How to Make an Industrial Loft Feel Like Home

industrial loft design ideas

Many city dwellers salivate over the prospect of living in an urban loft. There’s something about those exposed beams, brick walls and wide open floor plans that makes living amongst the concrete jungle a much more feasible option. Perhaps it’s because they often offer better views, or perhaps it’s because finding large space in a city is increasingly hard to come by. Not to mention,…

DIY Food Ornamentation: Quick Easy Tips on Decorating For Dinner

dinner decoration ideas

The common fridge holds and stockpiles a pyramid of food within its four compact walls at an optimal 35 degrees Fahrenheit. While this temperature is projected to contain the produce protecting it from bacteria and prevention of food poisoning an entire world of culinary goodness and interior inspiration is tucked away in the drawers and door shelves. Food art is a raging success thanks to…

The DIY Blind Date Guide: Finding the Perfect Window Treatment Match

master bedroom with floor to ceiling drapery

Some might say that in a world void of windows there would be greater imagination. I strongly disagree. The window is the prologue to our mind’s great adventure. It’s a two-way feature. The eye can see in, and the eye can see out. An development this great needs perfect adornments. But matchmaking your window with the proper treatment should not be tackled like some random…

Contemporary Australian Home Built Using Reclaimed Wood: Storrs Road Residence

reclaimed wood house

One of the best ways to go green when it comes to construction and building new homes is to try and use as much of the material that is locally available to reduce carbon footprint, while use of materials such as reclaimed wood obviously help. It need not always be fancy high-tech eco-solutions that make a home green and this cool home in the small…

Nomura 24: Minimalist Japanese Home

white minimalist home in japan

Very often perceptions are typecast and along with it design also tends to fall in a certain comfort zone with everyone wanting the exact same thing. When it comes to the design of a home most of us tend to think about the squares and rectangles. But architect Antonino Cardillo has gone in a completely different direction by creating a home in Hyōgo, overlooking Ōsaka…

Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

small living room design with white couch and elegant accessories

Small spaces have plenty of perks – they’re compact, easy to maintain, cozy and generally charming. However, when it comes to entertaining, small spaces also have their drawbacks. If you live in a small home – such as a city apartment or tiny one-person condo – you may feel a little hesitant to host any sort of event. You may fear that your living space…

20 Modern Landscape Design Ideas

landscape design

Modern landscaping is refreshingly geometric. Clean lines and open spaces combine with sculpted detailing to create contemporary outdoor spaces. Wild overgrown areas are also welcome, as they rebel against more traditional manicured lawns. The key is putting it all together in a way that is original and eye-catching. While this challenge is very doable, an abundance of frilly garden containers and accessories makes modern landscaping…

Stunning Australian Inner City Penthouses

most stunning penthouses in Australia

The development of skyscrapers in the 20th century created the first possibilities for penthouse living, and as Australia’s city skylines grow ever higher, denser, brighter and grander, the opportunities for pushing the boundaries of penthouse architecture continue to expand. The classic penthouse occupies the entire top floor of a high-rise apartment complex, offering 360-degree panoramas of the surrounding city. It usually opens onto outdoor areas…

How to Create a More Serene Bedroom

comfortable bedroom design - miami

At the end of a frenzied, exhausting day of work, school, errands and the many other activities that consume most of your energy, you deserve to retire to a room that makes you feel completely and utterly relaxed. However, in order to truly enjoy a restful night of sleep, and wake feeling fully rejuvenated, you need to create an atmosphere that caters to comfort and…

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