Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair: Fairytale-ing Your Attic In Five Fun Steps

Finish loft area in the attic

What if you could turn a room of your house into the kingdom of Zezolla? To design the interior of your space into an area where the only responsibility is upkeep and maintenance of the wooden floor? Sounds almost too good to be true, almost like something out a fairytale, wouldn’t you say? Once upon a time the Brothers Grimm wrote a book full of…

17 Expandable Wooden Dining Tables

Wooden Dining Tables That Expand

You’ve just cooked an amazing dinner for eight, and your guests are ready to enjoy the meal in style! You serve each person a beautifully prepared plate…and then you tell your guests to take whatever seat they can find?? Oh, your dining room table only seats four, huh?! So some guests will be sitting around the coffee table or in the nearest folding chair? No biggie–your…

Water Front Apartment in Windy City Gets Sleek Parisian Makeover

One of the most essential design elements of modern condos and high-rise apartments is the views that they offer and it is interesting to see how home owners are keen on highlighting the views and even doing it at the cost of downplaying the interiors and the décor. This nice little high-rise apartment in Chicago might be not as spacious as some of the other…

Yoda: Rattan Outdoor Furniture Collection offers distinctive design

Rattan Outdoor Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

The summer months might be behind us by now, but that does not mean we need to stay indoors just yet. There is still some time for the arrival of the chilly winter breeze and till then you can kick back and enjoy your evenings outdoors. And ‘Yoda’ from Kenneth Cobonpue, allows you to do so in exceptional style. Made from a palm tree called…

Dining Out in Your New Navy Blue Dining Room: Bringing the Picnic Scenery Inside

Navy blue and white, perfect for a fancy dining table design

I went through a stage in life where I considered myself an esteemed picnic connoisseur and was addicted to eating out of doors. Ants, mosquitoes and other bugs – these failed to dissuade me from munching on a hastily made sandwich that lacked the main ingredients as I had eaten my dear mother out of common picnic ingredients. This hobby of mine was serious enough…

Chic Italian Bedroom Furniture Selections

modern Italian bedroom furniture

What makes Italian bedroom furniture so irresistible? Perhaps it’s the decadent materials, such as leather and lacquer. Or maybe it’s the cutting-edge design and ultra-modern presentation. Of course, the occasional Swarovski crystal embedding doesn’t hurt either… Whatever the culprit, you just can’t beat the appeal of smooth upholstered headboards, glossy nightstands and modern dressers. Many Italian bedroom furnishings come in a variety of finishes, colors…

Pretty in Pink: Decorating Your Home With Tinges of Pink

white traditional living room with pink accesory furniture

There will be no frilly canopies, no ruffled bed skirts, no unicorn figurines in the pink room we will be designing today. Making pink a part of your home décor without making the feint of heart want to run and hide takes a bit of imagination to be dedicated enough towards creating the masculine hybrid of pink. Every time this particular pink memory pops into…

How to Create Miniature Gardens

A miniature garden looking like a highly colored

Whether you live in a small city apartment far from the expanses of green space needed to grow a proper garden, have little time to keep up with large plants or simply love the whimsical nature of miniature items, a mini garden may be your best bet. Some people have turned their love of mini gardens into full time hobbies, planting and pruning dozens of…

Contemporary New York City Condo Stuns With Color and Panoramic Views of Manhattan

Colorful condo design in Manhattan

Modern designers, especially in the case of those who have the scope to design lovely houses that have ample terrace space and even compact condos, have found a wonderful way to integrate the views that they offer as an essential part of the home itself. And the extensive use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows has been one of the ways in which this has been accomplished….

Eight Inspiring Wine Cellar Designs for Any Wine Lover

Highly stylish wine cellar design

For a wine enthusiast of any degree, owning your own cellar is a dream come true. Imagine, descending a narrow staircase into a chic, rocky grotto complete with tile floors, climate controlled temperatures and racks full of the most flavorful intoxicants from around the world. Imagine having the freedom to select any wine you desire to accompany your evening meal or night with friends. A…

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