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10 Contemporary Homes That Showcase Russian Architecture

In today’s modern and news-savvy world, brand Russia is in a downward spiral. Yet despite its non-egalitarian standpoint on many issues, Russia has often maintained an open-minded outlook on its varied architecture: from contemporary homes to brutalist facades and imposing palaces to the tightly-packed Khrushchyovka (originally well-intentioned, these mass standardized housing projects were erected to deal with housing shortages and overcrowded cities in what was the former Soviet Union).

Russia has witnessed a burgeoning of architecturally designed contemporary homes by Russian architects, their presence symbolizing both a level of progress and the growing disparity between those who are well off and those in need. Setting aside socio-economics (this picture is after all repeated across the world), Russia’s progress has enabled many new architectural firms to flourish.

Budding European Flavor

There are numerous projects showcasing a remarkable array of contemporary architectural structures that place an emphasis on aesthetic design, functionality and longevity. The minimal perspective, evident clean lines and use of natural materials are at variance with the brutal, abstract and formidable forms of Soviet Modernism. This fresh contemporary architecture has arguably more of a European quality and style.

Peter Kostelov Smolenka Oak Tube Apartment kitchen

The examples of contemporary Russian architecture shown below, both single houses and apartments, are crafted with meticulous flair, skilfully framing both landscape and space. Their pristine arrangement and sense of innocence conjures up the notion of a line in the sand, where old Russia is left behind and new Russia is forging ahead. That said, those buildings from the old Russia are unique to its history and heritage, their often modern and brutal abstraction emblematic of a fascinating architectural chapter that doubtless influences what we see today.

F House

Located in Moscow. Designed by Studio Arch4.

Studio Arch4 F House perspective

Studio Arch4 F House entrance

Studio Arch4 F House walkway

Images courtesy of Arch4 via ArchDaily.

T House

Located in Moscow. Designed by Studio Arch4.

Studio Arch4 T House

Studio Arch4 T House front

Studio Arch4 T House rear perspective

Images courtesy of Arch4 via ArchDaily.

Gorki House

Located in Moscow. Designed by Atrium Studio.

Atrium Studio Gorky House

Atrium Studio Gorky House perspective

Images © Yuri Palmin via ArchDaily.

Private Development

A private development of nine houses in the Moscow region. Designed by Mossine Partners.

Private home in Moscow by by Mossine Partners

Mossine Partners private houses

Mossine Partners house wood walkway

Images © Mossine Partners.

Nezhinskaya Apartment Interior

Located in the west of Moscow. Designed by za bor architects.

za bor Nezhinskaya Apartment living space

za bor Nezhinskaya Apartment kitchen space

Images © za bor architects.

Dubrovka Apartment Interior

Located in Moscow. Designed by Peter Zaytsev of za bor architects for his family.

Lovely kitchen of Moscow apartment by Peter Zaytsev of za bor architects

Plush bedroom in white is connected with the living area

Images © za bor architects.

House of Mr. R.

Located in Moscow. Designed by za bor architects.

Contemporary exterior of House of Mr. R in Moscow

Concrete facade brings modern vibe to the comfy home

Images © za bor architects.

House in the Hill

Located in the Moscow region. Designed by za bor architects.

Cantilevered home structure creates a cool entrance

House in the Hill by za bor architects

Images © za bor architects.

Mirror Mongayt

Located in Moscow. Designed by BERNASKONI.

BERNASKONI Mirror Mongayt


BERNASKONI Mirror Mongayt facade

Photo by Yuri Palmin via Wallpaper.com.

Smolenka “Oak Tube” Apartment

Located in Moscow. Designed by Peter Kostelov.

Peter Kostelov Smolenka Oak Tube Apartment

Peter Kostelov Smolenka Oak Tube Apartment space

Images © Zinon Razutdinov via ArchDaily.

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