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Watch Hill House: Exquisite Weekend Getaway Wrapped in Cedar and Slate

How many times have you dreamt of getting away from the busy city life and taking a quick break in a lovely retreat that is both comfy and secluded? Well, it is exactly in times like this that a weekend home comes in handy, and this gorgeous delight from Westerly, Rhode Island promises to blend a relaxed contemporary style with natural beauty. The elegant Watch Hill House was designed by Lubrano Ciavarra Architects for a family of five, and surrounded by a snow-filled landscape, the residence sits proudly on a quiet three-and-a-half-acre site.

Exquisite weekend family home in Westerly, Rhode Island with cedar and slate exterior

It is cedar and stone that shape this grand holiday home spread across 5,200 square feet, with hints of copper bringing metallic warmth to the interior. It is the cedar ‘straps’ that usher in ample natural light when needed while providing the homeowners with complete privacy. The dark slate walls create a visual contrast indoors, even as decor, rugs and accessories usher in bright pops of color in a restrained fashion. The lower level houses the living area along with the family room, kitchen and dining space, while the bedrooms and bathrooms sit on the top floor.

Exterior of the gorgeous weekend home draped in cedar and slate

Slate wall with bookshelves acts as the accent addition in the chic Midcentury Modern living room

Chalkboard wall becomes the focal point in this lovely family space

Cedar wood and copper come together to shape the elegant kitchen

Formal dining room with a slate wall

Large windows bring in a certain sense of openness to the design of the contemporary structure, while smart insulation keeps the winter chill away. The contrast between slate and cedar on the outside also helps shape a unique façade that lets the Watch Hill House stand out instantly with a personality of its own!

View of the landscape outside from the staircase landing area

Large sliding doors and windows open the master bedroom towards the view outside

Weekend getaway bedroom with panoramic view of the snow-covered landscape oustide

Red and black give the contemporary bathroom with skylight a dazzling appeal

Privacy couple with unabated views shapes delightful holiday home

Watch Hill Weekend House in in Westerly, Rhode Island

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