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20 Nordic Lights to Ward Off Winter’s Chill

As autumn begins to take a firm hold in the northern hemisphere, shorter days inevitably lead to longer and darker nights. Less inclined to venture outdoors as evenings draw in, people instead focus upon their home environment and begin readying themselves for winter’s onset. With summer wardrobes packed away, winter woollens are once again unfolded and unfurled.

Ensuring the coziness and warmth of one’s abode is typically foremost in mind, with throws and rugs, candles and lighting among the many favored objects used to ward off winter’s chill.

Nordic Minimalism

The Hat Lamp designed by Norm.Architects. Image © Norm.Architects.

Flowerpot Table Lamp VP3 designed by Verner Panton in 1969. Produced by &tradition. Image © &tradition.

Flowerpot Table VP4 designed by Verner Panton in 1969. Produced by &tradition. Image © &tradition.

Wood Lamp designed by TAF Architects. Produced by Muuto. Image © Muuto.

Calming Comfort & Warmth

The Nordic countries are especially adept at building cozy, homey spaces. The Danish notion of Hygge is a pertinent one; difficult to translate into English, it is akin to sharing comfort and warmth with family and friends. Spaces are often relaxed, calm and gratifying, with a keen eye on both detail and simplicity.

The Milk Lamp designed by Norm.Architects. Image © Norm.Architects.

Grossman Gräshoppa floor lamp designed by Greta Grossman and first produced in 1947. Produced by Gubi. Image © Gubi A/S.

Grossman Cobra floor lamp designed circa 1950 by Greta Grossman. Produced by Gubi. Image © Gubi A/S.

Caravaggio wall light designed by Cecilie Manz. Image credit: Lightyears.

Mood, Color & Contrast

The manner in which light is applied will have an impact upon the warmth of a space, its atmosphere and personality. In achieving a cozy Nordic feel, it is best to choose lighting with an affable form and disposition. Playing with the position and place of a light will ensure the optimum level of warmth is attained. You might for example set a pendant on a table and a table lamp upon the floor. Lamps that include a dimmer will enable greater control of mood, contrast, contours and shadows.

Bellevue Floor Lamp AJ2 designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1929. Produced by &tradition. Image © &tradition.

Copenhagen Pendent SC6 designed by Space Copenhagen. Produced by &tradition. Image © &tradition.

Creativ Boards

Up lamp designed by Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF Architects. Produced by Muuto. Image © Muuto.

Part of the Tribeca series designed by Søren Rose Studio. Image © Søren Rose Studio.

A Fun Focal Point

The ability of light to add perspective, to cheer and buoy, cannot be underestimated. Moreover, the object from which light is diffused will inevitably impact upon its character as well as a room’s aesthetic. Ergo, any light chosen for the home should be carefully considered: think about the design, how it is made, the materials used and where it will be placed.

The Marble Light with marble floor weight designed by Studio Vit. Produced by &tradition. Image © &tradition.

Elements designed by Note. Image © Note Design Studio.

Growlight designed by Hallgeir Homstvedt. Image © Hallgeir Homstvedt.

w153 Île designed by Inga Sempé. Produced by Wästberg. Image © Wästberg.

Picture-Perfect Interiors

With any Nordic aesthetic, you will find that sustainability, quality and smart elegance play an important role. Shapes are often organic and poetic, finding inspiration in nature. Always think about the context in which a light will be used – in an office, a small nook or bedroom for example – alongside its capacity to impact positively on emotion and its ability to ‘light up’ body, mind and soul.

Kaiser Idell™ 6631 Luxus table lamp designed by Christian Dell. Produced by Republic of Fritz Hansen. Image © Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Kaiser Idell™ 6556-F floor lamp designed by Christian Dell. Produced by Republic of Fritz Hansen. Image © Republic of Fritz Hansen.

FJ Lamp designed by Finn Juhl in 1963. Produced by Onecollection. Image © House of FinnJuhl™.

Birdy designed by Birger Dahl in 1952. Relaunched in 2013 by Northern Lighting. Image © Northern Lighting AS.

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