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17 Beautiful Decorative Uses of Shibori Indigo Patterns

Almost everyone is familiar with the colorfully psychedelic tie-dye T-shirts you can get from thrift stores and other places, but do you know about the shibori design trend? It’s actually an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that typically uses indigo dye to create patterns on cloth by twisting, binding, folding, and manipulating it in all sorts of different ways. Here are just a few gorgeous examples of how some people are incorporating these stunning patterns into their homes.


One of the most popular ways to showcase shibori is by using it with your bedding. Bedspreads and decorative pillows never looked so unique or tranquil! Check out the bedding you can find at Urban Outfitters, and consider playing around with combining other sheets that feature similar colors and patterns.

Shibori bedding from Urban Outfitters
Shibori combined with other indigo patterned bedding

What’s great about shibori is that the different patterns you can get are virtually endless. Have a look at the big diamonds on this gorgeous bedspread from Domaine Home.

Very dark indigo shibori bed spread

Your decorative pillows also offer you a great opportunity to feature all sorts of different patterns. Check out some examples below (featured on A Beautiful Mess), or check out the DIY pillow cover project from The Blackbird to make your own.

Shibori pillows with different patterns
DIY Shibori decorative pillow covers


Taking the shibori trend out into some of the other typical rooms of a home, using it on upholstered chairs and sofas can look just as interesting as using it in the bedroom. Take a look at these two chairs featured on Mix and Chic and Scion for some inspiration.

White chair with Shibori dyed upholstery
Chair with shibori cushioning

A whole shibori sofa?! You got it. Anthropologie sells one in gorgeous hand-dyed indigo.

Hand-dyed shibori sofa from Anthropologie

Window Treatments

Anyone who’s determined not to have bland, boring curtains in their home should know about this trend. IndigoMoonLove on Etsy sells shibori curtains with a very dark and scattered dye job, while EmmaBeesDesigns sells some with large diamond patterns on them.

Shibori curtains
Shibori curtains with large diamond pattern

Have a look at how the curtains in this office space featured on Bloesem match the lovely shibori rug on the floor. What a great way to pull the room together!

Shibori rug in an office space


Shibori can even be used to dress up your eat-in kitchen area or dining room table. Bind and Fold has a beautiful blue and indigo tablecloth you can use to entice your guests, or if you’re feeling crafty, you can try making your own shibori placemats with this DIY tutorial from Domaine Home.

Shibori tablecloth from Bind and Fold
DIY shibori placemats


While you can’t exactly tie-dye your walls the way you can with fabric, you can certainly create almost the exact same look with wallpaper! Shibori.com.au sells all sorts of amazing hand-dyed decor items, including gorgeous wallpapers you can use to follow the trend.

Shibori wallpaper
Shibori wallpaper with thick indigo lines

If wallpaper isn’t your style, you can always stick to fabric that you can just hang on your wall. Alice and Lois has a DIY tutorial that shows you how to make one yourself.

DIY shibori wall hanging

There’s no telling where you can incorporate this look into your home when you think creatively. Urban Outfitters has the lovely denim shibori banner you can string across your walls to dress them up a little.

Denim shibori banner from Urban Outfitters

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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