26 Round Baby Crib Designs For A Colorful And Cozy Nursery

Eclectic nursery with a round bed ideal for both boys and girls

Planning for the arrival of your little one is the best way to spend some time before the actual big day. Designing and decorating their nursery is a wonderful way to get started as this is the place where are they are bound to spend nearly all their time. While there are some great conventional cribs to choose from, the use of a round baby…

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Empty Bamboo: Fascinating And Fabulous Stationery Set From Yu Jian

bamboo stationery set

There has always been something innately charming about ‘bamboo’. While the west might have taken up the idea of incorporating this strong and versatile natural material into its lifestyle more recently, bamboo has been an integral part of Asian culture and tradition. Yet, what Yu Jian has crafted using this flexible wood is simply remarkable. This innovative designer has taken hollowed bamboo stems of various…

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Tile Floor Design Ideas

amazing tile floors designs

Today we enter the world of tile! Porcelain tile, ceramic tile, patterned tile, marble tile… The possibilities are endless! In fact, more and more homeowners are choosing tile over carpeting because it’s easy to clean, and it’s undeniably elegant. In fact, tile can mimic other types of flooring, including wood! Below you will find a slew of interiors featuring tile flooring. As you will soon…

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British Invasion: 24 Union Jack Furniture and Decor Ideas

Modern art presents the Union Jack in a flashy fashion for the dining room floor

Celebs like Rihanna and Helen Mirren to Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are sporting the Union Jack – and this has become cool once again. This is not just a trend relegated to the fickle world of fashion. Even home décor and modern interiors work well with the ‘Union Jack theme’. From furniture and décor to art work and accessories, pretty much everything and anything…

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Stockholm Attic Apartment Blends Scandinavian Ease With Elegant Interiors

attic apartment sweden design

There is a certain sense of cool and composed grace that comes naturally with interiors that sport a Nordic theme. Scandinavian apartments seem to typify this trend by employing design elements that are contemporary and yet offer a classic and timeless touch. This beautiful attic apartment in Stockholm is a wonderful example of a relaxed home that looks sophisticated without trying too hard. A lesson…

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Stunning Visual Appeal: Natural Stone Pebbles in Interior Design

Pebbles and small stones for a natural interior design (1)

Natural surroundings are not only healthy for the body, but also challenging for the mind and soothing for the soul. We all strive to make time for a prolonged outing with friends or a necessary walk along a riverbank, but then there are solutions for bringing pieces of nature inside. Interior gardens help extend the beneficial influence of nature inside, natural materials help create a…

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10 DIY Staircase Designs Sure to Amaze

Staircase 5

For centuries, staircases have taken us to new heights — literally. Whether wood or marble, painted or bare, this standard architectural feature can easily become a show stopper with a little DIY love. Get ready to pull out your brushes and stencils! Here are some ideas to help take your staircase designs to the next level. Reclaimed and Repurposed For the environmentally friendly inspiration seeker,…

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Maison Glissade Private Ski Club Home In Canada Has a Minimalist Appeal

maison glissade

The Majestic Alps and their snow-filled slopes spread across Europe offer some of the top ski destinations on the planet. But for those across the Atlantic, both USA and Canada offer some gorgeous snow-laden slopes that are equally enticing and far more accessible. From Colorado to Calgary, there are plenty of skiing grounds that attract visitors from all over the world. No wonder then that…

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Decorating with Lacquered Furniture


Today’s post may as well be called “The Many Looks of Lacquer.” Yes, we’re rounding up the most gorgeous lacquered images we can find, thanks to a plethora of shiny furniture. When many people imagine a room filled with lacquered pieces, they envision a truly sophisticated space. But what if lacquer could be used to achieve a variety of looks that range from clean and…

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Bulgari Hotel in Milan Showcases Sophistication, Class and Elegance

Luxury Bulgari Hotel Milano

In the view of the experienced and highly demanding cosmopolitan jet-setters, the luxury hospitality sector has very strict rules. It’s not only about an elegant design concept, posh furniture and a fancy atmosphere, but rather about the quality of life and the way guests get the feeling that they are known and valued. A great example is the highly exclusive property right in the heart of…

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