La Gorce Residence in Miami: A Treat in All Respects

La Gorce Residence in Miami 1

There is no doubt that the plain landscape of La Gorce Island in Miami Beach, Florida, is probably one of the most beautiful places for a fancy villa in the whole country. The private residence shows a range of architectural vibrancy in design. Spread over an area of more than 17,000 sq ft, this residence is more like a palace. Carlos Prio-Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez…

Luxury Penthouse in Malta: New Heights Of Extravaganza

Luxury penthouse outdoor pool and glass living area

Located in the heartland of Portomaso, St Julian, this exquisite penthouse seems to re-define all existing concepts of luxury. Flanked by the spectacular Mediterranean beaches, the house extends up to an area of 1,000 square meters. Large living spaces ensure luxurious living and the site has been well chosen for this wonderful canopy close to St Julian bay and the famous yacht marina. The dining…

Thousands of Balloons Connecting Tradition and Innovation

Colorful chairs by Pini Leibovich

The Happy Material chair by Pini Leibovich takes us back to our childhood days, when balloons were magical and fascinating, only this time, we enjoy them under a different shape. These fantastic chairs are bright, vivid and colorful, capturing the freedom of expression and creativity kids have. Thousands of balloons contributed in making these chairs, and the Israel-based industrial designer managed to construct a bridge…

Dream Home for Children and Adults – Panorama House


Architectural studio Moon Hoon, with offices in Seoul, designed an angled residential retreat in Korea. Featuring a distinct facade shaped out of several angled volumes, the Panorama House gathers vistas of the surroundings through different-sized windows that frame the views from each room in a new and creative way.The angled facade allows views from different perspectives and strongly connects the interiors to the surrounding suburb….

Cleaning 101: New Approach to Bathroom Cleaning

white clean bathroom

It’s definite that no one would want to see their bathroom in a shabby condition. But, when it comes to cleaning their own bathroom, most people would rather that job disappear. Some people put the blame on their hectic work schedules, while most of you have no idea as to where to start from. Let’s look into some basics of bathroom cleaning. Cleaning your bathroom…

Contemporary Harrison Street Residence Proves Stylish & Economical

Harrison Street Residence 3

The prolific countryside of Issaquah Highlands in Washington looks like an ideal place to erect a contemporary western house like the one you’re about to see.. Its location serves as the primary attraction to visitors, while design from Scott Allen Architecture does the rest — so if you’re somewhere near, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the Harrison Street Residence. Stretching across an area…

26 Amazing Bedrooms With Stunning Views

stunning views bedrooms

Homes with scenic views may cost more, but many people find them worth the investment. Nothing uplifts the spirits like an expansive view. Those fortunate enough to have amazing vistas outside their bedroom windows can make the most of their investment by designing the décor around the view. Unless privacy is a real concern, window treatments should be minimal. Picture windows with minimal decoration will…

Tips to Make Your Small Living Room Prettier

small living room furniture decorating ideas

Giving your house a lovely and refined look entirely depends on how you decorate it. Be it a large or small house, size of furniture, color of wall, type of flooring all could be a decisive factors. How can you effectively manage to decorate your interiors? Here are some tips, courtesy of Dering Hall, an online marketplace for custom home furnishing. The way you design…

Ultra-modern Goggle Office Desks – Rounded Shapes Design Ideas

Goggle Office Desks 1

Guys, listen up! Here comes the Goggle Desk, a contemporary office desk to decorate your work. Italian furniture designer Babini has conceptualized this spectacular office desk, specially designed for new generation offices. Danny Venlet gets the credit for developing the spectacular design for the Goggle desk. The innovation gets wide acclaim since everyone is eying glamorous and powerful jobs, and they can’t just adjust with…

Chilean Beach Residence With Oceanfront Offers a Calm Stay

Tacna Hill Beach House wooden interior

A residence near the beach is sure to be exciting. How about a traditional yet luxurious one? Here, we tell you about such a residence, located in western Pacific coast of Chile. Designed by DRN Architects, this beach house hosts a wonderful blend of modernity and luxury. The most observed feature of this trimmed structure is of course its design and exuberant use of wood. It…

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