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Embracing Bold Art & Edgy Design: Dazzling Apartment in Kiev

Combing brilliant color, stylish space-saving solutions and a contrasting array of textures, this exquisite apartment in Kiev is definitely one-of-a-kind. The remarkable apartment was conjured up and brought to life by Studio BARABAN +, and it definitely is one of those homes that you either absolutely love or tend to feel is a touch ‘over the top’. Yet what fascinates us is the captivating living area of the apartment that uses a curved wooden wall laced with dazzling LED lighting, an exposed brick wall that surprises you with its presence in this contemporary setting, and a bold art installation that becomes the focal point of the lavish space.

Exquisite Kiev apartment with curved wooden wall and brilliant LED strip lighting

To hide a concrete column in the room, the designers came up with the dark, barrel-shaped addition that sits in the heart of the living room and features a bio-fireplace on one side and a stylish wine storage space on the other! The curved wooden wall moves away from the mundane use of simple, straight lines, while mesmerizing lighting along with dashing pendants in red enliven the setting. With a snazzy kitchen in black and yellow, luxurious dark bedrooms, and relaxing, spa-style bathrooms, there is no lack of opulence inside this 265-square-meter home.

Stunning living room with bright red pendants and a gorgeous fireplace at its heart

Brilliant lighting along with large glass windows give the living room a surreal appeal

Classy Eames Lounger next to the bio fireplace in the center of the living room

Curved wooden wall adds to the sculptural beauty of the lovely Kiev apartment

Dark sleek shelves with LED lighting in the living space

Giant floor lamp dwarfs you in the ingenious dining room

Oversized floor lamp steals the show in this dining room

Ingenious way to store your wine collection in the urban apartment

All the utilities, appliances and lighting fixtures inside the apartment can be controlled through the homeowner’s iPhone, turning this into an ergonomic and energy-efficient hub. With sweeping views of the city skyline and Dnieper River in the distance and an inimitable interior, this Kiev apartment is both intriguing and exceptional.

Elegant use of yellow and black in the kitchen along with a brick wall

Accent brick wall in the kitchen with wooden floating shelves and smart lighting

Dark bedroom design with a bed in black

Corner workspace in the bedroom is simple and minimal

Glamorous master bathroom design with a splash of black

Mirrored vanity in the bathroom that steals the show

Standalone bathtub brings classy elegance to the contemporary space

Walk-in wardrobe inside the Kiev apartment

Interesting use of color and texure in the minimal bathroom

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