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30 Creative Ideas to Transform Boring Bathroom Corners

Most of us have to work with limited square footage in the bathroom. This means making use of every available inch of space without ever sacrificing on aesthetics. Getting this elusive balance between functionality and form right is what will define and enhance the appeal of your bathroom. And when space is such a premium, those desolate corners can come in handy indeed! Putting that empty bathroom corner to use is a lot easier than you think, and there are plenty of ways in which you can get this done.

Bathroom corners are often ignored because they present some really hard angles to deal with. Yet with a hint of creativity, the right design plan and a smart modern bathroom accessory or two, you can easily overcome this perplexing geometric challenge. Today we have 25 gorgeous inspirations that will hopefully change your perception of that dull corner in the bathroom forever!

1. Space for the Shower

The corner shower is no longer a cutting-edge innovation that most of us marvel at. It has become so popular in contemporary homes that most homeowners actually opt for one even when they have a spacious bathroom that can accommodate a shower anywhere with ease! The corner shower stall creates a more open and airy ambiance in smaller bathrooms, and this appeal is enhanced by showers with glass doors and walls. In a moderately spacious bathroom, the corner shower area allows you to add an additional bathtub or Jacuzzi, turning the mundane bathroom into a stylish home spa of sorts.

Traditional bathroom with a splash of blue and corner shower stall [From: Lifeseven Photography]
Contemporary frameless glass corner shower design [Design: Innovate Building Solutions]
Corner shower saves up on space in the narrow bathroom [Design: thea home]
Gorgeous use of the corner area in the traditional bathroom [Design: Davida’s Kitchen & Tiles]

2. Soak in Style!

If the small corner shower sounds a touch too claustrophobic for your liking or if you already have your shower area set in the bathroom, then why not add a freestanding bathtub to the empty corner? Corner bathtubs can break visual monotony in contemporary bathrooms, and their stylish curves and unique design bring contrast to a space dominated by simple, straight lines. The revival of freestanding bathtubs in the last few seasons means it is an addition that is both trendy and practical. Vintage claw-foot bathtubs and hip, colorful selections also promise to usher in a whole lot of fun!

Gorgeous contemporary bathroom with a luxury spa ambiance [Design: Dan the Sparky Man]
Tiny bathroom with bathtub next to the window [Photography: Becki Peckham]
Lovely contrast between dark and light elements in the contemporary bathroom [Design: Granite Transformations Atlanta]
An easy way to add standalone bathtub to the bathroom corner [Design: Axiom Luxury Homes]

3. A Cool Corner Vanity

Depending on the size of the bathroom and the available corner space, consider a sleek vanity or sink to fill up this empty space. Those with a really small bathroom can opt for a full-fledged corner vanity that comes with a sink and a few storage options. If the vanity seems a touch unnecessary, then try out sleek corner pedestal sinks that come in a wide range of shapes, styles and hues. The corner sink is indeed a brilliant way to save precious space in the tiny bathroom!

Custom corner vanity for the modern bathroom [Design: Mahoney Architects]
Tiny corner vanity for the eclectic powder room [Design: Hillary Thomas Designs]
Small rustic bathroom with corner vanity [Design: CK-Architects]
Perfect sink and vanity for the Spanish Colonial setting [Design: Astleford Interiors]

4. Smart Open Shelves

Floating shelves are a super-efficient and ultra-easy way of enlivening the bathroom corner while creating additional shelf and display space. This is one idea that will require very little effort and will not force you to undertake any major renovations in the bathroom, and it is a project that can be completed in absolutely no time. Apart from acting as storage space for your bathroom towels and accessories, these shelves can also showcase a couple of artistic pieces that will add color and character to your bathroom.

There is no shortage of greenery in this contemporary bathroom with a tropical edge [Design: Beauparlant Design]
Floating glass shelves bring both aesthetics and functionality to the bathroom [Design: Reed Design Group]
Floating shelves in the corner above the bathtub [Design: Wolstenholme Associates]
Simple and unassuming way to transform the bathroom corner [Design: Mahoney Architects & Interiors]

5. Exquisite Cabinets

Unlike the simple floating shelves, adding an upper cabinet or a stylish medicine cabinet can be a bit more taxing. But it is well worth the time, as these lovely cabinets fill up the empty corner elegantly and provide plenty of shelf space. It is the style of the bathroom, the position and shape of the counters and the lighting that define the depth and overall design of these angled cabinets.

Beach style bathroom with a built-in corner cabinet [Design: Bensonwood]
Medicine cabinet in the corner of the transitional bathroom [Design: Copperline Homes]
Extensive use of cabinets in the traditional bathroom [Design: Fischer & Frichtel]

6. An Ergonomic Shower Bench

We talked earlier about the shower taking up one of the corners in your bathroom, but what if you could make the corner even more useful?! A corner shower bench does not sound like much, but it does make your life a lot more comfortable. These cool corner benches are not extensive and do not get in the way when you are standing up. Just add a couple of shelves next to it for all your hair care and grooming products and you are all set.

Shower bench adds red brilliance to the modern bathroom [Design: Michael Tauber Architecture]
Modern bathroom that is all about marble [Design: Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction]
Serene bathroom blends contemporary style with classic elegance [Design: Ronda Divers Interiors]

7. Outdoorsy Charm

Bored with the conventional? Here is a solution for the bathroom corners that is truly out-of-the-box. The use of large glass windows has become something of a norm in most modern homes, and you can bring this charm to the bathroom as well by opening up the corner. Corner windows, large glass walls or even a few smaller windows can bring the view outside indoors and alter the lackluster corner dramatically.

Stunning corner window brings the magic of landscape outside indoors [Design: Janette Mallory Interior Design]
Inset tub and corner windows put the emphasis on view outside! [Design: Authentic Custom Homes]
Custom-made tub and captivating views set the mood for a relaxing soak [Design: Prentiss Architects]

8. Fiery Brilliance!

The idea of adding a fireplace to the bathroom does sound truly amazing, and it can usher in that dreamy spa-style elegance you always wanted. The bathroom corner is indeed the perfect place for this blazing hot addition, and you need to tinker with your existing bathtub or shower area by just utilizing this empty space. Sleek, modern designs ensure that even the smallest corner can hold a beautiful fireplace that will instantly become the focal point of your rejuvenated bathroom.

Compact contemporary bathroom with fireplace makes use of every inch of space [Design: Tanya Schoenroth Design]
Fireplace serves both the bedroom and the bathroom [Design: Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs]

9. A Hint of Greenery

Finally, here is a solution that should almost cost you nothing, takes literally the minimum possible effort, and is great both for the aesthetics of your bathroom and your health – a lovely potted plant. That’s right; instead of searching for complicated alternatives or filling up the corner with unnecessary shelves, just turn to nature for the perfect pleasant solution. If not a flourishing tropical plant, then freshly cut flowers in a vase or a small orchid can do the trick.

Plants bring the tropical flavor to this bathroom [Design: Charmaine Werth]
Potted plant along with wall art adds color to the modern bathroom [Design: Jason Ball Interiors, LLC]
Sparkling Mediterranean style bathroom with an inviting ambiance [Design: William Shaw & Associates]

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