How a Custom Timber Screen Transformed This Melbourne Home

Unique wood and concrete exterior of the contemporary Melbourne home

Creating a seamless interaction between the interior, the studio garage space and the lovely yard outside, this relaxed home in the suburb of St Kilda, Melbourne is truly one-of-a-kind. The breezy bungalow reflects the personality of its owners and their active urban lifestyle that is all about outdoor living and greater interaction between family members. Designed by MAKE, the interior showcases a blend of urbane…

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Solar-Powered Decorative Ideas to Light Up Your Yard

Solar powered outdoor planter

There’s no need to head indoors right after dark when it’s still warm enough to enjoy the warmer weather. Spending a few late nights hanging out and shootin’ the breeze in your yard can do the body and soul some good! And to make that nighttime experience more convenient for you and anyone you’re entertaining, it’s always a good idea to set up proper light fixtures…

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Design Trend: Abstract Art and Decor

DIY painted pillows from A Beautiful Mess

Abstract art has put its stamp on the design community in recent years, and today’s rendition often involves bold colors or the use of pastels. Brushstrokes, dots and other motifs stand alone or combine to form complex designs on canvases, and more recently, on textiles. The beauty of abstract patterns and prints is their ability happily coexist (and even enhance) other patterns in the same…

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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Practical Dad

A step ladder is a great Father's Day gift for the practical dad

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Kate here, and today’s post was inspired by the difficult time I have shopping for both my father and my husband. Both men actively dislike trinkets and frivolous items. Both men are super practical. And neither one grills, works on cars or plays golf. What do you get for the…

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8 Organic Bedding Options to Give You Sweet Green Dreams

The Company Store Organic Bedding in Blue

You drink organic coffee in the morning and make sure to fuel your body with pesticide-free produce during the day – but what happens when you lay your head down at night? Shouldn’t the bedding that envelops you for five to nine hours a day follow the same kinds of health and ethical standards you set for other aspects of your life? Nowadays, there are lots…

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22 Extremely Creative Bookshelves

bookshelf america shape

It’s been said that a room without books is like a body without a soul. The only problem with having a lot of books is that they often tend to clutter up shelving units, coffee tables, empty spaces on the floor, and pretty much anything else with a flat surface. So unless you’ve got an enormous home or an entire room that you can dedicate to building…

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas Made Easy

Small patch of grass in a beautifull landscaped backyard

When it comes to yard maintenance, there are often two types of people: those who want to do everything themselves and those who want to hire someone else to do everything! Both approaches are valid. Since today’s post is dedicated to backyard landscaping ideas made easy, it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes it pays to get help with big tasks, even if you have to…

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Trendy Home Offices That Are Surprisingly Functional

home office rustic 2

Do you work from home? If you do, then you likely know just how important it is to have a room or small section to work from that helps you stay focused and ideally offers you a bit of inspiration too. And even if you don’t work from home, it’s still worth setting up a home office space just for surfing the web, getting any…

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Patio Style: Unusual Planters Made from Unique Materials

Gorgeous Log Planter for the lovely backyard

The simplest way to beautify a big, open (empty) deck is with some planters filled with flowers and/or plants. But there’s a lot of same-old, same-old when it comes to planters, which are usually large round ceramic pots (yawn). But plants can live in all kinds of homes, from DIY upcycled vintage pieces to containers meant for other uses. So forget what the garden store…

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Design Trend: Tassels and Pom Poms

Tassel floor pillow from Urban Outfitters

Have you noticed that pom poms and tassels are having a moment? A big moment! Growing in popularity over the past few years, these adornments are not only appearing more frequently on our favorite home decor items, they’re being called by name. For example, a good percentage of decorative pillows have always had tassels. But now in the product descriptions, these items aren’t just pillows–they’re…

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