Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Small Living Rooms Design Ideas

You’re looking forward to settling in for the night, but as you reach for the remote control, you trip over the bulky coffee table and find yourself face to face with the rug! If only you had more space in that tiny living room… Guess what? You’re not alone. Even inhabitants of roomier living spaces often lament that they don’t have a larger area for entertaining,…

8 Beautiful Textures to Decorate Your Home

exposed concrete ceiling in living room

White and even walls with accents of color here and there are a nice and minimalistic approach which impresses with no effort. However, it is my opinion that in most cases a home needs more in order to appeal to more tastes and generations. Especially since there is such an interesting range of materials to choose from, whether natural or semi-processed, for outside or inside….

Foot Boards: Switching Things Up in Your Bedroom In Five Friendly Ways

Modern bedroom with bed bench

The master suite. The master bath with its porcelain throne. The master bed in king size proportions. The master headboard as the backdrop to his and her highness. Yeah, same ol’ story, same ol’ stuff, same ol’ scenery. Let’s shake it up with some individuality and pay tribute to the feet. When someone bows down to authority or royalty, isn’t that were their gaze is…

Choosing the Perfect Bedding to Cuddle Up this Autumn

coordinated bedroom for fall pillows

Autumn is one of the best seasons for rediscovering your interior home. During the spring and summer we are all excited to escape back into nature and the outdoors. Once fall comes, the focus returns to your inner home and the bedroom is a high priority for getting a good night’s rest and retreating from after a long work day. With cooler temperatures settling in,…

12 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Modern cabinets with strategic lighting

Many of today’s most popular kitchens feature all-white interiors, black or white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. Bright, airy, simple. While there’s something wonderfully refreshing about these rooms, there are times when eye-catching cabinetry can be the answer to a kitchen design dilemma. Colorful painting options, a mixture of cabinet finishes, and interesting lighting choices are a few of the many creative kitchen cabinet possibilities….

Decorating with a Spanish Influence

Modern Spanish inspired living room

For several centuries, Spanish style homes have been a popular architectural choice, especially in areas like California. From the unmistakable clay tile roofing to the arched doorways, stucco walls and tall ceilinged entranceways, Spanish culture has touched architecture all across the Southeastern United States. However, whether you’re living in Madrid, California, or absolutely nowhere near either locale, it’s easy to add a touch of Spain…

Recycled Cabinet Doors: Worth the Money Savings?

Kitchen renovations are expensive. In fact, it’s often the most expensive room to renovate in an entire home. Kitchens are also the space most likely to show wear and age. If you’re considering updating your kitchen, you may be feeling a bit of price tag shock. From new appliances and flooring to light fixtures and cupboards, the expenses can really add up. One way in…

Modern Door Designs for Your Home

Modern Door Designs for Home

Are you keeping the door open to the many possibilities available for the interior and exterior of your home? Yes, we’re talking about doors! Today we spotlight modern door designs that showcase the perfect blend of form and function. Glass, metal, wood and lacquer are the materials of choice in the selections below. Don’t know where to start when making a decision? The door’s surroundings…

The Reinvention of Inspiring Floor Lamps

wood tree trunk floor lamp

Lighting is one those elements of your room that is often forgotten and then once you have an excellent source of it, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. While good lighting is essential for its functionality, the design of the actual fixture is what draws our eye and makes it stand out as a design element of the room. Floor lamps…

15 Simple Space (and Frustration) Saving Solutions

Under the staircase storage

Can’t find space for your flat screen? Your new kicks? Take a look at some easy ways to bring order to your house and save space. Whether its personal, atmospheric, property or breathing, space is an integral part of our existence and we want more of it. Need more and crave more. Well, like every good therapist, preacher, psychiatrist and friend would admonish and advise…

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