Summer Spirit: 25 Cool Outdoor Hangouts with a Hammock!

Rustic getaway perfect for a lazy summer afternoon

It’s time to pull out all the stops and turn your patio, backyard or even the small courtyard into a relaxing retreat that will allow you to bask in the glory of spring and summer. The fun should carry on till late fall when the chill of winter will take over once again. But that’s a really long time away right now, and we are…

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Nineteenth Century Barcelona Apartment Gets a Trendy Modern Upgrade

Small apartment renovation makes smart use of available space

Turning an old apartment with limited space into a lovely modern abode that also allows its rich heritage to add to the revamped interior, this beautiful home in Les Corts, Barcelona aims to offer the best of both worlds! Designed by Sergi Pons, the apartment was carefully altered to ensure that the original stone walls and wooden beams remained undamaged. Both these elements not only…

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Loft: Refined Kitchen Brings Industrial Richness to Urban Interiors

Urbane Loft kitchen from Snaidero mixes contemporary and industrial styles

The idea of industrial style is all about simplicity and a no-frills design that focuses on functionality and ease of maintenance. In fact, it was a style conceived out of necessity in a time when frugality and efficiency in factories separated success from failure. Today, it is a much sought-after design style that has the modern homeowner mesmerized! Taking a cue from this hot trend,…

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Old Mill on Scenic Scottish Border Transformed into a Modern Holiday Home

Fabulous conversion of old Mill in UK Countryside into a modern home

Surrounded by lush green hills, beautiful valleys and a captivating landscape that takes you away from the big city rush is indeed the perfect way to spend a relaxed weekend. It is no wonder then that this unused old mill in Biggar ML12 overlooking the distant Scottish border was picked as the perfect spot for a gorgeous holiday home. Of course, turning an old mill clad…

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Kreola: Exclusive Italian Kitchen with Modern Comfort and Vintage Elegance

Kitchen island and adjacent dining area offer plenty of space for entertaining guests

Looking for a truly exquisite and distinctive kitchen that combines evocative memories of simpler times with modern ergonomics and textural beauty? Then your search ends with the beautiful Kreola from the house of Marchi, which seamlessly juxtaposes both vintage and modern styles. Designed to suit the changing needs of an urban lifestyle while incorporating more rustic and unexpected finishes, this amazing Italian kitchen relies on…

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Hot Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in Summer 2015

Watercolor additions capture the aura of summer and spring

While we are still enjoying the sights and sounds of spring, now is also the time to think about prepping our homes for the hotter months ahead. If you haven’t really revamped your interior since the holiday season, it probably is still stuck firmly in winter mode and needs an urgent makeover. And just like we always do, we bring you some of the hottest…

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8 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

A DIY dreamcatcher made out of an embroidery hoop

Sure, rose bouquets and lotion sets are perfectly fine Mother’s Day gifts, but if you want to give your mama something truly one-of-a-kind, nothing beats a homemade present. We’ve rounded up plenty of make-it-yourself gift ideas that your mum will adore – from soothing tea soaks to unique string art. So without further ado, here are 8 DIY creations for the woman who created you!…

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A DIY Cinder Block Retaining Wall Project

Modern retaining wall project

Do you remember when Decoist featured the tiny house of Andy Pluta? Built as a guest house/artist’s studio and completed in 2014, this modern dwelling rests on Pluta’s lot, to the right of his one-story home. After some time passed and he finished his first project of 2015, a retaining wall built from cinder blocks, I knew I had to snap some photos and share…

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Ingenious Cottage de Bordeaux Blends Textural Beauty with Quirky Decor

Ingenious way to create a cool partition in the open plan living area with tree trunks

Combining the timeless with the trendy contemporary style with a world of contrasting textures, Cottage de Bordeaux in Montreal is truly a one-of-a-kind modern residence. But having previously come across some lovely Canadian homes by Boom Town, it is barely surprising to see such an array of almost ‘rustic’ materials being used so elegantly to shape the unique interiors of this home. Even though the…

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10 Ways to Go Tropical for a Relaxing and Trendy Home Office

Gorgeous home office brings forth color and elegance

With summer not too far away, we are all tempted by the thought of warm, long days and dreamy afternoons that you wane away on the pool deck. But there are plenty of ways that you can capture this ‘fuzzy feeling’ and replicate it indoors all year long. While homeowners and designers often gravitate towards the classy beach style and coastal decor to get this…

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All-Natural Swimming Pools

Commonly found in Europe, natural swimming pools are chemical-free and need less maintenance than traditional pools. They don’t cost more to build, and because they don’t need regular infusions of expensive chemicals, they cost less to operate (and take less time). And no energy is needed to run a filter, so they are overall lower-impact, environmentally. Natural pools also offer an original canvas on which…

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How to Style a Trellis

If you’re reading the title of today’s post and thinking, “You style a trellis with vines—done!”, you’re right. But it can take awhile for vines to fill the trellis, and sometimes even when they do, you can’t help but want to add a little bit more to such an inviting area of the yard! Whether you have a trellis, an arbor or a pergola, today’s…

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16 Stunning Inspirations That Bring Home Mesmerizing Malachite!

Custom made wall mural in the bedroom inspired by Malachite

Remember the time when Emerald was dubbed the hottest hue around and almost everyone you knew and their friends were desperate to find decor in this brilliant shade of green? Well, the emerald craze might have tapered off a bit in the last few seasons, but there’s been a revival of a mineral that was left behind by the 90s and its beige. Malachite is…

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Black House Blues: Exquisite Forest Home Mixes Style with Soulful Melodies

Modern Black House Blues in Kulautuva, Lithuania

How big a role does music really play in your life? While many of us spend endless hours hooked to our iPods, most of our decorating choices influenced by music probably end with a few posters, a guitar on the wall or a piano in the living room. But a couple in complete love with Blues decided that their entire house would be shaped by…

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Nifty Warehouse Conversion in London Wraps Modernity in Rich Heritage

Original brick walls of the warehouse are kept intact

Adaptive reuse of structures is a trend that is here to stay, and many homeowners across the world are quickly starting to understand the many benefits that it offers. This beautiful and innovative Shoreditch Warehouse conversion in London is another example of such creative reuse that not only reduces cost and wastage of materials, but pays a befitting tribute to the rich heritage of the…

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