Contemporary, Energy-Efficient Home Heating With Timeless Elegance

Pellet-burning stove Contemporary Design

While we are currently enjoying the warmth and magic of summer and taking in its many delights by spending ample time outdoors, soon winter will once again make a white comeback! Depending on where you live, winter could be just a few months away, and now is a good time to think about how to beat those winter chills and ensure that your home offers…

The Healthy Kitchen: Designing a Fresh Culinary Space

Clean kitchen ready for cooking

The healthy kitchen–it’s a room that’s well-organized, clean and easy to navigate. It gives residents easy access to cooking utensils and ingredients, and it features fresh accents, such as potted plants and bowls of produce. In other words, the healthy kitchen makes you want to cook and live a healthy lifestyle! [from P3 Construction] Regardless of your kitchen’s size or layout, you too can create…

33 Moroccan Living Rooms That Bring Home An Exotic Flavor Of Vibrant Hues

Moroccan Living Rooms Ideas

Throughout history, the North African nation of Morocco has played host to a wide range of cultures, civilizations and even religions. From the indigenous Berbers to the Arabs and from the Romans and Spanish in the North to those from Sub-Saharan Africa, the country has welcomed a wide variety of visitors who have made it their home. It is no wonder, then, that Moroccan-style design,…

200-Year-Old Italian Factory Transformed Into An Enchanting Home With Industrial Charm

Living room designed by Paola Navone

Renovating a house built in the 60s or the 70s into an efficient contemporary structure is a task that is difficult enough, but transforming a 200-year-old factory into a chic modern residence truly takes special skill and loads of creativity. This is precisely why hotelier Andrea Falkner-Campi brought in Paola Navone to get the task done in her hometown of Spello in east central Umbria,…

Lavish Residence In Mexico Allures With Smart Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Casa CP78 in Mexico

Contemporary homes are all about creating that perfect balance between the ambiance inside and the view outside. Increasingly, homeowners want interiors that offer a seamless transition between the indoors and the landscape outside. Accomplishing this with inviting warmth and effortless elegance is the Casa CP78 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The gorgeous backyard of this exclusive residence offers ample privacy, thanks to the natural canopy that…

Resourceful Living Room Wall Unit Adapts To Suit Your Dynamic Urban Lifestyle

Living room wall units

Living room wall units are no longer simple boxes or wall-mounted shelves that hold the television and a few additional accessories. Contemporary wall unit systems go beyond just the obvious and are indeed the heart and soul of a trendy, modern living space. Blending functionality with sublime aesthetics, the OPEN wall unit system from Jesse takes this a notch higher with its amazing ability to…

Dynamic Modern Kitchen Balances Modularity With Chic Formal Elegance

Stylish modern Italian Kitchen

Modern modular kitchens offer an array of features that can be customized to suit the specific needs of your home and do so without compromising on aesthetics or efficiency. Becoming a natural extension of your living and dining space in an open floor plan, the stylish EL_01 from Elmar offers creative and custom-crafted solutions for all your kitchen design conundrums. Created with an international style…

How To Display Air Plants In Hanging Containers

Himelli hanging air plant holder with cup from Etsy shop Handmade Sammade

We at Decoist are in love with air plants. We love that they’re low maintenance. We love learning more about helping them thrive. We love discovering new ways to display them. On that note, today we take a look at how to display air plants in hanging containers. Here’s a hint: you simply place the air plant in the container or hanging planter! That’s right, folks–since these plants don’t…

Chic Tribù Decor Adds Sublime Class To Sizzling Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Tribu furnishes hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Combining comfort and aesthetics, modern outdoor furniture is all about pampering your senses, whether you are relaxing on your poolside deck or taking a break while enjoying the sun, sand and waves in an exotic getaway. The fabulous outdoor decor delights from Tribù have helped shape many luxury homes and resorts across the globe, and the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is the latest to benefit…

Refreshing And Posh Contemporary Bathroom Dazzles With Colorful Charm

Stunning Contemporary Bathroom from Scavolini

Combining the spectacular with the delicate and the nuanced, the latest bathroom from Scavolini, dubbed Font, steals the show with its amazing versatility and style. Crafted by Studio Castiglia Associati, Font moves away from the more common materials used in the modern bathroom and utilizes glass in both matte and glossy finishes to truly paint a picture filled with color and creativity. Digging into the…

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