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Small Breakfast Nooks Perfect for the Modern Space-Savvy Home

As Halloween knocks on the door, it is definitely that time of the year when large parties and grand dinners are the norm. But 2020 seems to have a mind of its own. For many of us, staying home and staying safe is still the priority – something that we really do not have much of a choice at. Whether it is the new circumstances that are forcing your hand or the size of your home that is dictating your choice, a tiny breakfast nook is an idea that you should definitely consider as you head into 2020. Trendy, elegant and saving space without seeming out of place even in the modern home, the small breakfast nook is a must try even in larger homes.

Innovative modern breakfast nook with splashes of red all around [From: James Dale Architects]

The small breakfast nook is not just an idea for the tiny apartment of the modest contemporary home. It can function as a secondary space just for your morning breakfast and evening ‘snack time’ in addition to another, main dining area. Breakfast nooks in the kitchen also cut down on unnecessary movement and while some accommodate just a couple of individuals at a time, others can easily host 3 or 4 people. Step in and discover the trendiest breakfast nook ideas of the season –

Find that Lovely Niche

The first thing you need for a smart, little breakfast nook is a niche that accommodates it beautifully. The best breakfast nooks feel almost organic – as if the space they sit in was specifically designed for them. This could be a space in the hallway, a corner of the kitchen or even a little forgotten slot next to the living area. Finding the décor for this space is the perfect starting point for your small breakfast nook. Combine the style of the breakfast zone with that of the dining area or kitchen next to it and also choose a similar color palette for a more coherent look.

Custom dining space and breakfast zone with wooden table and bench for the modern New York apartment [From: Brooklinteriors]
Finding space for the small breakfast zone inside the kitchen
Gorgeous New York kitchen with a tiny breakfast zone that sits next to the window
Small banquette sits snugly in the corner and creates a stylish breakfast nook

Décor and Lighting

The small, round table with a pedestal base is the most preferred option for the breakfast nook. A custom, built-in bench next to it along with a couple of chairs is all you need to ensure that you have the basics sorted. Lighting is the next essential step and if your breakfast nook is next to a large window or is connected with the backyard, then there is little to worry about. Otherwise, a combination of pendant lights and recessed lights next to this area should get the task done.

Super-small breakfast zone for the small apartment kitchen in white
Table with foldable leaf at the end saves space while creating a cool breakfast zone
Beautiful breakfast zone for the small home with Scandinavian style
Built-in bench with comfy seating is the perfect place for a cool breakfast zone

Not just for Couples

We have already shared many inspirations with our readers for breakfast nooks that are designed just for couples. But the breakfast nook can serve more than just a couple of individuals and the blueprint here is to combine the bespoke, built-in seat with chairs. A breakfast zone with a view adds to the appeal of the house and you can even host guests here as they take in the sights and sounds outside. Styles like Scandinavian, beach and contemporary are the most preferred ones in here while eclectic and industrial also work well in here. Time to put that forgotten niche to good use!

Create a breakfast zone that perfectly fits the style and spatial demands of the kitchen
Modern eclectic breakfast nook that is filled with ample natural light [From: Black Line Studios]
Tiny breakfast nook can be placed pretty much anywhere in the home [From: popix designs]
Combine the bench in the corner with chairs for a comfy breakfast zone [From: Strata Architects]

So, where do you wan to put your little breakfast zone?

Sherry Nothingam

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