Snug Los Angeles Home Captivates with Color and Ingenuity

Large windows bring ample natural light into the home office

There are two ways of looking at a home that comes with a neutral color palette, bland walls and a lack of personality. You can either view it as a boring home without any excitement or you can use the opportunity to unleash your creative juices and turn it into an inviting home that reflects your personality. Homepolish interior designer Haley Weidenbaum obviously took the…

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Classic Georgian House in London Gets a Cultured Modern Revamp

Large glass windows with curtains give the interior a spacious appeal

Transforming an elegant and timeless four-story Georgian residence in London into a more appealing, modern space is a job that demands both creativity and plenty of care. Adding to the complexity of the task was the historic façade of the house that needed to be left untouched while giving the interior a refreshing, classy makeover. Taking up this complex challenge and delivering in a grand…

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Hot Tub Snow Machine: 9 Totally Unique Soaking Spots

Boho Hot Tub

People and animals have enjoyed hot and steamy waters for thousands of years. From the famous Icelandic pools (that have been in use since Viking times) to the Japanese macaque monkeys who regularly warm up in the Jigokudani Hot Springs, relaxing in steamy waters is one of life’s simple pleasures. Warming up in a hot tub while it’s cold outside—or even better, snowing—is a super-luxurious experience….

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20 Gorgeous Pink Nursery Ideas Perfect for Your Baby Girl!

Red, white and pink shape the gorgeous nursery

Creating that perfect nursery for your little one can be the most challenging and satisfying task of them all when it comes to decorating your home. If you are expecting a baby girl, then you might already be stuck with a world of choices ranging from the crib design to the color of the room. Shaping a nursery that is both safe and stimulating requires…

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A DIY Modern Planter Project for Spring

Turquoise planter on a modern outdoor table

If you’re thinking, “It’s not spring yet,” you’re right! You’ve got me! But I’m cheating a little bit because all of the dead greenery in my yard is starting to get the best of me, and I just had to top my outdoor table with something colorful. If we get another bout of freezing weather, this planter is small enough to bring indoors for the…

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Chic Crisp Street Apartment in Melbourne Exudes Cheerful Refinement

Decor in pastel hues brings cool elegance to the apartment

We absolutely love those homes that manage to find the perfect effortless balance between relaxed elegance and cheerful ambiance. Located in an urbane neighborhood of Melbourne, the Crisp Street Apartment does precisely this, all the while using lovely pastel hues and copper accents to give the interior a unique, refined appeal of its own. Resisting the temptation of adding bright and brilliant pops of color,…

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How to Pick the Right Window Curtains for Your Home

Lovely contemporary bedroom in gray with a variety of textures [Design: Tom Stringer Design Partners]

We think of everything ranging from color to style, decor and accessories when dreaming up our image of a ‘perfect home’. Yet we often tend to ignore some of the little things that ultimately make the biggest difference. Window curtains definitely fall into this category and do not generally get the attention that they deserve. Part of it lies in the fact that many homeowners…

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Decorate with Pink for Love Month!

How to Decorate with Pink

Hey friends! I’m here to share with you today a different kind of DIY – the kind that takes a little shopping in your house for a change! Do you ever shop your house? I do it all the time. Whenever a room needs a little refresh, I start looking around my house to see what I can move around to create a “new” look….

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10 Beautiful Gardens with Tropical Plants

Dramatic lighting in a tropical backyard

Do you live in a part of the world where very hot summers are the norm, and winter temps can fall below freezing, especially at night? In other words, not a tropical climate?! Kate here, and if you’re like me, no matter where you live, you’re determined to add some tropical greenery to your yard this spring, even if only in containers that can be…

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Modern Minimalist TV Stands That Redefine the Living Room

Modern minimalist TV Stands

While we believe that the couch sets the tone for the style and theme of the living room, it is the entertainment unit or TV Stand that defines the overall look. Though the trend of TV-less living rooms is catching on, most of us still have the large television as the central component of the living room. Without the TV many of us are left…

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