Dark Knight Themed Home Theater; Every Man’s Batcave Dream Come True

Amazing Bat Cave media room

It is one thing to be just a ‘super fan’ of a certain superhero or comic book series and a while together different proposition to be owning a $2 million home theater that is themed exclusively in a way that will allow you to showcase your admiration for your superhero. The owner of this amazing Dark Knight-themed home theater has done everything he can to…

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Feldbalz House: Contemporary Glass Home with Brilliant Views of Lake Zurich

Glass Contemporary Feldbalz House

The Feldbalz House is all about elegance, simple style, minimalism and sleek design at its flowing best. One of the best modern homes that we have seen in recent times, the home charms you with its uncluttered presence and the extravagant and wide-ranging use of glass. Glass and stone are the two main visible components of this contemporary structure and the third common ingredient that…

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9 Awesome Media Rooms Designs

A media room, or home theater as it is sometimes referred to, is a space designed to reproduce the intensity of a cinema experience. These rooms are generally fitted with large flat screen televisions or projection screens, ample seating and soft lighting. Some media rooms are giant, enclosed spaces built for large groups of people while others are the size of a standard study or…

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Make a Stylish Statement With Console Table Decor

sleek Console Table Decor

Console tables are chic, long and lean. Their skinny surfaces are the perfect place to display eye-catching decor, yet the limited space poses a challenge. Should they hold functional household items or purely decorative pieces? How much is too much? In some ways, you can view the console tabletop as a microcosm of your design preferences. Can you make a statement that is compact while at the same time…

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Top to Bottom Makeover in Shades of Zensual Blue

Luxury Japanese bathroom - zen blue design

It’s the color of nature surrounding us. Blue sky, blue mountains, blue sea, blue-footed booby, and now it can be the color of your home. Curtains, walls, linens, pottery, let’s shake it up with at least one of the hundreds of shades of blue as you create a touch of Zen in your home that translates serenity, tranquility and peace. This color has been adopted…

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20 Stylish Home Office Computer Desks

sleek home office desk ideas

Today’s office computer desk is sleek and stylish. Gone are the days of mega-desks that take up half the room. Increasingly compact computers have broadened office desk possibilities, making smaller options a reality. Just as space-saving laptops have become a home office staple, space-saving desks have gained popularity for their versatility and their ability to offer a work surface in the smallest of dwellings. Yet some…

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IKEA 2013 Catalog Unveiled: Inspiration For Your Home

IKEA 2013 catalog

The 2013 IKEA Catalog is one step further in the long history of the Swedish giant that has come from humble beginnings all the way back in 1951, to taking the world by storm with its unique and amazing ideas. And you can see their influence even in the designs and décor that other companies roll out, with many of them trying to emulate the…

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Keeping Up With the Trend Setters: Pulp Up Your Bathroom with Shades of Orange

Modern bathroom design with orange theme

Orange is a color used for caution, for warning drivers of roadwork ahead, but when you artistically bring it into your room with other interior elements you will see that the only caution to be forewarned it you may fall in love with your remodeled bathroom! From the streets of New York, to my very own closest this tangerine isn’t just a fruit anymore confined…

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Tile is an extremely popular choice as a bathroom material – and this is largely due to the fact that it is durable, easy to clean and available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and textures. If you are looking to add tile to your bathroom, or replace existing tile, then you’ll want to make sure you take time to consider all of your…

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Shape Up Your Space With Geometric Decor

Beautiful Geometric Decor

Today we present a little geometry lesson… After all, who can resist the clean-lined appeal of shapes like triangles, squares and hexagons?! Why go geometric? For one thing, the purity of geometric forms makes them ideal for a variety of design styles. There’s nothing like entering an ultra modern room that showcases a museum-quality geometric centerpiece. Those who are fans of the glamorous look may…

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Arena outdoor collection offers a refreshing new take on patio furniture

While the summer months might be quickly fading away, there is still plenty of time for you to spend some lovely time outdoors before the real cold winter months coming knocking at the doors. And many designers are rolling out some alluring outdoor décor and furnishings that will make your time under the sun (or in the shade, if you are not too keen on…

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Painting a brilliant billboard: Branding that draws your attention from Reynolds and Reyner

paint finishing touches - dazzling colors 1

In a modern consumerist world, promotion and visibility are indeed everything. And the best way to get identified is to stand out from the crowd. A Finnish paint company called Waldo Trommler Paints (WTP) decided to enter the US market and to ensure that this foray turns a few heads; they have sought the expert help of Reynolds and Reyner for the perfect branding. And…

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Efficient Homes Gain Higher Ratings – Positive Energy

Energy Efficiency: The home as a system

There are many positive reasons to audit your energy consumption at home – not least to save money. There is currently a huge drive from government organizations to promote the benefits and advantages of saving energy throughout the UK. One such announcement is that 3.5 million more homes across Britain can benefit from insulation. They are now dedicated to making the least efficient homes in…

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Muddy Tracks? Decorating With Brown Brings Out the Best

A colorful dining table setup in a soothing brown dining room

For years the earth has been performing a disappearing act that no magician or illusionist could compete against. Criss Angel and David Blaine in all their glory from the streets to the late night stage cannot begin to dissect the science behind the missing soil and rock particles. Carried away by the invisible arms of wind and silently deposited for new eyes to see. Deforestation…

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Tribal Patterns For Your Interior

tribal finds urban outfitters

Aztec-inspired rugs, Southwestern pillows, and kilim-influenced textiles… Not only have tribal patterns appeared on clothing and artwork, they’ve found their way to our interiors! These bold designs add intrigue and vibrancy to our spaces, as shown by the assortment of tribal finds below. However, some popular tribal motifs involve understated hues that let the angles and lines of the pattern take center stage. Whether you’re a color…

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