Bright Area Rugs Add a Pop of Color

blue teen room with modern rug

Although it can seem simple enough, adding color to a plain room isn’t always easy – especially if painting is out of the question. If you live in a rented space where painting isn’t allowed, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle, bright area rugs can offer a welcome reprieve from those too-neutral design schemes. In addition to being available in a wide…

DIY Wallpapering: Out with the Old, In with the New

diy wallpaper removal

Approximately two weeks ago my brother found a small leak in the master suite bathroom that due to this seepage was anything but masterly. After removing the toilet and sliding the vanity cabinet out, something snapped and he went strangely Home Improvement Tim Allen with strong Chuck Norris vibes peeking out once in awhile. Everything was coming out, tossed haphazardly through the open window and…

25 Sleek Industrial Furniture Finds

sleek industrial furniture

Industrial furniture can evoke the feel of a factory, warehouse or laboratory. Quirky, unexpected and machine-like, industrial pieces add intrigue to the home. Metal and wood are two common industrial furniture materials. Since these supplies are versatile, it goes without saying that industrial pieces blend well with a variety of design styles, from the rustic to the modern. When choosing industrial pieces, don’t hesitate to…

Decorating with Bright, Modern White

decorating with white

In a complex design world, we have a tendency to overdo it – to see negative space as the enemy and cover every square inch of a room in colors, patterns, knick knacks, artwork and other elements. We’re often taught that when it comes to design, a room is a blank slate to be filled with items that reflect your own personal tastes in every…

Magic Design Of Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Acrylic Furniture

Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Plexiglass Furniture (1)

Acrylic furniture is a versatile solution for enjoying the material’s transparency without having to worry that it will easily break. There are many styles, colors and textures that can create a stunning interior design out of plexiglass, and Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Plexiglass Furniture is part of a modern, versatile way of arranging a crib that not only looks cool and fresh, but gives an aura…

Canvas Rope Undulating to Shape a Modern Bench


Modern furniture is built by taking into account many features – from comfort to looks, all the pieces must exhibit an attractive aura, as well as a creative design. One of these modern creations – the Rope Bench – is part of Yoav Reches‘ portfolio. This interesting design merges birch plywood, iroko, canvas rope and stainless steel in a fascinating display of undulating design lines….

Living with Roommates: How to divide Household Chores


Cleaning your home might be the most difficult task, especially when you have to put up with roommates and it only becomes harder if one of them is as lazy as some of us. But the hardest part of the cleaning process is to get started and get the ball rolling and while many of us are renowned for our lazy escapades and an ability…

Home Renovation Advice: What to Know Before Renovating Your House

home renovations

While most people do not realize the fact, home renovation is not as easy as it sounds or is made out to be by many who advice you on the contrary. Just ask people who have refurbished their homes recently, and you will understand that people often bite off more than can chew and by the time they realize this, you are already committed to…

25 Modern Shelves to Keep You Organized in Style

modern shelves organization

Storing books and other decorative objects may seem like a practical matter, but shelving has transcended the mundane and entered the realm of creativity. Who says a bookshelf can’t be a canvas for an eye-catching arrangement of reading materials and vases? And what if the shelf itself were a work of art? An array of  modern options awaits you, from the simple and clean-lined to…

Luxurious Apartment in Ukraine Showcases sleek organization and stylish design

spacious modern ukranian apartment 2 - contemporary living room

A 300 square meters of charming Ukrainian delight is what Alexander Chervinskyi has created for Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects. With a highly fashionable interior, lovely milky white walls and spacious rooms with contemporary furniture, this luxury apartment is all about comfort exemplified in a modern fashion. But the design is not merely about the appealing aesthetics as it demonstrates how one can bring a light…

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