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Affordable Apartment Makeover Relies on Inspired Custom Solutions

An endless budget and an expansive interior are not luxuries that many homeowners are afforded with when it comes to home renovations and makeovers. Most of us tend to work with a pretty tight budget cap and are always on the lookout for that elusive ‘additional room’ that we feel would be the end of all our decorating problems. Chmielna Apartment in the gorgeous city of Gdansk is an example of one such brilliant project that saw Raca Architekci shape a captivating contemporary apartment with a budget of $ 10,000. The sparkling new interior of the 41-square-meter apartment is all about black, white and gray laced with an intricate pattern in the form of exotic mandalas.

Large-format owl printing on PVC board

Showcasing an urbane industrial vibe, the apartment uses exposed brick walls along with a cold color palette in a surprisingly warm, inviting fashion. The many shades of gray, white and black ensure that one room flows into the next visually, with ‘naked bulb lighting’ adding that distinct industrial flair. The extensive use of white for the backdrop gives the interior an airy appeal and reduces visual fragmentation, even as the complex patterns of mandalas borrowed from the Hindu world become the showstoppers in each room. A large owl format printing on PVC board in the living room draws your attention instantly, while the décor is kept minimal and unassuming.

Exposed brick walls of the Chmielna Apartment in white

Floor tiles and rug in the living room bring pattern to the interior

Industrial entrance of the Gdansk apartment

Large print in black and whote for the living space

Plush gray couch in the living room with black walls

Whitewashed brick wall in the living and minimal industrial lighting

Use of Mandalas to create interesting pattern to the living space

Despite the minimalist take on the color palette, smartly placed raw wooden accents in the bedroom and master bathroom turn these spaces into pleasant and relaxing settings. Lighting plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the affordable apartment transformation does not seem sterile and dull because of the excessive use of gray – A home where industrial style meets contemporary refinement!

Accent pillows complement the pattern of the rug in the living room

Chalkboard wall in the kitchen adds spunk to the interior

Sconce lights in the bedroom for those who love to read in bed

Small bedroom design idea with Scandinavian touch

Black, white and gray bedroom with an air of minimalism

Large windows bring ample light into the small bedroom

Drapes conceal the simple open closet in the bedroom

Lighting steals the show in this bathroom

Gray and white create a fabulous bathroom full of personality

A bit of inspiration in the contemporary bathroom!

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