Luxurious Shower Packed Into a Stylish Loop

Luxurious Loop Shower 1

When it comes to design and interior, the traditional view is that few things match ‘fine Italian craftsmanship’ and while modern designers and architects from world over might be now wooing you with great creations, this one shower will still allow you to bathe in the beauty of Italian design. And we mean quite literally, as the Loop Shower promises to bring down the mercury…

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Decorating with Shades of Coral

decorating with coral

Don’t be fooled by the back-to-school ads–it’s still summer! And what better way to bring summer into your home than with shades of coral? This beloved color is a combination of hues like orange, red and pink. Sometimes more salmon, sometimes more rust, coral brings a touch of warmth to a room, yet it can also be the perfect bold statement. Whether you’re looking to…

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Modern curves: Japanese apartment shapes up to please bike enthusiasts

Tokyo Apartment 1

If you have ever seen a guy in love with his bike, no matter what it is, then you will understand the level to which they would go to care for and protect their ‘baby’. And it is especially for motorbike lovers and enthusiasts like this that a company in Japan has created an apartment that will give them ample space to ride all the…

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Interior ideas: Modern bedroom design sparkles with cozy ambience

luxurious bedroom design

As you start planning for your home, one of the most challenging aspects is the design of your bedroom and finding ideas that suit your taste and yet fall in line with contemporary style. While designing the living room somehow seems the easier task since most people have more or less pretty well established idea about what they want, the bedroom often presents a dilemma…

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Modern living space in California amalgamates contrasting design styles with ease

resort like Southern California home

It is amazing how modern designers and architects are integrating seamlessly different styles and design ideas to create contemporary homes that are not just sleek and stylish, but also warm and inviting. That seems to be precisely what the travel aficionados Colin and Carolina Cormac wanted for their new home in Southern California and the pair approached Craig Schultz of Laidlaw Schultz Architects to turn…

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Contemporary Green Home Charms With Sleek Pool and Mini Golf Course

They say that all work and no play makes one go dull and pale. But at the home of Lisa and Michael Rubenstein, there is pretty much of things taking a turn towards the dull and the mundane. This beautiful modern home by TRG Architects is not only a delight to live in with its plush interiors that are clad in cozy comfort, but even…

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Kid Spaces: 20 Shared Bedroom Ideas

kids share bedrooms ideas

Oh, the joys of sharing a bedroom with a sibling! If you’ve ever occupied a shared space, you know the challenges of sleeping two (or more) to a room! Not only are there the logistical questions, such as how to accommodate twice the amount of stuff, there’s the issue of style. How do you design a space that’s child-friendly, visually pleasing and functional? We ask…

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Four Tips to Create the Illusion of Space in your Loft

If your loft feels cramped, the chances are you are not getting as much use out of this space as you should. A loft space has a lot of potential and many homeowners choose to turn their loft in to home offices, gyms, playrooms, chill out rooms and even extra bathrooms and bedrooms. If your loft is compact, it can be great for extra storage…

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Cool Door Stopper for a Sleek Interior

Anchor - innovative door stop 4

A doorstop is not something that we are normally very high on. While a door stopper is essential, they often seem obtrusive and an eye-sore. Of course, the traditional ones just do not fit when it comes to a modern home that sports a sleek and sophisticated look and elegant décor. But if you do have to sue one, then here is a doorstop that…

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Office Space Made from Lego Bricks at Yard Digital in Edinburgh

miniature Lego office - Yard Digital 1

Thinking of an agency like Yard Digital, the last thing that will cross your mind are fun Lego bricks and countless hours being spent to create Lego models. But Radek Milcarz, a senior web developer at the company decided to go ahead and create a Lego version of the Edinburgh Yard office and also its entire staff. To our surprise, it took the self-proclaimed Lego…

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Repurposed Shipping Container Turns Into Vibrant Pizza House on Wheels

It is the age of recycling and reuse and with growing Eco-consciousness in both business houses and in consumers, going ‘green’ has become more than just a choice. It adds to your brand value and gives the product a seemingly moral high ground, irrespective of what the intentions are. Of course, not all have the luxury of choice when it comes to running their business….

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How to Build a Stone Pathway

garden stone walkway with plants

If your front of back yard area lacks a definitive sidewalk or designated walkway area, it can wreak havoc on your lawn. Over time, people treading through the same areas day after day with inhibit grass growth and give your yard unsightly bare spots. In order to provide a more cohesive and natural look to your yard, consider installing a stone pathway. In addition to…

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Block the Sun with Sophisticated Roman Shades

sunblocking roman shades

While summer is a season with many redeeming qualities, including plenty of sunshine, pleasant weather and easy access to outdoor activities, it also has its drawbacks. Early in spring, homeowners can’t wait for the opportunity to throw open their windows and greet the sun. However, by June and July that sunshine can become a source of frustration as utility bills begin to soar, and suddenly…

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The Make it and Break It Room: 20 Luxury & Sexy Kitchens Worth Drooling Over

white curvacious luxury kitchen design

Every real estate agent will tell you that a kitchen can make or break a deal when it comes to selling and buying. The following twenty rooms I’m about to show definitely sold me: Each bears a significant attribute worth implementing in your home. My dear DIY fans, home improvement hammerheads, my appreciators of finer living, I give you twenty of the worlds sleekest and…

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Kitchen and Dining Area Lighting Solutions; How to Do It in Style?

The kitchen is a showcase of modern design in itself. However, it was and remains a working area, which means that proper lighting should not be neglected. Same goes for your dining room, if you want to see where you stick your fork. There can be no arbitrary choices in drafting the electrical plan of the kitchen and dining area. Since it is an essential…

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