Be Our Guest: 20 Stellar Guest Room Design Ideas

Guest Room Design Ideas

When you imagine the perfect guest room, what do you envision? Luxury bedding? Soft lighting? Perks like fresh flowers and a stack of magazines? If you don’t know where to start, begin with the features of a typical hotel room: one or more beds, a luggage rack, a place to sit, a desk for work. Sure, not every guest room can mimic the scene of…

Decorating with Red: Photos & Inspiration for a Beautiful Red Home Decor

Modern red and orange furniture

Passionate, lively and dominant, red is often celebrated as one of the most powerful colors in the spectrum. Color psychology experts have noted that color increases brain activity and drives both physical stamina as well as a feeling of hunger – which is why this color is often found in gyms and restaurants respectively. Red can be sexual and romantic, or bold and politically charged….

Three Unique Headboard Ideas

Feminine bedroom design with neutral colour scheme and quilted headboard

As you may have noticed, large and stylish headboards are making a big comeback. A new headboard can make quite an impact on the mood of a room, and can transform a commonplace bed into an extravagant and cozy boudoir focal point. From ornate metal and rustic, antiqued wood to early 20th century, Edwardian style quilted varieties, there are many styles to choose from, and…

The House With The Blue Door: Choosing the Perfect Exterior Colors

The house with the blue door / by Stephanie Wiley Photography

Take curb appeal to the next level by choosing colors that will harmonize with the neighborhood while keeping you a step ahead. In this modern era where we can input a new address or new route to our destination in our cellular phones, landmarks have become obsolete. Or have they? There are still spots around the world that require a little help in addition to…

Off the Wall: Displaying Art When Wall Space Is Scarce

How to display wall art in style!

Too many pictures, too little space? We know. We’ve been there. If you enjoy collecting artwork, it can be difficult to find room for all of it. With an abundance of art sold online for affordable prices (plus an amazing number of vintage pieces available for just dollars at thrift stores), collecting art is easy and fun. But what if your interior can’t accommodate all…

Awesome Tree Houses for Kids

Tree House in Osnabruck, Germany

Times have changed, and kids today have many more reasons to site inside all day rather than exploring the great outdoors like children of previous eras. While your childhood was filled with sand box castles, hopscotch, wooded trails and inspecting bugs through the lens of a magnifying glass, children of the 21st century are more concerned with video games and chatting with friends over the…

Speed Clean Your Home in 30 Minutes

Keeping a clean bathroom!

You’ve just gotten off the phone with an old friend who happens to be in the area who has asked to drop by. It’s been several years since you’ve seen them, and you’d like to make a good impression. However, you’re currently standing on a living room floor full of children’s toys, cast off pillows, discarded backpacks and school books – and the rest of…

A Beautiful Threesome: Colors and Fibers that Express Home-Style Love

Cozy living room decor with plenty of color

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the honor of telling you about three influential colors that when brought together in your home renovation pursuit, make a monumental difference and will give your home a natural and modern vibe; two words with three colors that don’t always get to spend time together, but today get opportunity to do just that. Rock collecting is almost every child’s first…

4 Ideas for a More Stylish College Dorm

Fancy modern college dorm design

Dorm rooms aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing spaces in which you’ll have the pleasure of spending a few months of your life. In fact, when you first enter the room that will act as your home for the upcoming semester, you may be downright depressed. Cinderblock walls, linoleum floors and industrial style used furniture that looks straight out of a prison cell are generally…

Designer’s Block: How to Regain Your Inspiration

Highly modern open living room design with glass wall / by Griffin Enright Architects

In almost any creative profession you will, at one point or another, face a wall. As a designer, this may happen literally. Try as you might, you can’t seem to shake the metal block and may feel as though you’ve lost your mojo. Sometimes a creative block will last no longer than a few minutes while some stretch on for days. However, when your livelihood…

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