you surely won’t feel like travelling from one glass and concrete jungle at home to another next to the magical Aegean Sea. This is a chance to savor and celebrate Mykonos at its unadulterated best!

Design and decor of Scorpios is inspired by 1960s Greek glamour

Rustic and laidback appeal of Scorpios is enhanced by its tasteful decor

Natural materials and Caravana Montaecristo tent become an integral part of Scorpios

Scorpios - Luxury retreat in Greece for both relaxation and rejuvination

Nightlife comes alive at the Scorpios

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