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15 Blown Glass Pendant Lighting Ideas for a Modern and Sleek Glow

There are lots of decor trends that tend to come and go kind of quickly, but blown glass isn’t one of them. The lighting effect you get from pairing an interesting looking pendant with light brings a touch or modern artistry to any room that can even look great in traditional settings. Here are just a few very unique pieces to get you in on this timeless trend!

Colored Craftsmanship

The great thing about blown glass pendants is that they’re all so unique, and no two really look exactly the same. Check out the beautiful look you can get from pairing pendants of different shapes and colors, like these selections by Mark Douglass featured on The Design Files.

Handblown glass pendant lights by Mark Douglass

Whether you like the look of very round globes, like these pedants from SkyLO’s Float Collection — or smaller beads, like these gorgeous emerald pendants from Tom Dixon, the endless variety of shapes and sizes means there’s a perfect fit for practically every homeowner.

Handmade blown glass pendant lamp Float Collection by SkLO
Glass bead pendant light by Tom Dixon

In fact, you can get quirkier with pendant lighting fixtures by looking for items that come in more irregular shapes, like these selections (again by Tom Dixon), which have been made to look like they’re melting.

MELT Lamps by Tom Dixon

Be sure to check out the variety of blown glass pendants and related pieces from Rothschild & Bickers if you have the budget for some very gorgeous, high-end fixtures!

Flora pendants by Rothschild & Bickers
Mineral pendants by Rothschild & Bickers

Bubbly Chandeliers

A trend that seems to have popped up out of blown glass light fixtures is the bubble chandelier. TheLightFactory is an Etsy shop that sells them in all shapes, sizes, and even colors.

Waterfall bubble chandelier by TheLightFactory
Limited edition petite cloud chandelier in mint julep by TheLightFactory

Or for a less bubbly look, there are comparable fixtures that provide a similar effect — like the Eclipse / Halo chandelier from West Elm.

Eclipse chandelier from West Elm

Illuminated Branches

The bubble chandelier is fun, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. An alternative to this style could be these “staccato” branch-like fixtures that have blown glass pieces extending outward from all different directions. ProvidenceArtGlass sells them on Etsy, and The Cool Hunter shows a beautiful Trocadero apartment featuring one in the dining room.

Hand blown glass staccato branch chandelier from ProvidenceArtGlass
Blown glass light fixture in Trocadero apartment by Francois Champsaur

Modern Brilliance

Although blown glass pendant light fixtures can look good in any room, they really shine in dining areas. Take a look at how great these pendants from ProvidenceArtGlass on Etsy look along the breakfast counter of this kitchen!

Large steel blue poppy hanging art glass pendant globe light by Rebecca Zhukov

In this dining room featured on InteriorDesign.net, lighting pendants are hung at different lengths from the ceiling for a really cool “water drop” effect.

Water drop pendants in handblown glass by Esque Studio

In this kitchen, the pendants take inspiration from the bubble look with large, custom-made blown glass for the counter and dining area. [Photo from Lindsey Adelman]

Custom Bubble pendants and Bubble chandelier

And lastly, check out the stunning look these blown glass pendants create in the middle of this huge staircase. What a way to create an eye-catching sense of elegance as you climb up to each story! [Photo from Dexigner]

Plain glass pendant lighting hanging over a staircase

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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