How to Deal with Cables and Wires

wall cleats - electrical plug cover

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect office space in your home. From the color of the walls and the elegant, simple lighting to the extra-organized storage, ergonomic desk chair and high tech electronics – everything about your office is designed for ultimate productivity. You have a chic new computer, telephone, fax machine and high speed internet all prepared and everything is in order, except…

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Top Pedestal Sink Designs

modern pedestal sinks

In recent decades, there has been a trend to go big with sink designs. Unlike the tiny basins of previous centuries, new sinks also double as counter space and bathroom storage. While this is often a good use of space, it can make a bathroom feel smaller – especially if the bathroom is relatively small to begin with. If you’re looking to tweak your bathroom…

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Farmhouse converted into rustic and luxurious villa

Baronesa-Residence-living room trusses and fireplace

This is a fantastic modern renovation of a former farm house, located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The architects have transformed it into a luxurious villa with rustic materials, modern furniture layouts and wonderful care for detail by Mauricio Karam. The one-story residence, called Baronesa, has 900 sqm and impresses with 10 meter high ceiling in most of the rooms. The living room is certainly the…

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Oak Tube Apartment in Moscow

smolenka-oak-tube-living room 2

This beautiful contemporary dwelling is, suprisingly, an apartment on the 5th floor in a Moscow residential building. Designed by Peter Kostelov, the 110 sqm Oak Tube home with a large balcony stuns through its room division and its spatial section – the modern graphic symbol of a square with rounded edges. Because of the narrow, difficult spaces, the rooms were designed in an open succession,…

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How to Maintain Traditional Designs without Becoming Boring

chic traditional dining table & chairs

Looking at the same arrangement of furniture, the same elements, colors and designs day after day can often make homeowners feel like their design doesn’t have enough pop. Scanning through the pages of design magazines and websites can often make you feel like your own décor touch is inadequate. However, this may just be due to the fact that you’re used to your home –…

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18 Sleek Glass Dining Tables

glass dining tables

Nothing says “elegant” like a glossy glass-top dining table! The majority of glass dining tables are modern, and you’ll be surprised by the innovative models and styles. From round pieces with chrome bases to rectangular finds with glossy legs, we’ve rounded up the best of the best, including purchasing information if you’re in the market for a new table! When selecting a glass dining table,…

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Lonely turret adopted and reconversed

Round Tower courtyard

This spectacular reconversion of a Grade II listed monument into a family home is one example in a very applauded growing tendency : the recycling of historical or industrial monuments under a new functionality. It is ecological, resource-friendly, practical from a structural point of view and, most of all, an ingenious endeavor of architecture that proves the motto “form follows function” wrong, asserting the flexibility…

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Lotus desk, a masterpiece of the arts and crafts

Kitsch-some mixture or postmodern hybrid ? Or simply manifesto: there is a lot that furniture designers can get away with. What I love about furniture design is the almost unrestrained playroom imagination can make use of. The Lotus desk by Portuguese company UNDA – Sleepless Design captures exactly that. In its controversial body of both baroque lines and modern deconstructive monolith, the design captures very…

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Utriai Residence: Cantilevered home looks like a ship on the waves!

Some homes delight us with their lavish exuberance and others appeal to us with sleek and contemporary design that seems to be the order of the day. But then there are the rest that startle us with their unusual form and at times sheer audacity of their appearance. A small town called Vežaičiai in Klaipėda County of western Lithuania may not be a place that…

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Boxed delight: Rectangular Beach House in Peru catches eye with sleek contemporary design

beach house - lavish white living room

Modern architecture is all about sleek and well-defined lines that produce flowing interiors, which are easy on the eye. While many of the beach houses are going for that ultra-transparent look which tends to use glass extensively, Lima-based design studio Javier Artadi Arquitectos have gone for a more balanced and ‘boxed’ approach. The idea here is to create a snazzy beach house that mixes form…

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Everingham Rotating House: Cool spinning home offers a multitude of views!

It is one thing to have a home that offers a great view from the terrace or the view of the ocean from your bedroom as you wake up each morning. There also plenty of penthouses that offer you stunning glimpses of mountains, valleys and even famous landmarks and glittering city skylines. But how many of the can change the view and offer you a…

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Brown Residence: Transparent beauty designed to take on the desert heat

It is one thing designing a home to suit the taste of those who plan to live inside and a whole different ball game when you need one that also keeps in mind the requirements of the landscape and interacts with it in a smart and efficient fashion. That task is all the more difficult to achieve when one needs to create a home for…

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Decorating with a Mediterranean Influence: 30 Inspiring Pictures

Luxurious white interior in santorini villa

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “Mediterranean” you instantly begin salivating for deliciously flavorful cuisine and full-bodied red wines. You may think of white washed buildings atop steep cliffs and the blue lapping waves of Santorini. Maybe you think of the patchwork fields full of Tuscan wineries, the space age architecture of Valencia or the twinkling city lights of Monaco. You…

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Modern Bedroom Ideas for Today’s Teenage Girl

teenage girls bedroom ideas

When it comes to interior design for the modern teenage girl’s bedroom, it’s often challenging to find ideas that are fresh and original! Should you go with a theme? If so, which style will make a strong statement without being overpowering? Once basics such as wall color and bedding have been selected, how does the room come together in a way that is unique? Today…

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Pastel Interior Design That Takes the Cake

pastel colors interior decoration

Who says an interior can’t be sweet enough to eat?! Today we draw inspiration from desserts! If your living room were a macaroon, what would it look like? How can you bring the appeal of a layer cake to your dining room? We’ve got answers, thanks to a collection of delicious pictures that reveal the magic of pastels when it comes to decor. The resulting…

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