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Artsy Drawer Knobs That Are Sure to Stand Out

When was the last time you updated the drawer knobs on some of the furniture pieces or cabinetry in your home? Unless you really need to replace the entire piece itself, knobs and handles are often pretty easy to forget about when you get caught up in your design plans. It’s a bit of a shame, because they’re really one of the most interesting components of a room you can use to add a little extra character! Have a look at some of these amazingly artistic options found on Etsy that take the standard drawer knob far beyond what you might ever expect to see.

Polka Dot Delight

These hand-painted wooden knobs from Sweet Mix Creations available in all different colors of the rainbow can bring some flare to even the most drab looking furniture piece. Polka dots never looked so fun and decorative.

Polka dot drawer knobs in different colors
Blue and white polka dot drawer knobs
More colored polka dot drawer knobs

Flower Power

Petite roses and cute chrysanthemums aren’t just for the garden. Bring them to life inside any room by adding them to the drawers or doors that could use a fresh, floral upgrade. DaRosa sells them in a variety of colors and flower types!

Small purple rose drawer knob
Small green chrysanthemum drawer knob
Small pink carnation drawer knob

Sweetening It Up

You don’t see drawer knobs like these every day! These adorable cupcake knobs from Shimrita look so good you can could practically eat them. Perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, they come in all sorts of different flavors with different-colored sprinkles and fruit toppings.

Pink cupcake drawer knobs with purple icing and sprinkles
Pink cupcake drawer knobs with white icing and sprinkles
Cupcake drawer knobs with white icing and blackberries

French Romance

If super bright colors don’t exactly work for you or your furniture, why not consider a more antique, French country look? These romantic Paris-themed knobs from Leila’s Loft have been designed to look like little clocks you might see on the wall of a home in France.

Parisian-themed clock drawer knobs
More Parisian-themed clock drawer knobs
Variety of Parisian-themed clock drawer knobs

Boutique Treasures

Keeping up with the French theme here, these cute little boutique knobs from Kmadson would make a great addition to furniture in the bedroom, closet, or bathroom for any gal who has a lot of clothes or beauty products. They’re a little more subtle than some of the other options in this list too.

Boutique-themed drawer knobs featuring undergarments
Boutique-themed drawer knobs featuring stockings
Variety of boutique-themed drawer knobs

How many pieces of furniture do you own that come with knobs or handles? Probably more than you think. Although small, switching them up for a change can really transform the look of almost any old dresser, desk, table, or cabinetry piece in your home.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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