Rustic Charm and a Modern Makeover for the Shearers Quarters

Shearers Quarters by John Wardle Architects 1

If you thought that innovative modern design and architecture were limited to big cities, then you would be in for a pleasant surprise when you visit the nearest little town or even countryside community next time. Home owners across the board are now opting for contemporary structures that not only offer great aesthetics, but match the form with exquisite functionality. The Shearers Quarters designed by…

Fall’s One Size Fits All Sweater: Textures for Your Home and Bed

cable stitch blanket on the bed

Get your home dressed for the new weather patterns! Design on a dime with this unique approach to autumn and winter festivity! The perfect weather is that when a sweater keeps you at optimal body temperature. You can snuggle without sweating. You can showcase your burly side. You can roll up and down the slightly bally sleeves. The returns are innumerable for this autumn season…

Modern Villa Mayavee in Thailand captivates with fluid charm!

Villa Mayavee in Thailand 1

Contemporary homes and villas seem to be as much about spectacular and stunning views of the landscape they overlook as they are about stylish and sleek interiors. Designers and home owners are placing greater importance on integrating the surroundings into the design of the structure itself and when the backdrop is laced with tropical forests, unending green canopy and refreshing views of the Andaman Sea,…

Nursery Wall Decals with Modern Flair

Beautiful nursery room wall decals

When it comes to decorating possibilities for the modern nursery, many user-friendly options await you! What could be easier than peel-and-stick decals that can be applied and removed without doing any damage to the wall underneath? A perfect solution for renters, wall decals can transform a room into a magical wonderland with a few pieces of vinyl. Today’s featured decals are organized by their popularity…

Displaying Kids Artwork in a Sophisticated Fashion

kids paintings on the walls

If your home is like most your kids’ artwork seems to pile up from school and playtime but you never get a chance to properly display it. While your children keep getting older and the artwork increases, often times it becomes overwhelming and their hard work goes unseen. Displaying their artwork can often be a challenge, as you may wonder how to show it off…

Sparkling Glass House in Johannesburg Twinkles with Glittering Contemporary Features

Opulent modern home in Houghton - amazing pool house with plenty of glass

It is simply spellbinding when you see modern architects and designers pull out all the stops to create lavish homes that incorporate not just a great design, but also amazing ergonomics. Glass, stone and wood have been pretty much the materials of choice when it comes to creating fabulous contemporary homes that range from the warm and the welcoming to the minimalistic and magical. This…

40 Home Library Design Ideas For a Remarkable Interior

Living room library at the Goodman Residence/ by Abramson Teiger Architects

Modern homes are not just about living rooms, the kitchen, bedrooms, the dining space or the bathrooms. While they do constitute the bare minimum, home owners across the world always wish to add an extra dimension to their homes — which not only makes the house unique and special, but also caters to the specific interests of those residing in it. From media rooms to…

The Scent of Autumn: Six Ingredients that Look and Smell Good

Autumn design and decorating ideas

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t have to be all about sadness and sorrow. Take a step closer with me to the invigorating scents of autumn that your home and guests are sure to fall in love with! It happened to me just the other day: This falling in love with autumn syndrome. I slammed the vehicle door. (A very bad habit of mine that receives…

Stylish Contemporary Home in India Revamped with Lavish Interiors

Contemporary Bungalow in Mumbai 1

Revamping an existing structure to suit the needs of clients is often a task far more demanding than creating an entire new home from scratch. The former requires not just an ability to be imaginative when it comes to design, but it also mandates one to work with the limitations already in place. ZZ Architects came across a similar situation in Mumbai, India, when they…

Pink Room Decor: How to Beautify Your Home with Pink

Pink walls bedroom design

Be honest – when you hear the phrase pink room décor, do you impulsively scoff? For many people, unless you’re discussing a child’s room, the color pink sounds dreadful. It may invoke images of obnoxious ribbons, frills and other types of trimmings that would only be suitable in either the nursery of a newborn baby girl or an old woman with thirty adopted cats. However,…

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