Repurposed Shipping Container Turns Into Vibrant Pizza House on Wheels

It is the age of recycling and reuse and with growing Eco-consciousness in both business houses and in consumers, going ‘green’ has become more than just a choice. It adds to your brand value and gives the product a seemingly moral high ground, irrespective of what the intentions are. Of course, not all have the luxury of choice when it comes to running their business….

How to Build a Stone Pathway

garden stone walkway with plants

If your front of back yard area lacks a definitive sidewalk or designated walkway area, it can wreak havoc on your lawn. Over time, people treading through the same areas day after day with inhibit grass growth and give your yard unsightly bare spots. In order to provide a more cohesive and natural look to your yard, consider installing a stone pathway. In addition to…

Block the Sun with Sophisticated Roman Shades

sunblocking roman shades

While summer is a season with many redeeming qualities, including plenty of sunshine, pleasant weather and easy access to outdoor activities, it also has its drawbacks. Early in spring, homeowners can’t wait for the opportunity to throw open their windows and greet the sun. However, by June and July that sunshine can become a source of frustration as utility bills begin to soar, and suddenly…

The Make it and Break It Room: 20 Luxury & Sexy Kitchens Worth Drooling Over

white curvacious luxury kitchen design

Every real estate agent will tell you that a kitchen can make or break a deal when it comes to selling and buying. The following twenty rooms I’m about to show definitely sold me: Each bears a significant attribute worth implementing in your home. My dear DIY fans, home improvement hammerheads, my appreciators of finer living, I give you twenty of the worlds sleekest and…

Kitchen and Dining Area Lighting Solutions; How to Do It in Style?

The kitchen is a showcase of modern design in itself. However, it was and remains a working area, which means that proper lighting should not be neglected. Same goes for your dining room, if you want to see where you stick your fork. There can be no arbitrary choices in drafting the electrical plan of the kitchen and dining area. Since it is an essential…

Relaxing Loopita Bonita Chaise Longue Looks Like a Fancy Roller-Coaster

Loopita Bonita Chaise Longue 1

Even before you start dreaming about it, no, the model in the snapshots does not come included with Loopita Bonita. (Yes, that is so disappointing!) But moving beyond that, the other piece of eye-candy in the picture which is equally appealing is a chaise longue designed by Mexican industrial designer Victor M. Aleman. And you can see the exuberant ‘Latin American’ flavor in the design…

Stylish Walk-in Shower Enclosures the Perfect Choice

wood deck bathroom with frameless glass walk in shower

Interestingly, hearts filled with fondest dreams pound for exquisite and stylish walk-in shower enclosures desperately. Ostensibly, a popular choice to make, and not a difficult one nowadays, with the online shopping revolution or binge, it’s a lot easier than what it used be erstwhile. Showering in a space that gives serenity and a soothing experience is always longed for after a dreary start and turbulent…

Decorating a Rooftop Space in Five Easy Steps

night glowing outdoor patio furniture for modern rooftop

In the concrete jungle, you’re hard pressed to find much space to breathe in fresh air and enjoy an uninterrupted view. Parks and office courtyards offer a nice reprieve from city living, but they’re simply not home. However, many lucky city dwellers have access to their very own rooftop space. While it may seem nothing more than yet another slab of dull concrete, a few…

Fluorescent Decor: Neon Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Your Space

neon colored furniture and accessories

It’s no secret that neon is back–you can spot it from a mile away! Which is why we love it! Decoist recently featured an article about implementing neon colors tastefully, and the growing popularity of fluorescent hues has inspired another post on neon design ideas. Just as neon shades have re-entered the fashion realm by appearing as clothing pieces (like shorts) and accessories (like necklaces),…

Over the Top Inspirational Bathroom Designs

luxury bathroom

Even the most creative interior design enthusiasts eventually hit a wall – sometimes literally. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – to use the same color palettes and concepts from room to room with little differentiation. However, sometimes all you need to break out of your furrow is some truly inspirational design and to be reminded that things don’t always have to be…

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