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Beautiful Dining Rooms in Blue and White Perfect for Hosting

The exclusive dining room might have been a thing of the past in many modern homes. But when it comes to the open plan living, the dining space still commands plenty of attention as it acts as the perfect link between the living space and the kitchen. It is a transition zone of sorts that allows the living area and kitchen to be combined seamlessly. Of course, the perfect dining space means different things for different folk. From the many styles to themes and hues, there are plenty of choices and picking one that is both trendy and relevant across seasons and years can be hard at times. This is where the blue and white dining room comes to your rescue!

Fabulous eclectic dining room in blue and white is an absolute showstopper [From: The Mine]

Blue and white dining rooms add a classic color palette to your home and it is a color scheme that can be easily replicated in the adjoining kitchen and living room as well. Timeless and always relevant, the color scheme is anything but mundane with the many, many shades of blue offering you a wide range of choices. Some veer towards the modern while others embrace styles like rustic, farmhouse and industrial. Versatile and cheerful, step into the gorgeous world of blue and white dining rooms –

A Timeless Color Duo

White and blue is a color combination that works almost everywhere. The duo feels natural, bright and modern and the size of the room is also barely ever an issue in here. Whether you wish to combine a lot of blue with a dash of white or the other way around depends on other factors like the style and the space available. The traditional idea that blue is not for the dining room is one that is quickly falling by the wayside with homeowners happy to embrace this hue in the modern dining space. Combining it with white ensures that it does not feel far too cold and with a healthy dose of natural light, you have a dining room perfect for hosting.

Stylish white and blue beach style dining room [From: No Space Like Home]
Blue wallpaper with pattern brings cheerful charm to this dining space
Fun way to add color blocks to the dining room in white [From: colour + shape]
Stunning blue accent wall steals the spotlight in here [From: Nick Snow Design]

Making a Trendy Statement

There are plenty of fun ways in which you can add blue to your existing white dining room. The easiest and most impressive approach is to add curated blue accents throughout the room while keeping the backdrop as neutral as possible. This approach also allows you to easily move away from the blue and white color palette down the line. If you wish to take things a step further, then give the blue accent wall a try. Once you are happy with the look and wish to add even more blue to the dining space in white, you can go ahead and thing about repainting the walls, adding blue dining table chairs and creating more of a balance between blue and white.

Classic wishbone chair in blue adds color and class to this white dining room with fireplace
Lovely blue and white dining room where blue dominates the backdrop [From: Allison Ramsey Architects]
Try out different dashing shades of blue in the modern dining space [From: Andrei Belimov-Gushchin]
Wall art in deep blue perfectly complements the colorful chairs in this white dining room [From: CxS Designs]

Fitting in with Every Style

The best thing about blue and white in the dining room is the way the duo fits in with almost any style you can think of. In the modern, contemporary and transitional dining spaces, blue coupled with white in a balanced fashion makes the perfect sense. In rustic and farmhouse dining rooms, you can use a bit more of blue in matte finishes while the eclectic dining room can be draped in blue with right care and planning. It is not very hard to incorporate this color scheme even in the tiniest of dining rooms and creates a sense of spaciousness and brightness in the modest home.

Coffered ceiling in deep blue adds color to this double-height dining room in white
Comfortable dining table chairs bring blue to this modern white dining room [From: Tara Lenney Design]
Dining room built for the bibliophile with blue walls and a white ceiling [From: Woolf Interior Architecture & Design]
Carpet and drapes add additional pops of blue to the dining room

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