Lola Wood Light Sets a Scandinavian Mood for Your Interiors

Lola Wood Lamp

There are plenty of things that most of us take great care of when it comes to designing our own home and decorating the interiors ever so elegantly. While our attention is largely captured by décor, colors, themes, various paint textures and surfaces, something that most people tend to overlook is the lighting aspect. It is an undeniable fact that lighting fixtures and their positioning…

Limited Edition Shell-Inspired SheLLf by Ka-lai Chan


Combining “shell” and “shelf” in a wonderful piece of furniture, young Dutch designer Ka-lai Chan created the limited edition SheLLf for Italian manufacturer Kristalia. The inspiration comes from a shell undulating from deep to shallow and constructing a beautiful shape. Arranged in an interesting way that adorns the wall with its spectacular pieces, the modern shelf seems to be part of the wall.  At the…

Breakfast Idea – Tasting Tiny Pieces Of Furniture


For all of the furniture lovers out there (and we are many), there is an exciting new way of enjoying your favorite piece every morning – tasting a chair or a lamp can become part of your breakfast routine. Yes, you can actually taste your favorite furniture without spilling chocolate syrup or some confectionery sugar on them. We present you with these tiny food-inspired cakes…

Bookshop x Cafe in Brazil Ensures Tranquility

Bookshop And Cafe by ArcFaggin 1

Situated in the municipality of Campos do Jordão, in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, this bookshop x café building has an inviting aura that attracts visitors as much for the tasty delights it holds inside as it does thanks to the stylish and fancy interior. Nestled amongst the foggy mountains and beautiful vegetation, stop by and you’ll get to enjoy your favorite coffee while…

Elliott Ripper House sports a perfect modern bachelor pad

Elliott Ripper House 6 - modern living room design

There just is something that makes us uncomfortable about the name ‘Elliott Ripper’, but if you look past the ‘ripper’ part of it, then you are set to find a lovely modern home that can be a beautiful bachelor hub and also a wonderful residence for a small family. The Elliott Ripper House is located in Rozelle and is spread across 1,703 sq ft of…

Getting your Space Rent Ready: What You Need to Know, What Tenants Need to Have

mad men - become your own boss

Renting is the new 1990’s yo-yo. It’s cool. Renting out your own space even more so. Living in a stranger’s basement is hip and happening. It’s sometimes more economically sound for the renter whose credit or monthly statement can’t afford a mortgage. It’s also always frugally sound for the owner to make a little extra cha-ching and in many scenarios can actually pay a large percentage of…

Celebrate Earth Day by Using Repurposed and Upcycled Home Décor

earth day 2012 - grass chair

Our Earth is a beautiful place. However, the choices humans have been making for the last several centuries have caused extreme disrepair – including trash build up, polluted waters and an increase in harmful greenhouse gases. This Earth Day — that’s April 22 for you gas guzzlers — take time to recognize the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling and celebrate in the most stylish…

Small And Cozy Student Apartment in Historic Building


What do you need when just starting out in life? Nothing more than a small and cozy apartment that will shelter your ambitions while you strive to become your best self. This student apartment is cleverly designed to accommodate a basic lifestyle, but its brightness and cheery atmosphere constructs a small dream house. Occupying only 33 square meters, the crib is separated into a kitchen/…

Surprising Shield House Displaying a Modern Curved Wall

Shield House (1)

With an interesting architecture like the one displayed by the Shield House, the residence will surely attract attention from passers-by. Designed by Boulder-based Studio H:T and located in Denver, Colorado, the modern home spreads over 3,000 square feet. Its imposing shell was adorned with a curved wall protecting the inhabitant’s privacy and constructing an asymmetric design that breaks the monotony of the volumetric structure. The…

Seadrift Residence in North California Reveals Spectacular Eco-Friendly Architecture

wooden house on the lake shore

The Seadrift Residence designed by San Francisco-based CCS Architecture may look like another modern house by the lake, but we e assure you, it is nothing like the run of the mill contemporary home. The stylish and sleek structure is located in Stinson Beach, North California and is nestled amidst beautiful hilly region that has the distinct topography typifying this region of the west. The…

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