20 Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Colorful Scandinavian kitchen ideas

Scandinavian kitchens are known for their open feel and modern style. Not to mention, they consistently feature elements such as white walls, wooden details and colorful accents in the form of textiles and other vivid flourishes. Today we feature 20 of today’s best Scandinavian kitchens, from crisp white rooms to rustic interiors that evoke the warm feel of a cabin. Other Scandinavian kitchen staples include…

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Silverware Care: How to Keep it Shining and Gleaming

A fancy drawer to keep your silverware

Although you may only roll out your finest flatware for holidays and other rare special occasions, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide it with plenty of TLC. High quality silverware is generally relatively expensive, and usually passed down from generation to generation. (image from GeorgJensen) In order to keep it at its gleaming, shining best, take heed of these simple silverware do’s and dont’s — 1)…

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Timeless Design For Modern Scandinavian Attic Apartment

attic apartment

When you are living in a city dubbed as the Gateway to Northern Europe, it obviously pays to use every available inch of space to the hilt and that is precisely what this beautiful and deceptively stunning attic apartment does. Attica apartments are becoming the ‘in’ thing in the recent years and it is understandable considering the amount of pressure that big cities and expanding…

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IKEA Christmas Decorations Catalog Filled with Inspiring Ideas

IKEA Christmas collection - bed linens

One can never have enough Christmas decoration ideas as we are constantly looking around for new inspirational designs that can be welcomed into our homes and seamless integrated into our plans for the festive season. Hence why we are taking a shot at making things easier for you. The IKEA Christmas Collection for 2012 offers a multitude of new options that are both traditional in their…

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Sophisticated Home Study Design Ideas

Study room with Eames lounge chair and small desk

When living in a crowded environment, we dream of that special personal cave where you can relax, think, and have some well-deserved alone time, all the while being productive. And even though the images that come to mind when thinking “study” are leather chairs, cigars, a bar hidden in a rich wooden library, it’s not just bachelors or frowsy writers that love this type of…

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The 10 Most Amazing Christmas Trees in the U.S.

The Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony

The holidays are here, and there’s an army of twinkle lights to prove it! Not to mention, an assortment of breathtaking Christmas trees. Some people travel to visit them, while others are lucky enough to live in a city that features one of these dazzling spectacles. Today we feature 10 of the most stunning Christmas Trees in the U.S., from towering outdoor attractions to an…

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Modern Family Home Surrounded by Nature in Mount Eden, New Zealand

floor to ceiling glass walls

A neat and tidy example of residential architecture in Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, the S house meets the needs of a family of five in a modern frame. Work of Glamuzina Paterson Architects, the house is a welcome drift from the vast rectangular surfaces of conventional minimalism. The S shaped house meanders through the tropical landscape — adapts to a sloped terrain so gently, allowing…

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Dazzling James Bond Houses That Define Elegance

James Bond and the Queen’s Olympic Sketch (they parachute from a helicopter after a very formal meeting at Buckingham)

Bond. James Bond … houses. For fans of the James Bond movie franchise, the title character’s lifestyle is the ultimate fantasy. Gadgets, designer attire, and of course, martinis are definitely a part of the mix. But what about the real estate? As it turns out, many notable scenes starring 007 were shot on location. And you can bet there are some good stories behind these…

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Contemporary SGNW House Mesmerizes With Fluid Charm in the Wilderness of South Africa

SGNW House in South Africa

While stone, glass and window along with a splattering of concrete is a combination that we normally find pretty regularly in most modern homes, the SGNW House in Zimbali, South Africa, adds a whole new element in terms of visual splendor and texture in the form of the extensive water that greets you all around the home. The owners of this contemporary structure designed ever so…

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Beach House in Sydney Transforms to Mimic a Stylish Luxury Resort

Australia beach villa

Palm Beach in Florida is pretty renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and lavish pomp. But this private residence located in Palm Beach is on the other hemisphere of the globe and all the way down under in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Designed to offer not just a comfortable and isolated private residence that overlooks the sand and the waves, the owners of this beach…

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