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A Modern Thanksgiving Table Idea

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so today I’m sharing a modern tabletop idea that’s perfect for fall.

Incorporating a DIY table runner, copper-toned mums, white pumpkins and geo objects, this Thanksgiving table concept is affordable and easy to create.

Read on for details about the palette and the design, as well as the appetizer that really brings this modern geo table to life!…


An Easy DIY Table Runner

Set a geo tone this Thanksgiving with an easy table runner created from scrapbook paper. I selected six squares of the art paper, establishing a palette of mint, dark green and coppery brown. I set four of the squares side by side so they spanned the length of the table. I then cut the final two pieces of paper in half on the diagonal. This gave me four right triangles that I could layer over the squares of paper to create a fun geo design.

Feel free to glue triangles to the squares of paper if you like, or if you have many items that you’re adding to the table to create a centerpiece, they just might hold everything in place on their own:

Interesting Details

Now that you’ve created your table runner, it’s time to add some eye-catching details. Take your cue from mixed metals, geo objects, simple floral statements and small white pumpkins.

To create the table’s modern centerpiece spread, I grabbed objets d’art from my bookshelf, but it’s easy to find similar geo items at craft stores, garage sales and estate sales. Not to mention, small marble tiles can be tracked down at flooring stores, and it’s fun to browse the different colors and designs. Here are some of the items I used for today’s Thanksgiving table:

  • wooden geo forms (available at craft stores such as Michael’s)
  • marble items such as trivets, tiles and obelisks 
  • small white pumpkins
  • copper-hued mums in silver bowls

Putting it all together is the fun part! I like being able to see my guests on the other side of the dinner table, so I prefer low centerpieces that can easily be moved out of the way when it’s time to bring big bowls of food to the table. I used the candlesticks to add height. The candle holders are from CB2, and the minty green glasses were purchased at Anthropologie. As you arrange your items, remember that symmetry is great, but you don’t have to make everything matchy-matchy. It’s OK to incorporate items that don’t have an identical partner on the opposite side of the spread!

A Thanksgiving Cheese Plate

I love a good holiday appetizer, and this one couldn’t be easier! Plus, it’s fun to give guests their own plate so they can make a mess, double dip and enjoy munching without having to nibble from the same community tray.

Purchase rounds of goat cheese, and cut them in half. On each plate, place a half circle of the goat cheese, and add other snacks such as dried fruit, olives, almonds and crackers. Don’t hesitate to coordinate the food with the colors of your centerpiece. Your guests will enjoy starting off the meal with a decadent yet simple treat!

Final Touches

When it comes to putting a fall table together, I love the final touches. I look everything over and think, “What can I add?” In this case, I placed a couple of my small vintage jadeite saucers under the silver bowls of mums. It was a simple addition, but one that made a big impact.

Don’t underestimate the value of digging through your cabinets and letting some of your stored treasures see the light of day. Play with the arrangement. Stack items to add height and interest. I typically don’t have a finely tuned plan when I go shopping for centerpiece items. I let details such as the flower selection help set my palette, and I find that the most interesting touches are very unplanned, and often spontaneous.

Wishing all of you a lovely Thanksgiving with the people you care about! Have fun and be creative. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to make the day a special one!

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Kate Simmons

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