Chic Halloween Party Ideas in Contemporary Black and White

Halloween party ideas

Halloween is here and it is time to think out-of-the-box to create a unique and truly memorable experience that will enable your party to stand out from the crowd. This stylish, sophisticated and elegant Halloween party idea is all about going down the memory lane into a world of black and white to create a truly impactful canvas. The theme picked out by Debbie of…

10 Small Urban Apartment Decorating Ideas

small urban apartment decorating ideas

Are you living in a small space? You’re not alone! In fact, many small interiors can be found in vibrant cities. Some of the most spectacular urban apartments are spatially challenged. One benefit of small-space living: you are forced to de-clutter on a regular basis, which trains you to clean out from time to time. This “keep it simple” attitude can carry over to other…

30 Colorful and Contemporary Baby Bedding Ideas for Boys

Baby boy bedding set with a cool blue aquatic theme

The excitement that comes along with having a little kid arrive into your lives is simply amazing and something that can be only truly felt when the event does happen. Every parent wants the very best for their tiny tot and while there are plenty of fun times, great moments and loads of mischief, it also takes careful planning, energy and patience to ensure that…

Choosing Creative Baby Bedding for Your Little One

creative gender neutral bedding

Your little one’s room is the best room in the whole house! It is the one room where magical fairytale dreams come to life and pleasing you and your child is the only design aesthetics that you worry about. Choosing baby bedding can often be a challenge – from what colors to choose from, what patterns and prints to decide on and coordinating it with…

Metal Wall Art That Makes a Statement

Modern metal bar art

Metal wall art. Why is it so scary to commit to a substantial piece? Don’t get us wrong: we LOVE metal wall art! The right piece can bring a rare element to an interior. Can you think of 10 friends who have metal wall art hanging in their homes? Neither can we. That’s the point! But how do you wade through the mass-produced, over-designed selections…

25 Baby Girl Bedding Ideas That Are Cute and Stylish

Clarissa Bear Baby Bedding for your tiny tot

Decorating, planning and designing a nursery are wonderful ways in which you can prepare for the arrival of your little princess. There is nothing more delightful than watching those bright little eyes survey their room for the very first time and if they are indeed old enough, then giggle with joy before exploring and often ripping out things in their own cute little way. One…

Creating More Usable Space With A Round Coffee Table

round coffee table outdoors

Your living room or family room gets a lot of use on a daily basis and ensuring you and your guests have a comfortable place to relax and put your drink down is essential. Coffee tables are one of those furniture pieces that you don’t think of much until you sit down at a couch and realize there isn’t enough space for your legs because…

Easy DIY Projects That Celebrate Modern Design

DIY moss ball hanging plants

Sometimes the best way to add modern style to your home is by getting crafty… Yes, we’re talking about that empowering phenomenon known as the DIY project. Can you really create a spectacular one-of-a-kind art piece with supplies you find around the house? Is it possible to follow a few simple steps and end up with a spectacular result? As today’s DIY projects prove, the…

Contemporary Sustainable Home in Melbourne Creates a Distinct Visual Appeal

Contemporary Sustainable Home in Melbourne 3

Today is sustainable house design day for us at Decoist :) Located in the historical Beaumaris area, which has traditionally been renowned for its experimental architecture, the Coronet Grove Residence in Melbourne is another wonderful example of integrating modern design with sustainable features. Overlooking the port Philip Bay area, the home designed by Maddison Architects is an amalgamation of two distinct structures into one. The…

Modern Handrails Adding Contemporary Style to Your Home’s Staircase

modern handrails

How many times have you walked up and down the stairs without really paying attention to your surroundings? Were you in a stairwell at a hotel? Or perhaps you were walking up a flight of steps to reach your car in the parking garage. While it may be easy to tune out your environment when you’re moving from place to place in a commercial space,…

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