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Are Dining Rooms Out of Style: 5 Trends that are Making a Difference

We are sure that you do not spend major part of your day worrying about direction in which architecture and home design is heading at the moment. But we certainly do and one of the biggest changes in home layouts that we have noticed in the last decade is the manner in which the dining room is becoming less and less significant. Sure, we all want to gather around the dining table for a lovely family dinner during holidays, but the dining table is a far less used space rest of the year. So, are dining rooms out of style? And if so, is there any way of still keeping them relevant in the modern home.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves create a unique identity for this dining area despite it being a part of the living room [From: Engberg Design & Development]

The traditional dining room might be out of style, but that does not mean you cannot give it a modern twist to ensure that it still is a relevant part of your home. Instead of turning it into an exclusive space that only sees traffic a few times each year, contemporary ideas allow it to become an extension of the living space and a setting that can be used in more ways than one. From its integrating into the open plan living, to smart partitions and intriguing backdrops, here are 5 trends that are ensuring that the dining room does not entirely fade away –

Open Plan Living Space

The most obvious way in which most homeowners tend to add a dining space to their modern residence is the open plan living. The dining area in here feels like an extension of the living room and sits as a transition zone between the living space and the kitchen. Colorful art pieces, a credenza in the backdrop, area rugs and false ceiling designs can be used to delineate this space without giving it a style that is different from the living area. Sensible, space-conscious and perfect for the modern, urban family, most dining rooms still stay relevant using this template.

Modern Scandinavian style living room and dining space with cozy fireplace
Small dining space sits snugly between the kitchen and living room
Space-savvy and flexible living room design with smart dining area in the corner [From: Adams + Beasley Associates]
Gorgeous dining space becomes a part of the living area and also an extension of the kitchen

Smart Partitions

Using half-walls, small bookshelves that act as room dividers, screens and sections with timber slats is a great way to give the small, modern dining room a distinct identity without having to rely on walls. This approach to delineating space allows you to alter the floor plan with ease and also lets those in the dining room and kitchen become a part of living room activity.

Wooden slats create a partition between the living area and the dining room
Creative partition between the dining area and kitchen delineates space [From: Mon Plan d’Appart]
Use a half-wall to separate the dining area from the living room

Multi-functional Spaces for All

The dining area need not be a place just to have your meals. As we learn to spend more and more time indoors, the same area can be used as a smart home office, a lovely little homework zone for kids and a makeshift family room when it stands as an extension of the living area. A beautiful bookshelf in the backdrop along with a chair in the corner can turn it into a home library or study zone while with smart storage, it can also function as the crafts room.

Bookshelves in the corner along with a deck and sitting area turn this dining space into a fun family and reading room [From: Jacob Alexander Homes]
Home office and dining room rolled into one with ease inside this smart modern home
Scandinavian style dining room can also be used as a wonderful home workspace [From: Picture KC]
Small beach style dining room in the corner becomes a part of the living area [From: Silvia Mallafré – Bioarquitectura e Interiorismo]

Nature and Textural Charm

Beyond functionality, those looking to give the dining room an upgrade in terms of style aesthetics should seriously consider two hot trends that are just unmissable – exposed brick walls and greenery indoors. Both elements usher textural and visual contrast inside contemporary space and grab your attention almost instantly. They give the dining area a unique presence and ensure that it does not feel boring or lifeless anymore. Trendy and cheerful, indoor plants and brick walls are making a splash in dining rooms across the globe this summer.

Add a bit of greenery to the dining space indoors this summer and fall
Modern dining room with brick wall in the backdrop
Shabby chic dining area and living room with white decor and ample natural finishes [From: Dreamy Whites]

Small and Space-Savvy Designs

Not sold on the idea of a large dining room that is a part of the open plan living? Maybe your home just does not have the space for it. Think of smaller alternatives like corner dining spaces and banquettes that almost disappear into the backdrop. A round dining table is one that always saves space compared to square and rectangular models and one with pedestal base also lets you tuck those chairs in.

Living area and dining room find common style in this Stockholm apartment
SoHo Style apartment with smart and stylish little dining room
Finding space for the ultra-small dining space in the Scandinavian home

Despite falling out of style as an exclusive and separate room with a bit of pomp and panache, the dining space still is very much relevant in the modern home. Its form and presence might have been altered over the last couple of decades. But the modern dining area in its latest avatar is still as relevant as its more serious cousin of the past decades!

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