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Shower Power: Unforgettable Designs to Wash Away Your Cares

There’s nothing like washing the worries of the day away in the shower. The only thing better? Washing the worries of the day away in a designer shower! Today’s featured showers are so luxurious, they’ll inspire you to go all out in your next bathroom remodel. And if you’re on a budget, they just might inspire a little design refresh in your own powder room. Check out the grand features and small details in the images below. Let them wash over you like a fine mist…

Terrific Tile

This first group of showers celebrates the beauty of tile! And this modern shower featuring Smalto tile from Bisazza is the perfect shade of blue. Add a large shower head, and being inside this space must resemble being under a waterfall! [photo from Scott Weston Architecture Design]

Stunning shower filled with blue tile

And while we’re on a blue note, let’s give a nod to the beauty of blue and white tile, especially when lining a breezy shower filled with tropical plants! Stay tuned for more tropical shower fun later in the post. [photo by Marcia Prentice, from Granada Tile]

Blue and white tiled shower

From blue to green…they say brunettes wear green well. No wonder this dynamic combination of brown and green is so alluring! And there’s something about the way the bright lighting enhances the glow of the green tile. Throw in a tropical floral arrangement and you have the perfect powder room getaway! [from Wettling Architects]

Modern shower with bright green tile

From the vivid to the understated, we now feature a shower that’s bathed in cool neutrals. Yet there’s nothing understated about this herringbone tile wall, which is a modern focal point, as well as an eye-catching backdrop to a Rectangular Shower Head with Waterfall from Hudson Reed. [photo by Jack Hobhouse Photography, from Dyer Grimes Architecture]

Contemporary shower featuring herringbone tile

While we often think of tile as being square or rectangular, don’t forget the unexpected flair of geometric forms such as the circle! Evoking the magic of bubbles and the shimmer of pearls, this high-ceiling shower features Lucente Ambrato circle mosaic from Emser Tile. [photo by Kat Alves, from Hills Group]

Lovely shower with circular mosaic tiles

Marble Magic

There’s no denying that a bathroom with a marble shower is decadent! Perhaps it’s the gleam of the marble, or the beauty of large slabs featuring veined patterns. Crisp white marble is an ideal fit for powder rooms with a bright, clean feel. Not to mention, while marble tile is undeniably stylish, there’s just something about marble slabs! [photo by Tineke De Vos Photography, from Il Granito Natuursteen]

Modern bathroom with a marble shower

Then again, marble tile is especially interesting when combined with another tile option, such as the black and white patterned selection below. The black trim of the in-shower window ties it all together. So chic! [from Home Bunch]

Marble tile shower with a patterned floor

Don’t you love a shower that resembles a hidden retreat? In addition to tile, this shower cubicle features green marble slabs. The only problem with a powder room like this is the possibility that you may never want to leave it! [photo from Lonny]

Luxury shower featuring green marble

Beachy Style

Our last set of showers in today’s roundup can’t help but remind you of a day at the beach. Or a luxury cruise! From the porthole-style window to the metallic touches (love the towel rail!), this deep blue shower couldn’t be more seaworthy! [photo from Lonny]

Shower with a porthole-style window

A tropical shower with a view of ample foliage and a dazzling water feature?! What’s not to admire? Note the little details as well, from the sea sponges in the corner to the potted plant by the tub. [photo by Ethan Tweedie, from Eric Cohler Design]

Tropical shower with a connecting patio

We’ll end today’s post with an outdoor shower, because there’s nothing like washing away the worries of the day while being surrounded by the beauty of nature! And a potted palm never hurts either. Don’t those striped towels instantly evoke the summery fun of a day at the beach?! [photo from Mantra Group Hotels]

Outdoor shower with palm fronds and striped towels

The most fun part about a roundup like this one? Picking a favorite photo or two! Tell us which showers caught your eye by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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