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20 Trendy Bedrooms with Striped Accent Walls

We are often left searching for that perfect balance between excitement and serenity, order and contrast when planning for our dream bedroom. Providing the perfect solution to this conundrum and adding pattern to the bedroom without taking over completely are striped accent walls. Stripes bring a simple yet engaging pattern to the bedroom that is far less overwhelming than many other designs, and elegant accent walls with beautiful stripes are easy to pull off. They cost is very little compared to more elaborate and creative accent wall designs, and stripes seem to work seamlessly with almost any design style that you have going.

Chic beach style bedroom with a contemporary twist [Design: Beach Chic Design]

Striped accent walls in the bedroom come in a variety of shapes and forms, and it is often the wall behind the headboard that is embellished. Creating a lovely focal point while cleverly extending the color palette of the room, the 20 exquisite inspirations on display today will surely tempt you to proudly sport your true stripes as well!

Classy and Contemporary

There are two different ways in which you can approach a refined and beautiful striped accent wall in the bedroom, and both of them have their pros and cons. Wallpaper is a simple choice that lets you add stripes without a great deal of effort, and you will not be losing any sleep over any crooked lines! With wallpaper making a bold comeback in 2015, this is not a bad choice at all, and you can simply switch out the wallpaper when you are bored with the pattern. But nothing beats the charm and the beauty of a lovely painted accent wall with smart stripes.

Fabulous bedroom has a cheerful, breezy ambiance [Design: Atelier Interior Design]
Elegant use of stripes in the modern bedroom [Design: CHROMA design lab + interiors]
Lovely headboard steals the show in this gorgeous bedroom [Design: Kemp Hall Studio]

With paint, you can pick from a variety of color combinations and alter hues in a subtle fashion to create a stunning accent wall. The general trend is to use a color that is already present in the room for one of the stripes, while the other can be an entirely different color, or the same color with a different tone and intensity. It is best to pick just two colors for stripes in smaller rooms, while larger rooms can pull off a striped accent wall with three or more colors.

Gorgeous use of varied textures in the modern bedroom [Design: CDA Interior Design]
Contemporary bedroom in gray with striped accent wall [From: JSID]
Bedroom accent walls adds pattern in an understated fashion [Design: Vastu DC]
Simple accent wall with horizontal stripes in the bedroom [Design: A|K Design & Development]

Color with Pattern!

Stripes make adding a bright color to the bedroom an easy affair and can enhance the appeal of the accent color in the room with effortless ease. Both the colors used in the stripes, their design and presence can give the bedroom an ambiance that ranges from the eclectic and playful to the sophisticated and stylish! It is all about choosing the right colors for the space and using a pattern (narrow or broad, horizontal or vertical) that fits in with the existing style of the room. By keeping the rest of the room as neutral as possible, the effect of this bright and beautiful accent wall can be enhanced further.

Let the accent wall add to the color scheme of the room [Design: Angela Todd Designs]
Interesting use of stripes to create a truly unique accent wall [Design: Mary Cook]
Girls’ bedroom with a striped accent wall [Design: Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc]
Perfect accent wall for those who love color! [Design: Think Contemporary / Photographer: Barbara Egan, Reportage]
Bold stripes in red create an instant focal point in the room [Design: FrontDoor Communities]
Stripes highlight the lovely little nook in the kids’ bedroom [Design: Heartwood Corp]
Snazzy use of stripes in the contemporary bedroom in London [From: Joel Antunes photography]

Time to Think Vertical!

While horizontal stripes are often preferred in both living rooms and bedrooms, vertical stripes bring along with them a host of benefits as well. This is especially true if you have a small bedroom with a low ceiling, as the vertical stripes can give the room a more airy and elegant appeal. If you are worried about color creating visual fragmentation in an already small bedroom, think of a black and white striped accent wall that creates wonderful contrast without actually altering the color scheme. Stripes add height and pattern to the room in a chic and controlled way.

Contemporary bedroom with wonderful view of Miami skyline [Design: Zelman Style Interiors]
Classic black and white stripes with a touch of pink [Design: Delmarva Blinds & Shutters]
Accent wall brings pink glam into the bedroom [Design: Cornerstone Architects]
Stylish modern bedroom with cool Mediterranean touches [Design: John Kraemer & Sons]
Vertical striped accent walls are perfect for rooms with low ceilings [Design: Ambience Home Design]

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