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18 Open Concept Closet Spaces for Storing and Displaying Your Wardrobe

When it comes to designing and decorating a bedroom, most people don’t typically think of leaving all their clothes, shoes, and other accessories out in the open. After all, that’s what closets and dressers are for! But when you’re strapped for storage space with a tiny closet or a fairly large personal collection of apparel, you have to get a bit creative. One solution is to create an extra space in a corner or along a wall to keep some of your most used items out for convenience. And no, it doesn’t have to look messy! Here are 18 design ideas for planning to create your own open concept closet space.

The Beauty of a Simple Clothing Rack

You’ve likely seen clothing racks in coat rooms, at apparel stores, and around other areas of people’s homes. They’re often stuffed silly with big, bulky coats and all sorts of other pieces of clothing. What’s surprising about these storage pieces is that you can really change their look just by cutting down the pieces you hang on them and pairing it with a clutter-free, minimalist bedroom design. Just look at how incredibly striking they look in some of the examples below!

Black and white minimalist clothing rack closet featured on A Merry Mishap Blog
Simple and minimalist white clothing rack featured on DigsDigs.com
Old fashioned clothing rack used to display apparel and accessories featured on Homedit
Beautiful black clothing rack for storage

Branching Out

Thinking of going for a look that’s a bit more unique and different than a regular old clothing rack? You can create a similar look and effect with a simple tree branch and some rope or wire. A branch used as a rack to hang your clothes adds a subtle rustic touch, without being at all overpowering. Just make sure it’s strong enough to hold everything and attach it firmly to your ceiling with some simple hardware pieces you can get at any home store.

Hanging branch as a rack to store clothing featured on Trendenser
Large branch tied with rope to the ceiling for a clothing rack featured on French by Design
White faux branch used to hang clothing featured on The Shabby Creek Cottage

Hanging in There

Clothing racks are fine, but if they’re not quite your thing, you could try using a simple freestanding rack or pole attached to the ceiling with two pieces of wire to create a similar effect. In fact, this might complement minimalist design even better. It’s simple, functional, and pleasing to the eye!

Hanging rack for a striking open concept closet featured on Decor 8
Simple hanging pole with wire to hang clothing
Small geometric structure hung from ceiling for clothing storage

The Versatility of Ladders

If you have an old ladder lying around, don’t throw it out! You might just be able to turn it into an interesting looking and functional storage piece for your open concept closet. Whether you take two to create a new clothing rack or stand a simple ladder up against a wall, you can always find new and creative ways to display your stuff using ladders. Check out some of the different looks you can create below.

Two ladders make a unique closet storage solution featured on A Pair A Spare
Ladder used to hang and display clothing featured on Freshome
Ladder-like storage structures used for displaying accessories featured on Divanni Blogit

Boxed In

We’ve covered a lot of hanging ideas so far for open concept closets, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of other structures or areas of your room that can create a frame for your clothing storage. This furniture piece from Bogilicious shown in the first image below has space for both folded and hanging clothing. You could also attach a frame to your wall, as shown in the second example, or you could simply just make use of the shallow closet space you already have by removing the doors to make it an open concept design.

Uniquely bizarre furniture piece for clothing display featured on Boligcious
Unique box-shaped closet for open concept design featured on Apartment Therapy
Minimalist open concept closet with white dressers

Slanted Solutions

Similar to the boxed-shape open concept closet ideas, you can look around for slanted clothing racks and storage structures for an interesting geometric design that looks great when paired with minimalist design. Check out some of these quirky slanted structures below! Simply lean them against a wall and hang your clothes on them.

Innovative storage unit perfect for wardrobe storage by Brazil-based designers André Pedrini & Ricardo Freisleben
Very minimal and slanted white clothing rack

What do you think about open concept closet spaces? You definitely have to be a bit of a neat freak and minimalist to make it look as clean and simple as the images above. With the right bedroom design, though, it definitely works quite well.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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