Monochromatic Designs: How to Pull it Off

bedroom design with soothing monochromatic color palette

Have you ever watched a home improvement program on television and, instead of feeling inspired, felt even more out of touch? When it comes to home décor and design, implementing new techniques can seem terrifying. An arrangement, piece of wall art or color palette that looks ravishing in a trendy television home can sometimes look like an out-of-place mess when added to your current home…

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Candy Factory Lofts Penthouse presents a lavish bundle of contradictions!

Candy Factory Lofts Penthouse - luxury kitchen design

Modern houses are becoming more and more innovative and bold when it comes to experimenting with various styles, patterns and designs. The idea is to try and create a home that gives the owner exactly what he is looking for, while it also stands out from the pack and showcases the skill and ingenuity of those who have designed it. Of course, in the quest…

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Flower Power: 25 Dazzling Floral Arrangements

beautiful flower arrangements

There’s nothing like a beautiful centerpiece to brighten a room! Yet many shy away from fresh blooms, assuming that an eye-catching arrangement of flowers will take too much time and care to assemble. Think again. Today we showcase 25 dazzling floral arrangements in every shade of the rainbow. From reds and corals to purples and violets, there’s a hue for every design palette. Not to…

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EnThroned: Future Four-ward Luxury Items For Your Bathroom

high tech shower with beautiful tile wall with the vanity

John. Throne. Potty. Commode. These are just a few of the terms used when we refer to the four walls and ceiling that protect the toilet in an essential room of the house. By definition bathroom is considered a room or building with at least one toilet. But with modern technology and creature comforts, the building or room with at least one toilet is undergoing…

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Spicing Up Your White Bedroom: The Perfect Backdrop of Color and Décor

white bedroom with white flooring - Bed quilt and head board

White on white on white décor spells disaster and is like a magnet for ketchup, cherries, other food stains and every speck of dirt that needs to find a place to rest as it migrates from room to room. But the beauty of contrasting whites is undeniable in our homes and if we keep some Tide to Go on hand, well the scrubbing that’s bound…

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Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments [17 Inspirational Pictures]

white modern bedroom in los angeles small apartment

While living in a small apartment can mean that space is limited, decorating options are limitless. By finding creative ways to add storage space and giving each area of the apartment a distinct feel, even the smallest living spaces can be transformed into a warm, inviting environment. Today there are many furniture pieces that also contain storage compartments, such as chairs, ottomans, benches, and beds…

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If the Crown Fits, Wear It: How To Install Crown Molding

oriental design for elegant dining room

Royalty is an intriguing concept and part of the DNA makeup that keeps the world’s social and political force strong. Knighthoods, Earldoms, Dukedoms, this aristocratic birthright is romantically portrayed as debauched tea socials with the Baroness and the Viscountess. Privilege, wealth, international fame and responsibilities are all a part of the nobility job description as well. If we are completely candid with ourselves, we have…

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Truly unique New York home is crafted from a salvaged old schooner

ship inspired new york loft - living room

A schooner is a sailing vessel with a distinct look thanks to its design and the special use of sails. But for Chris Mead and Zoe Hoare, two antique dealers in New York, a salvaged schooner is what turned into a beautiful and warm home that is truly distinct in more ways than one. Dating back to 1748, there are a few signs that one…

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Dami Furniture: Traditional Korean design with an eco-friendly twist

Dami Collection - Korean furniture by Seung Yong Song 6

A lot of times the décor that we shop for and purchase is determined by both our financial constraints and the theme that we have already selected for our home. But that does not mean you can improvise and add that something ‘different’ which helps your house stand out from the crowd and also makes for a great conversation starter at times. Designed by Seung…

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Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort offers luxury Greek retreat at its captivating best

Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort 23

There are many across the world that prefer the stunningly gorgeous Greek islands as their foremost choice for a relaxing holiday destination that will help them relax, recuperate and recharge their batteries before they get back to their mundane lives. And the many beautiful islands of Greece and their white sandy beaches never disappoint those who come looking for a great time. The Out of…

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Connemara Residence: Contemporary Styled Classic Stone Cottage

Modern Stone Hut

Showcasing a fascinating fusion of the old and the new, the Connemara Residence is a perfect example of how one can still adopt a classic look for a contemporary home and do so in stunningly aesthetic style. Conjured up and brought to life by Dublin-based studio Peter Legge Associates, the home combines two stacked stone structures with a glass enclosure between both of them. The…

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Luxurious Greek Villa Offers Living Space With a View of the Waves

Luxury Greek Villa - pool view

‘Green’ is the new cool way to go. Whether it is because it offers a reduction in the power bills, or allows you to take a slight moral high ground, irrespective of your motive, it seems that eco-friendly building design is here to stay for good. With consumers becoming more aware, design and architecture firms are being forced to take this path as well and…

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Contemporary Vietnamese Home in Ho Chi Minh City Charms with Fancy Indoor Garden

Go Vap Modern House

When it comes to cutting down on construction and material costs, along with implementing energy-saving methods, one need not always turn towards ‘futuristic’ solutions alone. Traditional buildings techniques can help a great deal as well, as current designers and engineers are quickly turning the pages of history back to draw some inspiration. This beautiful and inviting house in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam merges…

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How to Update Your Deck for Summer

Summer is almost upon us, along with twelve weeks of (hopefully) sun soaked excitement. This means back yard barbecues, gatherings of loved ones and late nights accompanied with cold beverages. When you think back on your fondest childhood memories of summer, it’s likely that a majority of these moments took place on the back decks of your friend’s and family’s homes. It’s a popular gathering…

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Tips for Transforming Your Garage

garage makeover into reading writing room getaway

For most homeowners, a garage is not just a place to house a car – it’s a secondary storage closet, craft room and all around deal-with-it-later dump. From the oil spots on the ground to the cob webs in the corner, a garage is not generally a space in which most people like to spend a lot of time. In fact, some homeowners purposefully keep…

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