5 Things to Consider before Finishing Your Basement

Colorful basement redecoration

Depending on where you live, you may have an expanse of basement space in the lowest level of your home that currently acts as one large closet. Down the steps, this is the space in your home where boxes of old books are stored and forgotten, and holiday gifts collect dust ten months out of the year. If you’re looking for a way to add…

20 Chic Modern Bed Designs

A Mid-Cenutry modern-style bed

Looking for a comfy place to crash after a long, hard day at work? There’s nothing more welcoming than a sturdy bed that happens to be stylish! Today we spotlight 20 amazing modern bed designs, complete with links to purchasing information should you choose to take the next step. Get ready for clean lines, thoughtful details and comfortable configurations that ensure each piece is truly…

Creating the Ideal Outdoor Summer Kitchen this Fall

summer kitchen modern idea

Even though the summer is coming to a close there is still plenty of time to enjoy your outdoor home. In fact, the fall for some is a more ideal time to entertain, as the temperatures are more enjoyable, and fall activities especially dining and hanging out a barbecue are wonderful at this time of year. Summer kitchens or barbecue areas that are built into…

Stylish Bistro Chairs for a European Touch

Stylish dining table chairs with a bistro feel

Imagine meandering through a busy Parisian sidewalk, passing old bookstores and elaborate small boutiques before you happen upon a tiny outdoor café. The air is heavy with the aroma of fresh baked pastries and savory cheeses, and the patrons are chattering happily, smiling at passersby. It’s difficult to capture the essence of a picture perfect European moment, but it’s easy to add at least a…

Giving Your Guests a Room that Rivals a Five Star Suite

Modern guest room design with fancy bunk beds

Your guest room is not a spare room. Not only should it be free of cobweb,s it should not hold the twenty-six boxes in an odd assortment of cardboard duct-taped together and marked miscellaneous. Banish these things, these special momentous sentimentality (emphasis on mental) that when you can look at it as a third party, completely impartial, unbiased viewer will see it’s just junk. For…

Warm Ideas for Your Autumn Fireplace Mantel

fireplace mantle outdoor fall

Now that cooler weather has set in the time for burning the fireplace and settling into your warm home is growing near.  Autumn fireplaces are the perfect place to house seasonal wreaths, garlands and especially decorate the mantle with festive decor. Whether you want a traditional mantel adorned with natural and organic finds from the outdoors or you just want a simplistic representation of fall…

35 Modern Media Room Designs That Will Blow You Away

Great collection of stunning media rooms designs

A lavish and comfortable contemporary home theater is the dream of every home owner. No matter who you are and where you live, a breathtaking media room is on the dream list of one and all. Some like it large and spacious, so that they can accommodate plenty of guests and throw a party or two, while others like it small and cozy, to ensure…

Decorating with a Vintage Farmhouse Inspiration

Vintage farmhouse decorating

Picture a tall pitcher of fresh milk seated next to a plate of steaming chocolate chip cookies upon an antiqued wood table. A few feet away, an old wall clock lazily ticks away the minutes while the summer breeze ruffles handmade linen curtains. With these sorts of images in mind, we’re transported back to a time when children bounded inside after a long day of…

Colorful Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Colorful Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Do you ever feel like the walls are closing in on you? If you have a small bedroom, this feeling may be a way of life. But did you know that there are things you can do to maximize space and make the room feel, well–roomier? It’s true! Don’t give up your dream of having a king- or a queen-sized bed. By following a few…

Revamped Green Home in the Heart of Adelaide Blends Rustic with Modern

Dynamic and spacious kitchen and dining space

It is not easy to design a home that is not just great to live in, but also smart enough to save energy and conserve natural resources. When Dixie and Sam decided to renovate their home in a smart fashion and to integrate another structure to ensure that three generations lived under the same roof without any hassles, they turned Oli Scholz and Simone Vinall…

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