Interview with Interior Designer Lisa Holt: Napa Valley Inspiration at Its Best

Lisa Holt Decoist Interview

Lisa Holt is a Napa Valley-based interior designer obsessed with all things related to art and design. Born in California and educated in London, it’s often said that her talent is to come up with sophisticated and contemporary designs with a sense of casual elegance, refinement and wit. And we can vouch for that. Lisa nothing short of  creative. Free time is spent in her…

Modern Castle-Resembling Brione House in Switzerland


The Brione House is a dream home for those who have always wanted to live in a modern castle. Created by Markus Wespi Jérôme de Meuron Architetti, the Brione House is located in Brione sopra Minusio, a small town in Switzerland and overlooks the city of Locarno, the lake and surrounding mountain scape from its steep, high location. This stone house can be appreciated in…

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Five Things to Keep in Mind

white kitchen remodel

If you would like to give your home a fresh look, why not start in your kitchen? In many households, the kitchen is the main hub for family interaction and activity. From breakfast with the family, homework with the kids to a late-night snack before bedtime, you want your kitchen to be pleasing and functional for all of your family’s needs. If your home is…

Teenage Boys Rooms Inspiration: 29 Brilliant Ideas

contemporary Teenage Boys Rooms

After coming up with rooms for teenage girls, it’s now time to give you ideas and inspiration for setting up the room for a teenage boy. Because boys are just as picky as girls, they need a dream place that is not just meant for sleeping. It’s his own place where mess is welcome so the whole room needs to be inviting (friends will come…

What do Tree Roots, Birds and Eggs Have in Common?

Egg Table

Polish design studio WamHouse came up with this exciting and creative idea for the design of an unusual table. Composed of two very visually distinct parts – an egg and a branch – this table expresses the love for nature and unstoppable effect it has on our daily lives – from surrounding us to being in many of our thoughts. The Egg Table displays a…

Soft Big Basket by Ola Gillgren With Every Part Visible


What is there not to love about baskets? Available in different shapes and sizes, colors and displaying beautiful patterns, they hold our precious possessions or help things be carried around. Why not enjoy the feeling the inside of a basket give you? Big Basket by Ola Gillgren gives you the chance to feel cozy and nurtured while sitting in a basket-resembling chair. Made out of…

IXOS House is Mesmerizing and Proclaims the Larger than Life Theme

Located in Spain in the heart of a pine forest, this white building offers celestial views that are certain to make you drool. Created by AABE and dubbed the IXOS House, the theme of the house is to prove that large is better — obviously considering that the designer thinks that proportions, these day, come as key in the modern design of the house. Everything…

Moscow Contemporary Apartment Sports Elegance

Modern Apartment in Moscow white living room

Want to feast your eyes on yet another fabulous contemporary house? Now, this one that we are talking about is located in Moscow and designed by Alexey Nikolashin. Sporting all features that will surely catch your attention, the house dons a perfect lighting system, color palette, simple and elegant interior designing and perfect storage area. The front room includes the living, dining and kitchen area….

Tips to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

space saving small living room tips tricks

Are you living in a small apartment? Things are cramped and you’d love to have more space? Then you need to expand your room size or at least make it look larger. You just found the right place to do that, as we, on Decoist, have quite a few tricks that will help out. Using multi-functional or removable furniture is a great way to streamline…

LEGO Architecture Replicates Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House LEGO 1

This is, in fact, interesting to the core. LEGO Architecture is all set to replicate the world famous Opera House, the iconic building in Sydney. As you already know, this magnificent construction is often considered the Eighth Wonder of the world.  Sydney Opera House serves as an international cultural icon, and represents the whole country before the world. It was originally designed by a Danish…

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