DIY Wall Dressings: Polka Dot Designs that Add Sophistication

Black on black polka dots on the kitchen's accent wall

Revamp your interior and give your room five options towards a refreshing outtake on walls as we borrow designs from our very own home. Skirts, shirts, shoes, neck ties! I’m dehydrated from this intense cold wave; my vision is impacted and now I’m seeing spots! Or can it be that polka dots made a comeback and wormed their way not into the hearts and wardrobe…

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Modern Makeover For a Mid-century Home: Chiles Residence

suspended home design

One feels at times that design and architecture have gone a bit too far when it comes to sleek and well defined lines and box-like shapes with squares and cubes being splurged around everywhere. Having said that, you can always find a balance between the contemporary and the classic if you have the right recipe and the proper imagination; as the Chiles Residence so beautifully…

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Cookie Decorating: When Making Sweets Becomes Art

Stylish Egyptian designs on decorated cookies

Do you have a sweet tooth?  We hope you brought your appetite, because today we shine the spotlight on cookie designer Natasha Tasic of Delissshhh, whose detailed hand-painted creations are getting quite a bit of well-deserved attention. Natasha has always celebrated her passion for preparing food, but when she came across two blogs that explored the intricate world of cookie decoration techniques, she devoured all…

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How To Display Books As Decoration in Your Interiors

displaying books dining room

 Whether you love to read or not, you have to admit that books have a place in every home. For many literary lovers, books are a great way to get lost from the everyday stressors of life and escape to another world.  Even if you aren’t a lover of books, displaying them throughout your home can bring a beautiful ambiance as well as create a…

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18 Stylish Japanese Bathroom Design Ideas

Feng Shui bathroom with lavish wooden presence

There can be moments when a day seems a lot longer than it is and each moment starts to weigh heavily on you with the only thing that you look forward to at that point being a refreshing shower and a good night’s sleep. There is simply nothing like a rejuvenating and relaxing bath to soothe your aching sense, revitalize you with energy and to…

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Austere but luxurious Colombian residence by the mountainside

ar 2

This 600 sqm residence in La Calera, Colombia, dubbed the AR House, is a creation of Campuzano Arquitectos. Although rectangular, largely monochromatic, this house makes full and luxurious use of the terrain slope, the Colombian sun and the spectacular views. The main floor houses a stylish and comfortable open living room with a beautiful, modern, centralized fireplace.  Wonderful, panoramic views under the floating roof show…

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Decorating with a Modern Safari Theme

safari inspired living room

All too often, people equate the term “safari theme” with obnoxiously loud neon animal prints and décor arrangements that exude about as much style and grace as a college dorm room. Others begin to channel Indiana Jones or a creepy huntsman’s cabin full of mounted animal heads. However, the modern safari theme reaches beyond these concepts into something much more chic and practical. by Tara…

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10 Garden & Outdoor Lamps to Light Your Patio

Tolomeo XXL lamp by Artemide

Garden and outdoor lamps are not just about illumination anymore. In this day and age, they are meant to be admired just as much as your flowers, the garden gnomes (maybe) or the comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture. There is something fascinating about the combination of darkness, vegetation and subtle sources of light. Lamps throughout the garden, whether it is thick and lavish or minimally landscaped,…

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Creative Toy Storage Solutions for your Kids Room

creative kids toy wall shelving

Your kids seem to take over your home regardless of what room is actually theirs!  Their toys, belongings, schoolwork and recreational diddles can create chaos in your home and creative toy storage is essential. Before you can start, you will have to remove the old and make way for a system that will help you and your kids. If you have been thinking of revamping…

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Make a Statement with Spiral Stairs

Wood and metal staircase in a contemporary home

Are you in the market for a spiral staircase? Not only is the repeating form of these structures visually interesting, they are the perfect solution for steep climbs, especially in spaces with limited room for a gradually sloping staircase that covers a lot of ground. But which design is right for you? Are metal stairs too hard on the knees? Are wooden steps too traditional?…

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