Getting the Elegant Look for Your Living Room

modern elegant living room pictures

Everyone will want to give their property a touch of style and one of the best ways of achieving this is by introducing some elegance into the living room.After all, this room will normally be used far more frequently than any other in the home so we should always take the time to make it as classy and comfortable as possible. And with so many…

19 Tastefully Elegant Bathroom Designs

elegant bathroom decorating idea

A space should always be designed and decorated according to its function. When you think about the function of a bathroom, it’s easy to see why tranquility and a spa-like atmosphere are the first concepts that come to mind. If nothing else, the bathrooms in your home should be comfortable and polished with surfaces that are both simple and easy to clean. It’s no coincidence…

20 Fabulous Wall Mirrors

modern mirrors for your interior

Mirrors add depth to a room by creating the illusion of space. Not to mention, their glossy shine evokes a glamor that enhances modern and traditional rooms alike. In today’s design world, you can find a host of mirrored furniture selections, but don’t forget the power of a striking wall mirror. When selecting mirrors for the home, consider their purpose. If you are in need…

Tips for Cleaning Delicate Upholstery

Delicate Upholstery

One of the greatest drawbacks to having vintage or other high value pieces in your home is that improper cleaning can often ruin your furniture’s value. Some high end upholstery jobs – especially those that are very old – use delicate fabrics that can become easily damaged by standard household fabric cleaners. If you’ve ever made this mistake, then you know the anguish that comes…

Tips for Tackling Closet Organization

modern closet organization

Ah, the sweet smell of Spring. It’s time to throw open the windows, uncover the backyard pool and relish in the extra hour or two of daylight each evening. While you’re shaking out of your cold weather hibernation, you may begin to notice the bits of clutter that have invaded your home over the year. Like other mammals, it seems humans have a tendency to…

Chalkboard Madness in the Home Organization

bedroom decoration with chalkboard

Inherently we are chaotic, unorganized people that -let’s admit it, have trouble chewing bubble gum and parallel parking simultaneously. (Quick- rub your belly in circles with one hand and pat your head up and down with your other. Case in point.) Despite all the intricacies found within our beloved smartphones and host of other technological gadgets we still have moments of ineptness when it comes…

DIY: Converting Small Spaces into Big Characters

DIY make small spaces look bigger

Claustrophobia is a horrible, debilitating disease based on the fear of being imprisoned within tight inescapable spaces. Dark cramped corners that suffocate you with the irrational thought of no air. This anxiety can happen anytime, anywhere with no real forewarning. One minute you are carefree, the next your elbowroom has vanquished to the masses of people swallowing you like rush hour at grand central station….

How to Use Venetian Plaster

using venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is an art from that dates back to the Italian Renaissance, and somehow still maintains a foothold in contemporary home décor. Its unique texture transforms simple, blank interior walls into replicas of old world charm, adding a touch of class and sophistication to any room in your home.  Although technology has changed the methods of interior design a great deal over the past…

How to Clean Cork Flooring

bedroom cork parquet flooring

In addition to its being incredibly environmentally friendly, beautiful in appearance and a great sound proofing agent, cork flooring has yet another redeeming attribute – it’s also extremely easy to clean. If you’ve recently purchased cork flooring, you might still be a little unsure as to how to clean them properly without causing damage to your investment. By following these steps, you can prolong the…

Reupholstering Your Stool in Under Six Easy Steps

reupholstering stools

We all know at least one person who can do (or claims to have the ability to do) anything they set their mind to. And sometimes it doesn’t even take that much effort for them. They just are intrinsically talented and overqualified for every task, hobby, and job they set out to do. You dread the family visits to their house as you get your…

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