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Cod Liver-Oil Production Building Turned into a Captivating Modern Home

A building that was originally built in 1939 for the production of cod-liver oil in Lofoten, Norway, this house in Henningsvaer has undergone several changes over the years out of sheer necessity. Henningsvaer is primarily a fishing town and is renowned for both its picturesque landscape that offers a glimpse of fabled Northern Lights in the winter and a football ground that is arguably the most beautiful on the planet. It is in this dreamy, gorgeous Norwegian village that one finds the revamped and renovated Brygga Henningsvær House designed by SKAARA Arkitekter; a residence that combines modernity and scenic views with a dash of traditional Nordic charm.

Lovely views of the harbor and the fishing village from the home make the biggest impression

The building was badly damaged in 2011 because of a severe winter storm and in its new avatar, it is custom aerogel panels that cover its traditional pitched roof. The aerogel panels on the roof offer a translucent surface that filters in natural light and keeps the home warm and cheerful during long, cold Scandinavian winters. Apart from their ability to usher in light, the panels also offer top-notch insulation and ensure that the house stays cozy all through the year.

Amazing views of the harbor and the beautiful village of henningsvaer steal the spotlight at this home
Contemporary home remodel and addition in Henningsvær with a form that feels traditional
Pitched roof on the upper level with sitting area that features aerogel panel roof and lovely views
Smart translucent aerogel panels bring diffused light into the upper level
Space-savvy custom-made stairs with battens inside the Norwegian home
Wooden battens bring a unique visual element to this revamped Norwegian home

Smart alignment of spaces, comfortable sitting area on the top level and custom wooden décor shape the interior in neutral hues. A staircase with timber battens and storage units, rough steel elements and minimal decorating scheme put the final touches on this reused industrial building with a charming backdrop. [Photography: Marco Schön / Rasmus Fjeldheim Dale]

Functional aerogel panels give another smart dimension to the restored Norwegian home
Beautiful aerogel roof of the house give the home a bright and beautiful appeal
Wooden structure coupled with aerogel panels for the pitched roof of the home
First floor plan of the Brygga Henningsvaer House
Third level floor plan of the Brygga Henningsvær House designed by SKAARA Arkitekter AS
Second floor plan of the modern revamped home in Norway

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