Inspired by Nature: Artistic Functionality of Reclaimed Wood Stumps

Modern Tree Trunks uses  (1)

Using leftover stumps helps refresh a room. They would also be a vivid reminiscence of our place in nature and our power to destroy and care for it. Tree stumps can become bedroom stands, living room plant stands, end tables or bathroom seating. They can be gathered around a large wooden table in the garden to create a welcoming social area. Limited by just your…

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20 Art Deco Furniture Finds

art deco furniture finds

What it is about Art Deco that draws us to its sleek style? Is it the abundance of geometric motifs? Is it the streamlined design of every elegant piece? Or perhaps it’s the use of straight lines juxtaposed with curves… Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Art Deco pieces have a look that is truly distinct. And Art Deco style was unlike anything…

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Refined Los Angeles Residence Surrounded With Charming Landscape

Los Angeles Residence

The San Lorenzo Residence in Los Angeles is a stylish and elegant contemporary home that plays underplays its flowing interiors to accentuate the beauty of the encircling scenery. Conceptualized and brought to life by Mike Jacobs Architecture, the ideal family house is characterized by its extensive use of glass and peaceful demeanor. Created to ensure there is ample interaction between the interiors and the natural…

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St. Regis Shenzhen: Luxury Hotel With An Exotic Oriental Appeal

St Regis Hotel in China 13

The city of Shenzhen in China might not be on the top of world’s most favorite destinations. But it sure is a thriving cultural and business hub in the region that sees a constant inflow of visitors from across the world. Located in the heart of the city is the St. Regis Shenzhen that offers world class accommodation and services for those who wish to…

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Most Overlooked Areas to Decorate in Your Home

home decoration idea

We tend to break up our home decor ideas by room – bedroom, dining room, living area, kitchen – because this is often the way in which items are arranged in furniture and home goods stores or design inspiration sites. However, there are also many areas in our home that receive little to no love at all. While these spaces, to some, may seem a…

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Houses on Wheels That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

beautiful houses on wheels

When it comes to unique homes, we’re on a roll… This month at Decoist, we’ve delighted in featuring a range of one-of-a-kind dwellings, from houseboats to upcycled silos. Today we take a peek into the world of houses on wheels. What makes them so alluring? Their mobility? Their compact size? Their modern design? You decide! In fact, the homes on wheels featured in today’s post…

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Maracanã House in Sao Paulo Brings a Touch of Green to The Urban Jungle

maracana house - sao paulo 3

While there are plenty of refined and stylish modern homes, the Maracanã House in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a bit different from the rest. The home seems to combine two opposites of modern lifestyle into a simple, spacious and ergonomic hub. Bringing together beauty of nature at its refreshing best and the uncompromising urban landscape is not an easy task. But unlike other contemporary homes…

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Adult Loft Beds for the Modern Home

Loft beds are a guest room solution

Lofts are truly enchanting nooks! Maybe it’s the way they maximize space or the fact that they seem like secret elevated hideaways… Either way, when a loft doubles as a bedroom, there is an extra incentive to make it special. The loft bed is the adult equivalent of the bunk bed. Nothing beats closing your eyes at the end of a long day and knowing…

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Stunning Caribbean Villa Is The Ultimate Luxury Retreat Draped In Extravagance

Caribbean Villa

We often talk about South East Asia being the place to be when it comes to exotic getaways that mimic ‘heaven on earth’. But nestled amidst the cool waves and sparkling white sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea is the Sand Club Villa. Designed to pamper your senses and offer the best luxury vacation you can possibly dream of, this retreat welcomes you with sights…

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Modern Eclectic Apartment in Mallorca With Rather Classy Interiors

Spanish apartment

A beautiful apartment space need not always have sweeping interiors combined with exquisite furnishings. Sometimes the quiet hubs that have been organized with style also make for perfectly good homes. This fashionable and elegantly eclectic home in Mallorca is a wonderful example of a contemporary living space that exudes its own unique flavor thanks to a mix of interesting décor and a perfect blend of…

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