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Small Beach Style Living Rooms: 15 Cheerful and Colorful Escapes

It goes without saying that beach style and summer go hand-in-hand. Of course, the idea of switching to beach or coastal style as summer rolls around is one that is often relegated to the bedroom, patio or bathrooms. Not many among us want to constantly tweak around the style of the living. And to be very honest, it is not something that is always possible or affordable. Yet, for those looking to give their old, tired living room a modern, cheerful upgrade or homeowners starting afresh, beach style is indeed the perfect option.

Stunning use of orange and blue accents in the small beach style living room

Modern beach style incorporates within it many elements that make it perfect for almost every home. They combine breezy, neutral backdrops with bright pops of color and more to create a visually engaging and relaxing living. The best part about it all is the way the style can be used in living room of almost any size – from the uber-small to the expansive. This is a look at some of the best small beach style living rooms along with tips and ideas on how to decorate them in an aesthetic manner –

Colors Inspired by Sun, Sand and Surf

Choosing a color scheme for the small beach style living room is anything but complicated. You start off with the backdrop and considering both the style and the available space, it is neutrals that definitely work the best. Off-white, light cream, gentle browns and other colors inspired by the hues of a sun-soaked beach are an obvious choice in here. You can add to this accent features and sections that contain a dash of blue and a pinch of yellow for a vibrant and exquisite living space. Other bright colors like green, red and coral are also absolutely welcome in here.

Perfect small beach style living room idea with walls in neutral hues and pops of blue all around
Brilliant blue ceiling and drapes make the biggest impact in this small living room with beach style [From: Jennifer Polley Interiors]
Orange is the perfect accent color to enliven the small beach style living space [From: Ray Langhammer Design]

Light, Shiplap and Natural Materials

Once you have settled on a color scheme for the living room, you can move ahead with other details that give it a more authentic beachy vibe. Shiplap walls easily usher in this coastal vibe while striped walls and accent features in blue and white also work very well. Both the elements add a certain textural and visual charm to the living space and bring pattern without going overboard.

Small and stylish beach style decorating idea in white with natural finishes and textures [From: pablo veiga]
Shiplap walls in the small beach style living room connect it visually with the spaces next to it

Another key element of the beach style living room is ample natural light- a feature that is even more important in the small living space. You can combine sources of natural light like the windows, clerestory windows and skylights with recessed lights and smart chandeliers to drive out any sense of darkness.

Fabulous striped club chairs coupled with a neutral backdrop and functional coffee table in the living room [From: the ranch uncommon]
Cottage beach style is a relaxing blend of two different styles in the living space [From: Morr Interiors]

A Style Perfect for Congested Spaces

Putting aside the many aesthetic benefits of the beach style living room, what makes it just so perfect for the small living space is the de-cluttered minimalism that it naturally offers. Beach style living rooms in neutral colors and with plenty of natural light tend to reduce visual fragmentation of space and give the impression of stepping into a room that is much larger than it really is. Combine it with a dining area and kitchen in similar style to create a charming and airy open plan living.

Colors of the beach grace this lovely style living space
Finding the right decor and accessories for the tiny beach style living space [From: Attractive Interiors Home Staging]
Books and logs of wood usher texture into this beach style home
Bring a bit of urbane panache to the small beach style living space [From: Eden LA Furniture and Interiors]

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