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8 ways to Fall into Autumn with Rich, Rust-Colored Home Decor

According to InStyle magazine, earthy rust is the color of fall 2015, and that doesn’t just go for fashion. You’ll see this hot hue popping up everywhere from people’s coifs right down to their fingernails, so don’t be afraid to use it in your home as well! Read on for some versatile ways to incorporate this vivacious but sophisticated color in your interior design without breaking the bank.

Affordable Alternatives

One of the easiest ways to update your home for fall without spending a lot of cash is to simply swap out your couch cushion covers. At just $12.95, this faux metallic leather pillow cover is a smart upgrade that even the most parsimonious of us can get behind. And we love that once spring comes around, you can just remove it, fold it up and save it for the following year.

Metallic Copper Cushion Cover

For another low-investment upgrade that you can easily swap out after the season, try a rust- and turquoise-accented loveseat protector like this Jaipur Ikat one by Lush Decor. Made of liquid-resistant fabric, it’s a great way to guard your sofa from holiday spills too.

Rust and Turquoise Loveseat Cover

Authentic Industrial Appeal

If you want to get really literal, here’s a way to incorporate rust into your decor by using actual rust. Submitted by Leslie D., the DIY project uses an iron oxide paint and rusting activator on a canvas coated with acid blocking primer to achieve a striking, industrial piece that looks like something you might find in a modern art museum.

Artwork Using Rust Activator

For the Cozy, Modern Home

Made of a color-blocked faux silk, these grommet-topped curtain panels present as more of a neutral than a rust, making them a versatile accent that doesn’t compete with your other furnishings.

Rust Colored Curtain Panels

Furniture made of copper piping has been trending for fall, but why spend hundreds of dollars on a signature piece when you can make one yourself? Follow Brittany Cramer‘s clever tutorial on how to make this sophisticated and minimalist Himmeli side table using copper pipe from the local hardware store.

Himmeli Table DIY

Bring some burnt sienna into your bedroom with 4040 Locust’s geometric, 100% cotton Kody bedding. Emblazoned with a pattern that evokes natural pigments, this chic motif will refresh and energize your whole bedroom for autumn.

Locust Cody Bedding

Striking Shades of Rust

This gorgeous renovation by SGH Interiors shows how you can use different shades of rust in order to achieve a cohesive look.

Copper and Rust Decor Accents

For a dramatic statement that’s less permanent than paint, a boldly patterned woven rug is a great way to bring some rust into a room. Opting for an indoor/outdoor one will give you even more bang for your buck – use it inside during the colder months to bring in some color and then take it outside when you want to lighten up your interior during the warmer season.

Rust Colored Indoor Outdoor Rug

Are you ready for some rust in your rooms?

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