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20 Home Offices That Turn to Red for Energy and Excitement

If you are an avid Decoist reader, then you would need absolutely no new introduction to why we value a functional and smart home office so highly. In a world where technology is wiping out conventional boundaries and creating endless opportunities, working from home or even taking part of your work home is now far easier than ever before. And an ergonomic home office will make your life a whole lot easier in this regard. Your version of the home office could very well be that corner in the bedroom with a desk and chair, a savvy nook in the kitchen or a dedicated room that could put any boring cubicle to shame – there definitely is no one universal template here.

But as you plan for a smashing home office that serves all your needs, do not forget about aesthetics. Color is an essential and irreplaceable part of this elusive jigsaw, and few colors come close to the sheer brilliance, vivacious joy and boundless radiance of red. Seemingly overwhelming, it is a color that ends up stealing the spotlight when used right. Bold, beautiful and at times just passionate, here is how to use red in the home office.

Painting It Red!

Let’s not dance around this; red is for those who are fearless and imaginative when it comes to home decorating. Of course, you could be that person as well if you know exactly how to utilize the positive features of the bold hue. Painting the home office red, quite literally, is a look that works only for those who absolutely love the color! Others might find it initially fun, but soon the idea of a red home office seems both overwhelming and unappealing. So, choose carefully both the shade of red you want to use and whether you want to limit it to an accent wall or go beyond it.

Sparkling contemporary home office with white trims and maroon walls [Design: Capital Closets]
Classy way to use red in the contemporary home office [From: American Lighting Association]

As the home offices here showcase, red works with different styles ranging from rustic and Asian to contemporary and minimal. Both black and white are the preferred choices along with red, and while black anchors, highlights and delineates, white gives the room a cheerful and more modern look.

Antique red by Sherwin Williams gives the home office an energetic look [Design: Madi Mali Homes]
Asian-eclectic home office with plenty of red [Design: Deco-Te]
Rustic home office and library rolled into one [Design: Dan Nelson – Designs Northwest Architects]
Turn to the home office corner to make most of the available space [Design: Cyndi Firth Interiors]

Color Laced with Texture

Always think of color in more than just one dimension. Instead of just painting the walls red, turn to alternatives such as wallpaper to add both color and texture to the room. Wallpapering just one section of the home office also gives you greater flexibility with the decorating of the room and ensures that a ‘red aura’ does not completely take over. Another way to give the red walls greater depth is by choosing either a distinctly matte or glossy finish. But beware, glossy red is another one of those choices that is not for everyone!

Red accent wall in the contemporary home office [Design: b+g design]
Red wall brings color and texture to the home office [Design: Horton & Co.]
Traditional home office with a glossy sheen of red [Design: Archer & Buchanan Architecture / Tom Crane Photography]
Cozy and elegant French country style home office [Design: Simply Baths & Showcase Kitchens]
Crimson walls and coffered ceiling steal the show in this transitional home office [Design: SO/DA]

Restrained Boldness

Some say that adding accents to the room is in a way ‘cheating’, as you are not actually employing the color in a predominant manner. But many of us would still gleefully accept this approach when using daring and bright colors like red in the home office. Do not limit yourself to smaller pops of red like vases or artwork, and go bold with maybe a couple of classy club chairs in red, a gorgeous vintage cabinet in maroon or even a table and chair in scarlet, which end up becoming the focal point of the room! A home office provides you with ample opportunity when it comes to adding décor in red.

Club chairs are a simple way to add red to the home office [Design: Bonadies Architect]
Red makes a big visual impact despite limited use [Design: David Howell Design]
White and red is a classic that never fails [From: Lisa Petrole Photography / Stephane Chamard Architect]
Lovely rug binds together the various elements in the eclectic home office [From: Ernesto Garcia Interior Design]
Eclectic home office uses plush leather chairs to bring in a dash of red [From: Mary Prince Photography]
Industrial home office uses red in an ingenious and sporadic fashion [Design: Décoria Interior Designs]

Ceiling & Drapes

Walls definitely bear the brunt of our decorating fervor, but the next time you wish to introduce a new color, pattern or even style in your home office, look beyond the mere obvious. The ceiling is often the most underutilized portion of most rooms, and painting it red or even giving it a custom stencil or mural could well give the home office that red glint you are after. Drapes offer another easy way to add bold color and even create a dynamic backdrop depending on the time of the day and season. They also allow you to switch between trendy, seasonal shades with ease.

Even the ceiling and drapes embrace a bold splash of color in this home office [Design: B Fein Interiors]
Red handmade stencil for the Mediterranean home office [Design: Sinclair Associates Architects]
Fusion in Rose wallpaper, chair and the curtain in the backdrop add red to the home office [Design: Jessica Lagrange Interiors]

With the holiday season here, maybe a hint of red is what your home office needs to usher in some festive joy. Do not be afraid to dabble in the crimson arts!

Sherry Nothingam

Sherry is a blogger who loves to live her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything associated with design, décor and stylish modern trends. Born in California, Sherry has grown up on open ranches and in a wild setting, which has defined her taste for design and developed her interest in examining how structures and homes interact with the beauti[...]

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