From Nature, Like Nature

Bitta Stool 1

The all new Bitta Stool is one recent entrant in the unique furniture category. The piece highlights the popularity of rustic designs in modern decoration schemes. From the looks of it, it first appears like a freshly cut log from a tree, and in fact, this look actually adds to the beauty of it. “Bitter” however it may sound from the name, it actually defines…

How to Decorate With a Gothic Theme

Gothic Inspired Home Decor

The gothic culture has always been associated with dark spooky elements, using dark colors and doing things in a creative, elegant way. This style of building and art was common in Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries. The beauty of choosing this form of interior decoration is that it isn’t limited to any single style: you can choose you interior design as dark, romantic,…

Decorating an Apartment With Starched Fabric

starched fabrics interior design

Some time back, we thought flat paints are going to be history. Seems like something just kicked out wallpapers in the same way. It’s starched fabric decorations. Decorating your interiors with starched fabrics is cool. For one, this idea involves no damage to the walls and you can do it all by yourself! It’s easy to use and does not involve using glue for sticking,…

Scenery, Wind Dyed House, and the Japanese Dream

The Wind Dyed House 1

Japanese architecture never fails to amuse us with the fantastic concepts they have for designing homes. The Wind Dyed House is one such brilliant example of Japanese architecture. Created by architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto, the house overlooks the ocean cliffs in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan. The house almost appears embedded within the terrain because of its low-lying nature and unique design. The specialty of the interiors of…

Water Cut Rainscreen Makes Urban Town House the Talk of the Town

Urban Town House by Peter Gluck 9

This urban town house by Peter Gluck and partners features a gorgeous water cut rainscreen. The attributes of beauty and brains meet in an unmatched way of excellence here. The front façade of the house engages the street with a custom water-cut aluminum rain screen with brick-shaped openings. During the day, it appears as a flat, patterned mass, marked off from the adjacent houses by…

25 Modern Dining Chairs for a Stylish Home

Modern Dining Charis 1

You’re redecorating your dining area and having a hard time choosing the chairs to meet with your contemporary theme. Let us inspire you, we have a list of 25 modern dining chairs and we promise that some of these will go just perfect with your stylish interior. Some chairs have a glossy tint, some are highly contemporary, while some are inspired from the classic chairs…

Surreal Steampunk Apartment in Chelsea is Stylishly Designed

Surreal Steampunk Apartment 1

Are you on the look out for a stylish apartment? Then, we suggest you don’t miss the Surreal Steampunk Apartment. The wonderful house situated in Chelsea, New York City, USA was spotted on CORE, a leading, boutique real estate brokerage that provides solutions for buyers, sellers, investors and developers, for sale. As the name suggests, the apartment is designed with surreal, retro industrial, and steampunk…

DIY Original Starburst Clock Tutorial

Starbust DIY clock 1

I’m on a spree folks. After Valentine’s Day candles and amazing photo buildings turned into lamps, this DIY clock tutorial really gives plenty of work for this weekend. So let’s get down to it, how exactly do you make your own original starburst clock from just wood coffee stir sticks some glue, a set of sharp scissors and a working clock? Extremely easy, just follow…

DIY Photo Lamps: Awesome Lit Up Buildings of Choice

DIY Photo Lamps Castles

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a great, yet simple project — DIY photo lamps. Inspired by old buildings that look even greater when lit at night, Claire from FellowFellow has come up with these awesome lamps that deliver that special warmth of the luminaries and twinkle lights, that we all love. A great way to recycle old books (or you can print…

DIY Valentine’s Day Candles Look & Are Special

DIY Valentines Day Candles

Just a bit more than two more weeks and we’ll be hit by Cupid. Valentine’s Day is coming folks, so are you prepared to make it special this year? If not, and you’re still looking for ideas, here’s some inspiration to make a nice, cozy setup at home for your loved one: DIY Valentine’s day candles. It’s a special day and you want to keep…

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