10 Cool Fish Tanks for Your Office

home office aquariums

There’s just something soothing about an aquarium. Why do you think so many doctors’ offices and hospitals feature them as centerpieces of the waiting room? After all, for patients anticipating an appointment or loved ones eagerly awaiting good news, it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear the bubbling sounds of the water while watching colorful sea life scurry around the tank. Not to mention, there’s nothing…

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25 Asian-Inspired Kitchen Designs Every Foodie Will Love

Japanese country kitchen with a beautiful balance of dark and light wooden tones

The beauty of an Asian kitchen is all about the sense of calmness and tranquility that it brings to a home along with sleek design that is perfect for contemporary homes. The understated class also carries with it a touch of mysticism and exotic appeal, which seems to be one of its biggest draws. The amazing thing about Asian-themed kitchens is the way in which…

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10 DIY Inspiring Bookshelf Designs

Creative diy telephone bookends

If you’re an avid reader who is looking for a creative way to display your respectable book collection, if you’re tired of ordinary bookshelves you can find in just about any home, and if you would like a unique display that tells a story of your personal style, than you’re going to love these DIY bookshelf designs. Telephone bookshelf This one-of-a-kind bookend display puts those old…

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White Washed Furniture and Interiors That Inspire

white washed ceiling beams

When it comes to restoring or refinishing a piece of furniture or wall, it can take a lot of time and money and in most cases, cannot be done by any person other than a professional. Quiet expensive you might say but with white washing, it’s a different ball game. With creative white washing ideas, you can, without expending much time and spending a lot…

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10 Wall Hooks to Organize Your Space in Style

Tree branch wall hooks

We’re hooked on wall-mounted decor! Yes, we’re talking about wall hooks… While it’s clear that these items serve an important function, they can also add color and texture to the wall in the process. In fact, many people hang them in interesting configurations or select them based on their color, size and shape. Today we’ve rounded up a collection of modern wall hooks, from natural…

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22 Space-Saving Furniture Ideas

Compact living. It’s not just for those who live in tiny apartments! In fact, whether a family resides in a one-bedroom rental or a three-bedroom house, chances are its members will claim to need more space, especially in the realm of storage. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a slew of new space-saving furniture selections are now available. Today’s post highlights the perks of strategic furniture…

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Gorgeous Bed Linens to Pamper Yourself in the Bedroom

Comfortable bed linens with duck-egg blue pillows

There are many areas of your home in which you can get away with low cost budget alternatives without you or any guests ever noticing a difference. Your bed is not one of those areas. From the frame and the mattress to everything on top, it’s important to always invest in the top of the line. When it comes to your sleep, you simply can’t…

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Rustic One Oak Chalet in the French Alps Charms With Its Touch of Modernity

rusitc french alps chalet

One Oak Chalet in Combloux is arguably one of the best retreats for those looking to spend a great winter holiday that combines some of the best ski slopes in the world with the majestic view of Mount Blanc and an access to the famous Chamonix Valley in the heat of the French Alps. The wonderfully rustic retreat offers a lot more than a beautiful…

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Creative Cardboard Furniture Ideas

Cardboard furniture from Karton

Sustainable. Green. Eco-friendly. These pro-Earth words mean the world to today’s design lovers! Which is why it was only a matter of time before cardboard furniture became a functional and stylish way to use recyclable materials while celebrating modern design at its best. Cardboard? Yes, cardboard! Companies such as Karton are taking cardboard furniture design to new heights, incorporating geometry and sturdiness into each piece….

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Decorate a Luxury Backyard Drenched in Flowing Opulence

dream backyard

Spending a relaxing evening next to a beautiful river or even on a relatively private beach with the waves taking away most of our woes, is something we all dream about. Water always seems to bring a sense of soothing and comfort – and precisely for this reason backyard pools or even koi ponds are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. But Dutch studio Centric…

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