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3 Brands That Exude Modern Baby Nursery Style

Modern baby products (such as furniture) are about much more than infusing your home with sleek style. They’re about functionality, practicality and safety. We at Decoist encourage you to do your research as you hunt for special items for your baby nursery. Here are some brands that have caught our eye, and they’ve likely caught yours as well if you’re creating a registry and beginning to shop for your little one. Enjoy browsing. We sure did!


If you’re building a baby registry, chances are you’ve come across the Scandinavian-style offerings of Stokke. Founded in Norway in 1932, Stokke remains committed to designing products “that are in the best interest of the child.” From strollers and car seats to high chairs and nursery furniture, Stokke items are sleek, modern, and most of all, designed to promote child development and parent/child bonding. Here are a few pieces to keep your eye on…

Tripp Trapp chair from Stokke

Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972, the Tripp Trapp®Chair (shown above) grows with your child throughout his or her ages and stages. Plus, with accessories such as the tray and cushion, you can customize this piece for optimum comfort and style. The Stokke® Steps high chair seating system (shown below) is another multi-functional piece that transforms as your child grows, and it can accommodate everything from a baby bouncer to a preschool-aged child. As with Tripp Trapp®, this piece works in tandem with a range of accessories.

Stokke Steps high chair

Stokke® Flexi Bath® is a foldable baby bath that your child can use from birth through age four. Plus, its foldable form makes storage and travel a snap! Choose from colors such as orange, pink, blue and white.

Foldable baby bath from Stokke

Stokke® Sleepi Mini transforms from a newborn sleeper to a full-fledged crib to a toddler bed that can your child can enjoy until he or she is 10 years old. Lockable wheels make it easy to transport this four-in-one crib made from solid beech wood:

Stokke crib system

Stokke also offers an array of nursery furnishings, including dressers and changers. Learn more about the Stokke® Homenursery line here.

Stokke nursery line


More Stokke nursery line treasures


Are we loving the names of today’s featured brands?! As stated on this next company’s website, “Oeuf evokes the image of simple, clean and intuitive design.” Quality is king at Oeuf, founded by husband and wife team Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan. The brand focuses on thoughtfully designed products that are functional and practical, reinforcing the philosophy that less can be more, especially when multi-functional pieces are involved! Check out these beautifully designed items…

3-drawer dresser from Oeuf

The Merlin 3 Drawer Dresser in Fawn (shown above) is the perfect combination of white and wooden birch tones. The piece is also available in grey and birch if you’re in search of a darker hue. The Merlin 6 Drawer Dresser (shown below) provides optimal storage, thanks to ample drawer space that also delivers the same clean-lined look of the 3 Drawer Dresser.

6-drawer dresser by Oeuf

Why buy a bassinet and a crib when you can buy a bassinet that converts to a crib? Crafted from materials such as Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF and topped off with non toxic finishes, the piece prioritizes child safety, as well as eco-friendly design. Say hello to the Fawn 2-in-1 Crib System:

Fawn crib system from Oeuf

This Classic Crib is super sturdy, thanks to its construction of wood panels on a solid wood base. Plus, with the help of a conversion kit, it can transform into an equally stylish toddler bed when the time comes.

Classic crib from Oeuf

The Rhea Crib is a sleek blend of bright white and warm wood. Choose from birch or walnut to find the tone that’s just right for your nursery:

Sleek eco-friendly crib from Oeuf

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean a lot. Accent your nursery with vegetable pillows! We’re fans of the cauliflower. Who doesn’t love a product made from soft baby alpaca wool?!

Vegetable pillows from Oeuf

Spot on Square

While Spot on Square offers more than products for baby and child, this company founded by husband and wife team Robert and Nicole Springer features a range of finds for little ones. With signature products such as the Acrylic Crib consistently turning the heads of design lovers for years, Spot on Square knows good design, as well as the value of eco-friendly, sustainable products. Here are some of our favorites…

Modern shelving from Spot on Square

Above we see Hiya Shelving, which combines display space with out-of-sight storage in a compact, beautifully designed shelf solution. Below is the Oliv dresser/changer, which is both a dresser and a changing station. Two large drawers and open shelving space leave plenty of room for necessities, and non-toxic, eco-friendly design is on full display here.

Dresser and changer from Spot on Square

Say hello to the Ulm Dresser, which is inspired by mid-century design and features sustainably harvested birch plywood and green grade MDF made from 100% recycled/reclaimed wood:

Wooden dresser from Spot on Square

This Join Organic Quilt in Blue reminds us of Vivienne Westwood’s iconic squiggle pattern a bit, so we’re definitely on board!

Organic quilt from Spot on Square

Round rugs are perfect for nurseries, especially if you want a soft place for baby to play but you’re not looking to camouflage beautiful flooring. This Trio Rug is a vibrant way to get the job done. It’s also available in pink, green and grey should blue not be your first choice.

Blue rug from Spot on Square

Be sure to check out Spot on Square’s curated collection of Flensted Mobiles, which are a lovely, whimsical addition to the nursery, and they celebrate the interplay of color, form and motion.

Flensted Mobile available at Spot on Square

We hope you enjoy curating a lovely, child-friendly space for your little one!

Kate Simmons

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