Classic Victorian House Gets A Modern Extension Inspired By Tapestry

Cross Stitch House Modern Extension Melbourne

We often find amazing inspiration in life from the most unexpected sources, and the ingenious folks at FMD Architects found theirs in the art of tapestry and stitching! Nestled in the iconic Australian city of Melbourne, the Cross Stitch House is a wonderful example of how one can creatively integrate the old with the new in a seamless fashion, thanks to smart design solutions. Nestled…

Turn Your Patio Into A Stylish Outdoor Lounge

Lounge with outdoor curtains

Ah, the outdoor lounge…it sounds like a distant dream limited to resort hotels, doesn’t it? Kate here, and today my goal is to turn that dream into a reality. Why does the idea of an outdoor lounge seem so unattainable? Maybe it’s because cushy outdoor furniture and accessories can really add up, especially when you’re on a budget. That’s why today’s post is dedicated to…

Classic Color Combinations: The Sophisticated Elegance Of Red, Black And White

Black, red and white bedroom Hollywood Regency Style

If you are looking for an exciting, vibrant yet classic color combination, look no further than the blend of black, red and white. The trio makes an energetic and visually captivating statement while adapting to the theme that you already have going around your house. Unlike the timeless duo of blue and white that we showcased last week, this is a color palette that draws…

Private Beach House Overlooking The Ocean Amazes With Its Woodsy Silhouette

Eagle Bay Residence in Australia by Paul Jones

It is not very often that we find a gorgeous beach retreat dressed up like a cabin in the woods. But the amazing Eagle Bay Residence in Western Australia seems to effortlessly combine the warmth of wood with the breezy and casual style of a beach house to create a contemporary residence that is both extravagant and exceptional. The imposing residence conjured up by architect…

Ugly Appliances No More! Make Them Over To Suit Your Space

Chevron chalkboard fridge

Have you ever looked at your dishwasher, or your fridge, or the washer and dryer in your home and thought, “I sure wish you were a little prettier”? Well, you don’t have to wish if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease and time, and maybe get a little creative. Did you know there are paints out there meant just for appliances? How…

Sensational Limited Edition Kitchen Inspired By The World Of Pininfarina

Limited Edition Ferrari Inspired Kitchen OLA 25

Bringing together the fabled worlds of Italian motorsport and timeless Italian design, the latest limited edition kitchen designed by Pininfarina and built by Snaidero is all about reinventing your home in sizzling style. Celebrating 25 years of partnership between the two Italian firms, the amazing OLA 25 Limited Edition kitchen seems to park that audacious Ferrari right in your kitchen! Obviously the designs of Sergio…

Our Favorite Geometric Patterns For Summer

Geometric finds from ferm LIVING

We at Decoist love celebrating fabulous design through the change in seasons. And it’s easy to get excited about summer style! The bright, warm weather lends itself to crisp, cheery patterns. Stock up on bold geometrics, from the earthy and breezy to the retro and modern. Lines, angles, shapes and curves blend well with any style, thanks to a wide range of geometric patterns available….

Iconic Lighting Fixtures That Enliven Your Home With Radiant Versatility!

Nesso table lamp amazes with its Midcentury Modern design

If you are planning to decorate your new home or even thinking about a renovation, one of the hardest things to do is pick a lighting fixture. Be it table lamps, pendant lights, flexible wall sconces or even captivating chandeliers, the options seem to be endless. Yet, bringing home a timeless design icon instead of ‘just another lamp’ adds to the overall appeal of your home…

Classy Customized Penthouse In Vancouver Offers A Relaxed Urban Retreat

Terrace of the lovely Vancouver Apartment

Described by the TIME magazine as Canada’s master architect, Arthur Erickson has designed hundreds of buildings across the world. This completely customized, contemporary penthouse loft in Vancouver is nestled in ‘The Waterfall Building’, which was also crafted by the famed urban planner. The stylish apartment itself has been redone to ensure that it offers the very best in terms of luxury, as it combines unabated views of…

Air Plant Care Tips To Help Your Greenery Thrive

Hanging brass air plant holder from Handmade Sammade

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an air plant that’s met an untimely end. Hey, no judgment here–my hand is in the air! Despite being known for their low-maintenance quality, air plants can in fact perish (hard to believe, right?)! Maybe we get it in our heads that they’re indestructible. And then we quickly forget to water them! But if we make it a…

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