Dressing Up your Baby’s Nursery with Retro Modern Style

patterns retro nursery

Baby nurseries have to be one of the most enjoyable and inspiring rooms to create and decorate. There is no limit to your creativity and the celebration of a new life in a new nursery is enough to bring out a unique design style in any proud parents.  The traditional pink and blue color in nurseries has started to fade and introducing hip colors, fun…

How to Decorate a Living Room

Fancy decorating for your living room

It’s time to focus on the room in which you entertain, read, lounge and spend time with family. It’s the living room, and some would say it’s the most lived-in room of the house! Today we explore what it means to decorate a living room by showcasing 5 helpful design tips, illustrating how they play out in a variety of eclectic spaces. If the images…

Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Cove lighting in a contemporary bedroom

It’s time to let your light shine! You may think that important lighting details should be reserved for the  most prominent spaces in your home (such as the living room), but don’t overlook the significance of bedroom lighting. After all, your bedroom is your haven from the busy world outside. Shouldn’t strategic lighting help you set a soothing tone? Today we reinforce the importance of…

How to Use Pumpkins and Gourds in Home Décor

Fancy pumpkins and gourds home decor

Pumpkins are one of the most widely recognized symbols of fall in North America, and have been used in both indoor and outdoor home décor for centuries. As you drive through any given neighborhood during the month of October, you’re likely to see dozens of pumpkins sitting upon the front stoops of houses. Some may even be cut into Jack-o-Lanterns or decorated with paint. A…

Little Nicky’s Tasty Pizza: Fancy Mobile Pizzeria in South East London

Happy campers eating Little's Nicky's tasty pizza

“Hello mate? Anything with extra meat and loads of chili pepper to go with my beer?” “Of course, you can try our Chorizo pizza, or Uncle Nicky’s Special. No matter which one you choose, they taste divine!” “Brilliant! But I need it fast, my boss is on my back already.” “Worry not, give us a few minutes and you’ll be licking your fingers. Our fresh…

Using Fall Leaves in Home Décor

Hanging ladder with autumn leaves

One of the most recognizable symbols of autumn, and arguably the most beautiful aspect of the seasonal change, is the turning of the leaves. Summer’s bright greens slowly transform into a natural masterpiece of oranges, yellows and golden-browns. The colors spread across the landscape like paint across a canvas, transforming the trees into a gorgeous backdrop for any autumn activity. You may find yourself spending…

Funky DIY Wreaths for the Fall Season

DIY Wreaths for Fall

Fall is in the air, and wreaths are on the door. Well, maybe not on every door. In fact, many people actively avoid fall wreaths, assuming they are too frilly or traditional for their taste. If you don’t think autumn wreaths represent your style, think again. In fact, if you’re looking to add a little something different to the outside of your home, this post…

20 Modern Bedroom Headboards

A low wooden headboard with a cutout design

Tufted, slipcovered, sanded and trimmed… Today’s featured headboards are anything but ordinary! Whether you’re looking to purchase a brand new piece for the bedroom or you need a little inspiration for a DIY headboard project, the selections below are a great place to start. We’ve rounded up a slew of offerings with contemporary flair. The good news: all of these pieces are available for purchase,…

The Beauty of Concrete in your Modern Interiors

concrete interiors dining room

Concrete is one of those materials that you think of for it’s structural purposes. Whether it’s for your sidewalk, driveway or even as concrete masonry units or commonly referred to as CMU blocks, we don’t think of concrete in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Concrete has put on a new face in recent years and designers and architects are finding a beauty to concrete. Whether it…

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