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Romantic Dining Rooms: A Cozy Table for Two

Dining in two is always a special experience, especially when you have a romantic dining room. We share the table solely with another person, be it a partner, a friend, or a family member. It is an intimate atmosphere, one that really brings us closer together in the everyday ritual of eating our meals.

When the atmosphere of the dining room is so full of love, every meal is a special occasion. Take a look at these gorgeous dining rooms with a table for two, especially suitable for small apartments but will do just as amazingly in a house!

Gentle White 

For lovers of white and minimalist decor, which really makes the room breathe, we are starting with gentle white dining room corners that home a table for two in bright tones. You can see that these dining rooms are full of light, which always makes for a great setting, especially in the early morning hours as you’re having breakfast with the person you love. Even if there’s a lack of natural light in the room, adding an element of white to it will do wonders!

Photo Credit: Scandinavian Home

Another example of how important natural light is for creating a bright dining space courtesy which will give your dining area a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Photo Credit: The Every Girl

If you and your dining partner want to feel in the center of everything, setting your table in the middle of the room will help you achieve this amazing feeling!

Photo Credit: Rue Daily

Who doesn’t love a cozy cafe? This dining corner looks just like that special cafe place that you can retreat to on cold winter days. What a dream to have that in your own home and share it with someone you love!

Photo Credit: Coco Lapine Design

Notice the brightness of this corner for two, even though it’s not set next to a window. It’s just amazing what a choice of colors will do!

Photo Credit: Gravity Home

Smaller apartments can sometimes be a challenge to decorate, but following this example, you can make a lovely little dining space for two people that will feel very safe and intimate!

Photo Credit: One Kin Design

Whether it’s breakfast in the morning or a home-cooked dinner on your anniversary, this setting for two will always feel romantic.

Photo Credit: Idei.club

Adding some tender pink to your white decor will enhance the gentleness of the interior and make even the smallest dining space feel breathable!

Dark Beauty

In contrast, creating a table for two with darker elements in it gives the room so much depth and almost a mystic vibe. You can play around with an elegant black look or make it more rustic and cozy. The room where you and your chosen person eat your meals will become a significant place in your home. Let the dark elements do their magic!

Photo Credit: Royal Roulotte

This table for two gives both people a lot of personal space and so shatters the myth that couples’ tables always feel crammed.

Photo Credit: Bungalow Classic

The sensual vibe of this dining space carries a mystic undertone brought to our attention by its dimmed lights. Perfect for heartfelt conversations over a good meal!

Photo Credit: Jojotastic

Sometimes, however, sitting very close to the person that we love is half the magic.  Maybe you can’t fit a whole dinner on this smaller table, but a morning bowl of cereal or an evening tea will give you that special bonding time you’ll value above all else.

Photo Credit: Jonas Ingerstedt Photography

This table for two ideally matches the rest of the room’s decor but still manages to stand out with its marble preciousness.

Photo Credit: Gravity Home

Even the brightest rooms can do with some dark elements and this setting for two is the perfect example. The black and white chairs create the perfect balance, very yin-and-yang like!


A sleek black and gold dining table is the centerpiece of the image. Two matching chairs are pulled up to the table.
Photo Credit: CB2

If you find yourself wishing to create an elegant atmosphere, pairing black and metallic tones is a combination that never disappoints.

Photo Credit: IKEA

But sometimes simplicity is all we need. You can always look for the simplest settings, which could be something like this table for two!

Cozy Farmhouse

Everybody likes to feel cozy and there’s no denying that love itself makes us feel like that, more often than not. Sharing your living space with another person is a great experience, one that truly turns a house into a home. Feeling that coziness as you share your daily meals with your significant other will make your heart warm and your farmhouse decor itch happily scratched!

Photo Credit: Karen Barlow

 This table for two is romantic just by the look of it and can already make you envision the next 50 years of your life!

Photo Credit: Lonny

They say that being in love shouldn’t be about looking at each other but rather looking in the same direction. These two tables embody this philosophy and look adorable while doing so!

Photo Credit: Lulu & Georgia

Looking at the round table above, you can tell that it always performs best when placed right in the middle of the room, giving you enough space to move around and perhaps eventually add more chairs to it as your family grows.

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

If you are dreaming about a dining corner that feels like an old-fashioned pub, this idea is just perfect!

Photo Credit: Living Room Ideas

Cozy can surely mean simple if you so wish! We daresay that this table for two makes for some very cozy mornings and will be an important part of your routine of reading the newspaper and drinking the first coffee of the day!

Photo Credit: Karli Nester

Imitating the table setting of a nice restaurant, this dining room corner is every couple’s dream!

Photo Credit: Akron Street

More simplicity is brought on by the simple wooden table and its matching chairs.

Photo Credit: Color Outside The Lines

Setting up a romantic table for just two people can be done anywhere, as love can contribute to every room! Look at this super cozy setting in the home library that will surely inspire some ideas.

Modern Romance

Seek inspiration in modern romances and allow modern elements to bring the dynamic of youth into your dining space. Enjoy the meals in two while being surrounded by decor that looks everything but boring. This choice of decorating is perfect for people who like to defy tradition and be on the front lines of change!

Photo Credit: Keri Brown Homes

If your dining table feels small, add a glass window to it and watch the transformation that occurs! It creates a lovely setting that is neither fully open nor closed but the perfect balance in between.

Photo Credit: Design Within Reach
Photo Credit: Logdie

Similar in style, the two dining spaces above pair dynamic, modernistic chairs with a round table and so create a charismatic atmosphere that can never get boring due to the chairs’ bright red color! Just stepping into the dining room will fill you with energy, which is bound to make your mornings much more pleasant!

Luna Lupus

I write for decoist.

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