40 Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Stylish Home

Halloween decorations

It’s that time of the year again… a time when it’s OK to revel in the morbid! If it’s stylish, of course. We’re here to help with your Halloween decoration needs. Kids love this holiday, but who’s to say it can’t be just as much fun for adults? The key is in picking out the more interesting aspects of Halloween decor. For example, many modern…

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Contemporary Spanish Home Integrates Stylish Interiors With the Scenic Mediterranean

Costa Brava luxury home 4

The Costa Brava House located on the east coast of Spain is a stunning modern estate that seems to present a beautiful and enticing contrast to the rugged and wild setting it is located in. The beautiful structure is home to three residences, a large central villa, a guest apartment and a second guest area along with sporting 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms in total….

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Upscale Halloween Decor Ideas For a Spooky Holiday

Halloween ideas for home

Quick! What do you think of when you hear Halloween? Most people would answer “ghastly costumes” or “creepy stories,” but there is much more to this holiday than meets the eye. Some home designers have taken Halloween home decor trends to a whole new level by reimagining the same fall holiday concepts with a more luxurious touch. From colors to textures, it’s easy to implement…

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Artistic Office for ALBUS Design Studio in Southern Brazil

Office studio for ALBUS Design

We have always wondered what constitutes art as it seems you get a different definition every time you ask. But what is certain is that most of us are allured by something that is distinctly unusual and projects an image that is out-of-the-box. Such creative ventures might not always yield fabulous results, but the ALBUS Design Studio in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, is one…

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Tips for Choosing a New Bed Frame

Modern bedroom with beautiful wallpaper and a stunning floating bed

The average person spends over 30 percent of their life asleep. Obviously having a comfortable bed is key to a restful sleep – which is, subsequently, key to a productive and healthy waking life. Contrary to popular belief, however, comfort is about more than just a good mattress – although this is certainly important. A comfortable bed is also determined by the support of the…

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Bring an Eye-Catching Appeal Into Your Windowless Bathroom

windowless bathroom sculpture art

Are you tired of going into your bathroom and wondering why you don’t look the same in the mirror as you do out in the sunlight? The culprit maybe your dark bathroom! Dark bathrooms can be for a number of reasons: dark colored walls, windows weren’t designed or bad lighting can all be sources. Even though your current bathroom is deprived from natural light doesn’t…

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Rustic Charm and a Modern Makeover for the Shearers Quarters

Shearers Quarters by John Wardle Architects 1

If you thought that innovative modern design and architecture were limited to big cities, then you would be in for a pleasant surprise when you visit the nearest little town or even countryside community next time. Home owners across the board are now opting for contemporary structures that not only offer great aesthetics, but match the form with exquisite functionality. The Shearers Quarters designed by…

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Fall’s One Size Fits All Sweater: Textures for Your Home and Bed

cable stitch blanket on the bed

Get your home dressed for the new weather patterns! Design on a dime with this unique approach to autumn and winter festivity! The perfect weather is that when a sweater keeps you at optimal body temperature. You can snuggle without sweating. You can showcase your burly side. You can roll up and down the slightly bally sleeves. The returns are innumerable for this autumn season…

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Modern Villa Mayavee in Thailand captivates with fluid charm!

Villa Mayavee in Thailand 1

Contemporary homes and villas seem to be as much about spectacular and stunning views of the landscape they overlook as they are about stylish and sleek interiors. Designers and home owners are placing greater importance on integrating the surroundings into the design of the structure itself and when the backdrop is laced with tropical forests, unending green canopy and refreshing views of the Andaman Sea,…

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Nursery Wall Decals with Modern Flair

Beautiful nursery room wall decals

When it comes to decorating possibilities for the modern nursery, many user-friendly options await you! What could be easier than peel-and-stick decals that can be applied and removed without doing any damage to the wall underneath? A perfect solution for renters, wall decals can transform a room into a magical wonderland with a few pieces of vinyl. Today’s featured decals are organized by their popularity…

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