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Deck Your Dining Room with Wall Art for the Holiday Season and Beyond

It is that time of the year again when the dining space in your home comes to the forefront and becomes a place for friends and family to come together. We say ‘dining space’, because in the modern living area the area is no longer confined to the traditional sense of the dining room. In open-plan living areas, the dining space becomes an extension of both the living room and the kitchen – in terms of style and functionality. This sometimes can lead to a setting where the dining room does not have a personality of its own. And nothing corrects this little shortcoming as beautifully as gorgeous wall art.

Striking wall art in this dining room steals the spotlight despite the lovely serving area, natural wooden table and lovely blue background [From: DKOR Interiors]

If you are looking for that perfect place to make a grand statement with wall art this holiday season, then look no further than the dining room. It is the perfect spot where you have a blank canvas to work with in the backdrop. There is definitely a whole lot you can do as you integrate the wall art pieces with the overall style and visual appeal of the dining space. Giving the dining area a unique identity in the open-plan setting or even as an exclusive, separate room, wall art leaves a big impression with ease. Check out how you can use it in your own dining space along with some of the most beautiful inspirations around –

Art that Wows!

Wall art is an ideal way to add color and contrast to the modern dining space without actually altering its style or overall color scheme. This comes in even more handy in the modern dining room where the kitchen, dining area and living space need to generally have one continuous style for a more curated look. Choosing the right art piece for the dining room is all about how you want it to interact with the space it sits in. Some might want to introduce brilliant pops of blue, green, red and yellow in the neutral dining space while others might prefer an art piece that reflects the colors of the room itself.

Captivating pops of fuchsia in the wall art piece accentuate the pink presence in this dining room [From: Rumor Design + redesign]
Natural prints add style and color to the dining space [From: Empire Custom Homes]
Showcase your personal style with the wall art additions in the dining space [From: Fresh Start Contracting Company]

Express your Personal Style

For some, wall art is just decorative and choosing it is more about the colors of the room, its style and overall visual appeal. Yet, for the avid art enthusiast, the wall art piece in the dining room signifies their taste and is a reflection of who they are and what they love. Finding the balance between the aesthetic appeal of the room and the art piece of your choice is the hard part to master. In the large dining room, consider adding one large wall art piece in the backdrop; a choice that is trendy and impactful as well.

Interesting choice of wall art adds to the ambiance of the dining space! [From: Mark Stocker Design]
Modern dining room with trendy green accent wall and lovely pieces of wall art in black and white [From: True Designs]
Wall art piece in this dining room is placed smartly between the two windows to create visual symmetry [From: Laura Brophy Interiors]
Colorful dining niche with a space-savvy design

Style and Size of the Room

Which path you decide to take with the wall art in the living room depends as much on the size of the room as it does on the style. If you are not too happy with adding just one or two large pieces of wall art in the backdrop, then turn the space into a gallery wall of sorts with multiple prints. Everything from modern art and classic pieces to botanicals and eclectic prints are welcome in here. Ensure that you keep the rest of the dining room as neutral as possible to create the best impression while using wall art in here.

Flowery wall art addition brings pops of yellow to this light-filled dining space [From: Dan Arnold Photo]
Minimal wall art addition is just perfect for the sophisticated contemporary dining space [From: Fraley and Company]
Multi-colored wall art piece is perfect for the breezy beach style dining space [From: Order & Grace]
Dashing wall art in this Vancouver dining room blends in with the color scheme of the space

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