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Little Luxury: 30 Bathrooms That Delight with a Side Table for the Bathtub

Modern bathrooms have come a long way in the last decade both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Today’s bathrooms can act as serene, rejuvenating home retreats that offer soothing spa-style affluence. Of course, a dream bathroom like this demands both space and resources that not all of us can afford. But there are still little touches that can turn even the most mundane and modest bathroom into a far more exquisite and tranquil setting. With standalone bathtubs becoming all the rave recently, a small side table is one such wonderful addition that will alter the ambiance of the bathroom.

The small side table next to the bathtub is more of a stool in most cases, but don’t let semantics put you off. It is a place for everything ranging from the latest magazine to shampoo and towels – whatever you feel needs to be within reach as you take a refreshing soak after a long hard day. The 30 mesmerizing bathrooms on display today will surely inspire you to consider this style upgrade as well.

Opulence Meets Style

If you already have a style or theme going in your bathroom, pick a small stool, cart or side table that complements this style and accentuates it elegantly. The choice of the side table next to the bathtub can also be influenced by the style of bathtub and its material. While classic, freestanding claw-foot bathtubs require a more traditional choice in terms of the side table, and contemporary ceramic tubs combine well with sleek metal and glass side tables. A small addition such as the Chinese Garden Stool or the Martini Side Table will surprise you by becoming the focal point of your bathroom.

Beautiful bohemian touches bring warmth to the eclectic bathroom [Design: Alida And Miller]
Serene and pleasing bathroom with custom silk window shade and an air of opulence [Design: Branca, Inc.]
Beach style bathroom offers a relaxing dip and a fabulous view [Design: Roomscapes Luxury Design Center]
Narrow Victorian bathroom with stainless steel bathtub, chair and a sleek side table [From: Think Architecure]
Large vintage mirror in the bathroom corner [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Spa master bathroom with a cozy ambiance [Design: Steiner Design Interiors]
Classic side table accentuates the traditional appeal of the bathroom [Design: Susanne Kelley Design]

An Air of Simplicity

Space is obviously a big constraint in most bathrooms, and there is probably not enough space for a really large stool or cart next to the bathtub. A simple side table that is ultra-sleek in its form can hold stuff such as towels, bath accessories and a bottle of wine with ease, and most of these petite additions take up little square footage. Some of the really tiny side tables also come with several shelves that offer multi-level storage options and double as a wonderful display. If all else fails, then a simple cart on wheels is a smart choice, and you can simply roll it away (maybe under the floating bathroom vanity) when you are done with the energizing soak.

Side tables bring contrasting textures to the glorious bathroom with cascading chandelier [Design: Bruce Frasier Architects]
Stylish side table adds curvy twist to the chic bathroom [Design: Thom Filicia]
Turn the bathroom into a relaxing hangout with club chair, ottoman and side table [Design: Lynne Scalo Design]
Transitional bathroom makes use of available space to the fullest [Design: Frances Herrera Interior Design]
Simple side table with glass top next to the white standalone bathtub [Design: James Hargreaves Bathrooms]
Light and breezy bathroom in white and light gray [Design: Salomé Knijnenburg Interiors]
Chinese garden stool and vintage bathtub for the transitional bathroom [Design: MuseInteriors]

Personalized Functionality

Apart from style and pace, another essential aspect the defines your choice of side table next to the bathtub is functionality. A side table with a larger top will obviously allow you to place all those necessities such as fragrances, essential oils and body scrub on it with absolute ease. Others might view the small stool as a mere aesthetic addition that holds up a vase with flowers or a small potted plant. If the latter is what you are looking for, then form definitely takes precedence when picking the right side table. And if you just want to give the trend a shot before committing to it, then just add an appropriate side table that already sits in your living room to the bathroom.

Handcrafted walnut bathtub and Satyr side table for the small bathroom [Design: Beckwith Interiors]
Light blue and white bathroom with sleek stool next to the bathtub [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design]
Luxurious bathroom goes the extra mile with a TV, lounge and a reading nook [Design: alene workman interior design]
Shelves on the side table give more design flexibility and functionality [Design: The Remodeling Company]
Hex side table with white marble top in the contemporary bathroom [Design: McGriff Architects]

Add a Natural Vibe

When it comes to a small side table next to the bathtub, this is our absolute favorite. The tree trunk stool is a classic that never seems to fail, and it is even more visually appealing when placed in a posh, contemporary bathroom. Since most modern bathrooms feature polished stone, glass and stone surfaces, the presence of natural wood always seems welcome. Of course, this woodsy side table comes in a wide range of shapes and forms, and some of them are even painted to fit in with the color scheme that you already have going in the bathroom. Whether it is Asian, rustic, vintage or contemporary, this is a side table style that is timeless and trendy.

Tree stump stool used as side table next to the bathtub [Design: Scout Designs]
Small side table with woodsy beauty adds textural contrast to the contemporary bathroom [Design: Jane Cameron Architects]
Wooden stool adds Asian flavor to the bathroom [Design: Mindful Designs]
Rustic bathroom with large window connecting it with the outdoors [Design: Carney Logan Burke Architects]
Branch side table is both rustic and contemporary [Design: SPACE Architects + Planners]
Side table completes the tranquil, spa-like look in the bathroom [Design: B.Design]

Gold, Silver and More!

Maybe what your bathroom needs is a hint of color or some sparkle! The small side table can get this done as well, and the more neutral the backdrop, the bigger impact it makes. With metallic accents topping the popularity charts this year, a fashionable side table in gold, silver or copper could be just the thing to revitalize the boring bathroom. Bold colors such as orange, pink or red, or a touch of black that anchors the room can be added using these unassuming side tables. This also allows you to alter the color palette with changing seasons and trends without much hassle.

Gorgeous side table brings a hint of golden glint into the neutral bathroom [Design: Alphapex Construction Services]
Martini side table in silver fits in with any contemporary interior [Design: Clean Design]
Tiny stool adds color to the neutral backdrop of the stylish bathroom [Design: Lowe’s Home Improvement]
Mediterranean style bathroom with a splash of opulence [Design: Claremont Companies]
Gray and white bathroom with classic freestanding bathtub, footstool and side table [Design: Janof Architecture]

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