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15 Bright Attic Spaces for an Office or Studio

It isn’t always possible to dedicate one of the main rooms of your home to an office or studio. And when carving out a little area of the den or your bedroom isn’t an option, you might as well look to the attic if you’ve got one that’s safe and functional enough to spend some time up there! Not everyone has one (I certainly don’t), but if you do, count yourself lucky. Attics aren’t just for storing Christmas decorations and your old family heirlooms. Here are just a few that may inspire you to do your best work up there!

Scandinavian Style

Many of the following bright attic spaces take a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian design, featuring beautiful white walls, wood floors and furniture, and minimal decor. These first two from Blood and Champagne and Coco Lapine Design have desk placements that work great with the attic architecture.

Minimal bright office area
Interesting office desk that takes advantage of attic architecture

Chic Deco shows another great little office area conveniently positioned beside a huge gorgeous window, while another from Decorating Your Small Space puts one in front of a smaller window.

Office area beside a beautiful and bright attic window
Bright attic with interesting desk for an office space

Heightened Home Offices

Your office attic space can look great even if it doesn’t look like a typical room of your home. Nordic Bliss and Sense and Daily show lovely office spaces positioned along their unique attic walls.

Home office with spacious desk along one wall
Home office nook in an attic with partial brick wall

Knee-walled spaces can be a little awkward sometimes when it comes to positioning your furniture (or simply walking through the room), but take a look at how chic this attic office from The Glitter Guide looks!

Bright and white attic office space with bold accents

Contemporist shows a great solution for an attic that needed to be split up into different spaces.

Small separate area for an office in an attic

Again with those knee walls that are so awkward to work with — Pinecomb Camp offers a great example of how you can take advantage of it by creating one large, long desk along the entire wall.

Clean and simple attic office

Shelterness also shows some interesting attic office spaces, with this one being my favorite for the huge window!

Office desk next to a huge attic window

Library Lounging

Considering how attics create all sorts of different and interesting shapes with their walls and ceilings, you can really highlight the architecture by including some built-in shelving. Take a look at these two examples from Refinery29 and Love Chic Living.

Attic office space with great shelving around window
Work station with bookshelves along the wall behind it

Crafty Character

For the artists out there, there may be no better place than the attic to put your studio. One example from The Office Stylist takes some Scandinavian inspiration and combines it with some crafty, elegant details.

Very bright and elegant attic studio

And if you’ve got the space for it, take advantage of all that room for supply storage and combine it with some big studio work station tables — like these impressive attics from Alice’s Attic Art and Casa Del Caso.

Enormous attic with lots of storage and central work station
Bright and spacious attic converted to an art studio

What do you think about working in an attic?! Honestly, if it’s got the right look and has enough insulation for you to be able to stand it in the winter, I’d say you’ve got yourself a great space!

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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