20 Stylish Thanksgiving Crafts to Make Your Home Unique

DIY thanksgiving crafts

In a few weeks, Thanksgiving will arrive, and family and friends will gather around the table to celebrate the joys of the season. While a few place settings and a vase of flowers can get the job done, now more than ever people are reveling in the beauty of DIY projects that add color and style to the holiday table. Getting crafty is easier than…

Creatively Using Gorgeous Greige In Every Room Of Your Home

greige mixed with color

The introduction of neutrals in your modern home has increased over the last few years. Neutral colors such as gray and beige used to be associated with sterile hospitals and clinics and using the color in your home wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. Today, gray and beige or the term “greige” has made a sophisticated statement in home interiors, and now deep colors of greige to lighter…

Mesmerizing Italian Countryside Masterpiece Glows in the Landscape of Lake Como

Lake Como countryside villa

One of the best aspects of modern architecture is the way in which designers have been able to take contemporary elements and fuse them with perfect natural settings to present clients with beautiful and often amazing panoramic views. This ‘fairytale-like’ home set in Italian countryside truly is a captivating example of that as Italian design studio Marco Pava created a wonderful contemporary home without disturbing…

Modern Minimalist Home in Los Angeles Stuns With Its Colorful Green Theme

green stripes house exterior paint

Los Angeles is renowned for its chic modern buildings and homes that are an example of what contemporary design wrapped in luxury should ideally look like. Here is another stunning home located on a gorgeous hilly setting of LA, that seems to crisply amalgamate modern minimalistic trends with a love for nature to create a chic and ergonomic home that is dazzling both in terms…

Faux Wood Floor: The Four-Step Plan to Affordable Flooring

Beautiful plywood flooring in a rustic contemporary cottage

I am pleased to announce, my dear friends (and soon to be friends once you read this) that you are four steps away from owning a replica, a knockoff of wood flooring that will wow your friends in its authentic appeal that is fashionable, but more importantly affordable and achievable. Today we’re going to talk about the stylish plywood flooring. by Challenger Living / Photo…

How to Pull Off Two-Toned Walls

two tone wall design ideas

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to add a little color and personality to your home is through a fresh coat of paint. Simply choose a color and create your masterpiece. Even if you find that the color you chose was not what you expected, you can always start back at square one. Even better, there are all sorts of painting techniques –…

Old Bungalow in California Gets Contemporary Makeover Keeps Rustic Feel

Mill Valley bungalow

It is often far harder to work with existing structures in an effort to renovate and revamp them into modern homes than to plan for a brand new one. That is largely thanks to the limitations that are already in place and architects and designers have to work within this framework to create a home that is both functional and fits the taste of the…

Fancy Rattan Chair: La Luna Collection for Modern Interiors by Kenneth Cobonpue

eco-friendly rattan chair by Kenneth Cobonpue

The current trend when it comes to interiors and furnishings is the use of shiny, sleek and sophisticated material that looks both stylish and futuristic. It is metal, glass and plastic variants that seem to the most popular material along with the classic and evergreen wood. But there are still times when you can look beyond the usual and invite home a piece of décor…

Thanksgiving Centerpieces Ideas for a Festive Table

Thanksgiving table setup design ideas

It’s that time of the year again… Thanksgiving is around the corner, and soon your tabletop will be full of delicious food and eye-catching decor! How will you decorate for the season? Today we feature 20 Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to get your creativity flowing. Should you go traditional with a formal floral arrangement? Are pumpkins essential? Is it better to have a spread of items…

Choosing The Ideal Accent Wall Color For Your Dining Room

dining room accent wall stone

Your dining room is one of the few places in your home where ambiance and eating go hand and hand. Meaning, whether you are entertaining guests or just sitting with your family, how the dining room feels creates an enjoyment around your meal. One way to create a beautiful dining room is to bring in an accent wall that draws the eye in. Accent walls…

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