25 Creative Wallpaper Ideas for Your Kitchen

Wonderful use of color in the eclectic kitchen [Design: Andrea Schumacher Interiors]

One of the revitalized interior design trends that we often marvel at is wallpaper. The resurgence of wallpaper in the last few years has been simply sensational and often reminds us of a time not too long ago when it was looked at as a ‘cheap way’ to decorate the house. Those who were frantically getting rid of wallpaper just a decade ago are now…

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Small Penthouse Apartment in Vancouver with a Space-Saving Design

Stylish, small penthouse apartment in Vancouver

Penthouses are often supposed to be extravagant affairs, and many of the lavish ones that we stumble upon are actually spread across several floors. But here is a small, beautiful penthouse in the heart of Vancouver that steals the spotlight with its contemporary style, space-saving design solutions, and a sun-filled balcony with lovely views! Customized by Arbutus Walk and listed by Albrighton Real Estate, this…

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Trendy Outdoor Decor Blends Minimalism with the Warmth of Teak

Minimal and gorgeous outdoor sofa with a teak base

The images of spending lazy, warm evenings next to the pool and enjoying the many sights and sounds outside might be a distant memory now. With the chill taking over many parts of the US already, outdoor lounges and kitchens do not seem as inviting as they did a few months ago. But it won’t be long though before spring and summer once again come…

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Creative Christmas Party Ideas for Design Lovers

Table styling by Joy Cho and Target

If you love design and you’re hosting a Christmas party this season, today’s post is for you. Kate here, and I’ve rounded up the best party decorations, foodie edibles and stylish favors for you to peruse, then choose from as you plan your own celebration. I plan on turning up the festivity this season, and these amazing, cleverly designed projects are definitely a step in…

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Grand Lifestyle Villa in Israel Brings Luxury to your Doorstep!

Jets of water also add a sculptural fetaure to the pool

The first two words that come to mind when we take a look at Lifestyle Villa in Ramot HaShavim, Israel are majestic and luxurious. This impressive villa spread across 500 square meters (5,380 square feet) combines a relaxed, serene lifestyle with comfort and extravagance that leaves you spellbound. Built on a 4000sqm property, the lavish villa allows you to take your life outside with complete…

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Posh Minimalist Apartment with Stunning Views of the Swiss Alps

Gorgeous living space of the smart Swiss apartment

Located in the picturesque little city of Pontresina, Switzerland, Engadina Modern is a gorgeous blend of sophisticated minimalism, ironic decorative motifs and cozy, inviting warmth. The apartment draws its inspiration from the Engadine-style houses of the region and makes the most of the captivating alpine views and moderate weather outside. The living area of the refined apartment welcomes you with its green-colored rough Serpentine stone,…

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20 Inspirations That Bring Home the Beauty of Penny Tiles

Smart use of lighting to highlight architectural features [Design: Superior Woodcraft]

Hot bathroom trends that have once again been given a new lease on life in the last few years seem to be inspired by the early 1900s. From freestanding tubs to a shift to Art Deco style, contemporary homes have been filled with a sense of nostalgia and timeless allure, thanks to these revitalized style statements. Going well beyond the bathroom and taking over backsplashes…

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DIY: How to Make an Adorable LEGO Minifig Phone Cable Holder

LEGO Charging Cable Holder

If you’re over the age of 30, it’s very possible that you only encounter LEGO bricks when you end up stepping on the ones left out by your kids. But did you know there’s a way to rekindle your childhood love of the colorful toys by turning them into useful and whimsical pieces of decor? We don’t condone stealing, but by all means “borrow” one…

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10 Modern Rooms with a Forest View

Contemporary Seattle living room

There’s something about the cold weather that makes me want to create a cabin-like feel at home, and I’m not alone. Why else would ski lodge vacations be so popular?! Today’s post is filled with stunning images of modern interiors surrounded by tall trees and wooded views. The juxtaposition of clean lines and rustic terrain is irresistible. Curl up by the fire with your laptop…

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8 Tricky Hidden Passageways to Add Intrigue to Your Home

Billiard Room Hidden Door

If you grew up reading mysteries like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, you may have fantasized about how fun it would be to have a secret passageway in your home. But you don’t have to be an evil villain or a millionaire to create a concealed portal of your own, and the possibilities that are available these days are endless. Whether you’re looking for…

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