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8 Fabulous Functional Styles Perfect for the Small Kitchen [20 Photos]

Every home is different and each home brings with it a unique set of demands that need a careful blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. The task becomes even more difficult in small spaces where you need to reduce visual fragmentation and ensure that every inch of space is utilized to the hilt. But get the balance between the different elements right and you will have a space that is as good as any other large, expansive kitchen. Small kitchens need not feel congested and boring and the style within these spaces need not be limited to just modern and traditional alone.

Gorgeous modern eclectic kitchen with industrial elements thrown into the mix [From: Active Builders London]

Today, we explore 10 different gorgeous styles for the small kitchen that venture beyond the two most obvious ones – modern and traditional. Each one offers something different in terms of visual appeal and yet all of them function flawlessly. From the bold to the tried and tested, this is a look at the 10 best styles for the small kitchen you cannot miss –

Cotemporary Small Kitchens

We start off with a style that is simple, elegant and perfect for the modern home with limited space – contemporary. Contemporary kitchens find that elusive balance between modern and minimal and combine polished surfaces with smart wooden shelves, cabinets and largely neutral hues. White is the most dominant color in here and you can combine it with woodsy accents or gray sections for a trendy small kitchen.

Custom wooden kitchen counter with chevron pattern and floor tiles that usher in herringbone design [From: CODIA]
Small contemporary eat-in kitchen with a unique wooden cabinet in the backdrop [From: Erashevich studio]
White contemporary kitchen with marble backsplash and a floating wooden shelf [From: Peter Schaad Design Studio]

Cozy warmth of Farmhouse

You would think that the classic elements of farmhouse design do not fit in well with the small kitchen space. Yet, it is one of the most popular styles in these spaces because of the many natural elements that it ushers in. From reclaimed wall finishes and smart wooden countertops to chicken-wire clad doors for cabinets and beautiful antiques, there is plenty to fall in love here!

Custom tiny wooden island for the small farmhouse style kitchen
Sparkling tiles in white create an eye-catching and neutral backdrop in this kitchen [From: Dependable Renovations]
Adding greenery to the small farmhouse kitchen

Popular Industrial Touches

Industrial style is all about efficiency. It is about getting the job done without additional frills and you have to believe a style like this is just perfect for the small kitchen. With sparkling steel countertops, edgy shelves, exposed brick walls, duct pipes out in the open and a whole lot more, it is important to have a coherent style plan in here. Combining these different finishes and elements requires both care and proper planning. Combine these with smart pendant lighting for the best look.

Stylish modern industrial kitchen in white, wood and steely gray with a bright red vintage refrigerator [From: Liadesign]
Gorgeous industrial kitchen with brick walls, wooden countertops and dark cabinets [From: Nina Williams Interiors]

Beach Style – Always Trendy!

We love a kitchen in beach or coastal style because of the ease of its presence and the way it works across seasons. Relaxing neutral backdrops, gorgeous blue accents and a touch of beachy charm with the right decorative pieces is all you need to set up this space. Light wooden elements and ample natural light put the final touches on this space.

Light grayish-blue kitchen island for the small beach style kitchen [From: Niche Design Co]
Lovely and trendy teal cabinets for the chic beach style kitchen [From: Isabella Patrick Interior Design]
Distinctive style of Brooklyn combined with modern beach style in a fluid fashion [From: Baxter Projects]

Scandinavian Simplicity

Much like the beach style, Scandinavian is another hit in modern homes because of the way in which it is perfectly tailored for small spaces. Once again, it is neutral backdrops, light wooden surfaces, a minimal decorating approach and a flood of natural light that reign supreme in here. Adaptable décor and multi-tasking kitchen fittings ensure that you can save as much space as possible.

Tiny Scandinavian kitchen in wood and white also finds space for a small breakfast zone! [From: Cécile Humbert – Design d’intérieur]
L-shaped corner kitchen for the small home with Scandinavian style

Color-Filled Mediterranean Kitchens

Mediterranean kitchens are inherently cozy and combine this with the idea of a small kitchen and you have an even more captivating setting. Warm yellows, deep greens and hints of orange are absolutely perfect for these kitchens along with textured walls and arched windows. It is easy to blend the style with modern touches for a balance and elegant look.

Finding a balance between color and a clutter-free environment inside the small kitchen
Tiles with pattern and cozy walls in yellow are perfect for the Mediterranean style kitchen

Shabby-Chic Makes a Comeback

Shabby-chic look in the small kitchen I not admittedly for everyone. It is all about worn-out finishes, décor with weathered surfaces and a bit of floral charm here and there. Whitewashed elements, a pure white backdrop and cabinets with a used look are perfect for these tiny kitchens with a hint of unabashed femininity.

Shabby-chic style in the kitchen is no all about feminine overtones as seen in here [From: Eye Was Here Photography]
Finding the right decorative pieces for the small shabby-chic style kitchen

Give Eclectic a Shot

Finally, we discuss a style that most homeowners tend to stay away from when planning for a small space – eclectic. The eclectic small kitchen is anything but cluttered when done right. Despite using different elements from contrasting styles, you can use a common element to link it all. This unifying element could be color or pattern; but ensure that you do not use more than two or three colors in this tiny space.

Creative window design coupled with dark green cabinets and wooden countertops for the small eclectic kitchen [From: Unique Homestays]
Finding the right color and organization for the small eclectic kitchen

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