Stunning Unique Decks: 16 Inspirational Ideas

contemporary house with wooden deck and pool

Adding a deck to your home will not only increase the value of your property investment, but it will also provide you with an outdoor space perfect for parties, neighborly chats or simply a quiet space to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or nice cold beverage. If you’re planning on adding a deck to your living space, you’re making a great decision that will…

Top Laundry Room Storage Ideas

white cabinets laundry room with drawer pulls

Dirty clothes, damp towels and balled up linens piled to the ceiling – errant fabric softener sheets, scattered detergent bottles, overflowing baskets and tangles of hangers. If this describes the current state of your laundry room space, then it might be time to make some changes. All too often it’s not the mythical sock monster stealing our missing items – it’s the overwhelming mess behind…

Stunning Summer Bed and Bath Decor

Summer Bed and Bath Decor

When the warm, bright weather of summer hits, many people are inspired to streamline their homes. Is a remodel in the works? The good news is that a variety of fresh style updates can be yours without the expense of renovation! In fact, by switching heavy bedding and dark towels in favor of crisp, light selections, your home can have a new look for the…

Kanuhura Island Resort: Breathtaking Holiday & Travel Option in the Maldives

Have you ever thought of a holiday that is simply ‘picture perfect’? Did you dream of a trip that lets you travel to one of those amazing spots that looks too good to be true on the travel postcards? The Kanuhura Island Resort in Maldives is sure to provide you with once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with haunting memories for a lifetime….

How to Clean Marble Flooring

For centuries, marble has remained the epitome of luxury in home flooring options. Whether in the lobby of the city’s grandest hotel or the foyer of your home, it adds instant beauty and class to any space. Whether you’ve recently invested in sleek new marble flooring, or you’re preparing to move into a space with marble floors already installed, you’re probably wondering how to appropriately…

Creekside Residence: Contemporary home that connects with cool meadows

Creekside Residence 15 modern lighting

Modern architecture and design is not just about minimalism and bling. Contemporary homes go a lot beyond stylish interiors and sleek lines and this ambient house in San Mateo County, California is an example of how one can expand the interiors a lot beyond the four walls and ensure that the serene surroundings seem like a natural extension. The Creekside Residence designed by studio Bohlin…

Making the Most of Small Kitchens

small white kitchen design

For city dwellers and those living in other well-compacted homes, a small kitchen is often a fact of life. In many ways, tiny kitchens, like any other small space in your home, can be both a challenge and a blessing. While managing to incorporate every element you need into an extremely confined area can present difficulties, it also makes it much easier to realize what…

How to Clean a Down Comforter

There are few luxuries in life as wonderful as the moment you sink into a plush down comforter. Wrapping yourself in one of these bed coverings is like submerging your body into a sea of clouds – and it can make getting out of bed in the morning a near impossibility. It seems the only drawback to these comforters is the fact they require special…

20 Unforgettable Benches

unique bench furniture

Not only are benches a space-efficient seating alternative, they are versatile! For example, scoot a bench up to the wall, and you have a place to sit with the benefit of back support. Place a bench in the middle of the living room, and you have a makeshift coffee table. At the foot of the bed, a bench makes an elegant statement. You’ll find equal…

China Creates Replica of an Entire Austrian Village (HallStatt)

Hallstatt Replica in China 3

We know that China is pretty good with knockoffs, but this time they have gone ahead and recreated a village in Austria that has been marked out as part of World Heritage by UNESCO. And that is indeed something special, as it is not very often that we get replicas of an entire village and this is even an achievement for the Chinese, who seem…

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