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Top Bathroom Trends Set to Make a Big Splash in the Seasons Ahead

Bathroom renovations and restorations require a considerable amount of time, energy and resources. Sometimes even a simple re-tiling job can takes ages, and then there is the endless lineup of choices on offer for those looking to add a new vanity, bathtub or even a glass shower zone. It does help though if you have an understanding of what you want, what works in your bathroom and what are the hottest trends in bathroom design at the present time. Today, we shed on the spotlight on the last of the three as we delve into top bathroom trends set to take the world by storm in 2016.

Of course, anyone thinking about a bathroom renovation should consider things such as a style and theme that will last for more than a few seasons. But what is hip today could continue to hold sway for decades to come and might end up giving you the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. So, whether you are planning for a brand new bathroom or wish to give the old one a sparkling overhaul, these inspirations should get you started in the right direction…

1. Spa-Inspired Serenity

Bathrooms have evolved considerably in the last decade thanks to less expensive fittings and a revolution in manufacturing and design process that has made ‘luxury’ far more accessible for everyone. Today, the concept of a spa-inspired master bathroom is being embraced globally, and as homeowners struggle to cope with an increasingly frantic urban lifestyle, they are veering towards a serene bathroom that acts as a rejuvenating, personal refuge. Apart from the contemporary white backdrop, styles such as Asian and tropical are a big hit, as they give the comfy bathroom an exotic and exclusive ambiance.

Turning the contemporary bathroom into home spa [Design: Ernesto Santalla]
Tropical and Asian styles bring in a touch of the exotic [Design: Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design]
Take the bathroom into the secluded backyard! [Design: Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes]
Custom designed sunken bath for the relaxing bathroom [Design: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers]
Coastal contemporary spa-styled master bathroom [Design: Krista Watterworth Design Studio]

2. Patterned and Geometric Tiles

From simple and classic styles to unique geometric designs and vivacious patterns – tiles in the bathroom simply never go out of pattern! If you wanted to go beyond those simple white or gray tiles, then 2016 is a great time indeed, as the amazing array of geometric and patterned tiles on offer only seems to be growing by the day. Despite some designers introducing bright and colorful tile patterns, we strongly suggest you stay away from using these extensively, as you might quickly fall out of love with them. To retile the bathroom again can be a tedious process, so it is best to cut back on audacious colors and focus on contrast and texture.

Bold and vivacious Encaustic tiles for the modern Mediterranean bathroom [Design: Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling]
Exquisite tiled accent wall for the contemporary bathroom [Design: Day Bukh Architects]
Lovely use of mismatched black and white floor tiles in the bathroom [Design: Whiting Architects]
Hexagonal tiles steal the show in this stunning, minimal bathroom [Design: Metro Tiles Geebung]
Combine white with lovely tiles for a relaxing and fun bathroom [Design: Convert Construction]
Beach style bathroom with bespoke floor tiles [Design: Decus Interiors]

3. Warmth of Timber

If we have to sum up the direction of current bathroom design trends in a single statement, then it would be “a desire among homeowners to find a relaxing, revitalizing and nature-centric retreat at home”. Timber definitely fits this billing, and it has made a grand comeback in 2015. Incorporating wood into the bathroom is no longer a taxing affair that keeps you constantly on the edge because you are perpetually worried about damage from moisture and infestation. Contemporary solutions even provide space for cheaper and eco-friendly reclaimed wood accent features that will serve you well for years to come.

Beach style and contemporary elegance come together in this cool bathroom [From: Sam Davison Interiors / Taryn Yeates Photography]
Beauty of oak defines the fabulous contemporary bathroom [Design: Tongue n Groove]
Reclaimed timber offers a less expensive and sustainable alternative to wood in the bathroom [From: Fuentes Design / Dane Cronin Photography]
Timber duckboard makes a comeback in the contemporary bathroom [Design: alsoCAN Architects / Jane McDougall Photography]
Restrained use of wooden elements brings cozy elegance to the concrete bathroom [Design: LSA Architects]
Turn to the vanity to introduce wooden element into the modern bathroom [Design: Urban Angles]

4. Nature and Greenery

The easiest way to add freshness, style and a relaxed ambiance into the bathroom (or any other room of your home) is by adding a potted plant or two. Indoor plants do not often require meticulous and constant care, and a light-filled bathroom with slightly damp conditions is perfect even for cool air plants or a scintillating living wall. With bathrooms going down the path of seamless indoor-outdoor interplay, it definitely is now far easier to usher in a healthy dose of natural goodness.

Wallpaper and plants create a jungle-inspired environment inside the eclectic bathroom [Design: Alexander Owen Architecture]
A couple of potted plants is all you need! [Design: Landmark Lofts]
Embracing your love for greenery with a vivacious, plant-filled bathroom [Design: Eduarda Correa Arquitetura & Interiores]
Tropical bathroom brings the outdoor garden inside with folding glass doors [Design: Knudson Interiors]
Renovated farmhouse bathroom is all about natural goodness! [Design: Valentine Duflot Interior Architecture]
Light-filled modern bathroom is perfect for indoor plants [Design: DKOR Interiors]

5. Gray and White

Often colors in the bathroom are defined by style, theme and other aspects specific to that particular space. But two colors that seem to transcend these norms are white and gray. As ordinary as they might seem, a combination of various shades of white and gray can create a bathroom that fits in with a wide spectrum of styles ranging from minimal and Scandinavian to Victorian and industrial! Also, a neutral backdrop like this ensures that your bathroom stays relevant for years to some without needing regular alterations.

A balance between gray and white in the Victorian bathroom [Design: Granit Chartered Architects]
Contemporary gray bathroom with a hint of white and timber warmth [From: Andrew Wuttke / Apaiser]
Give the pristine white bathroom a cool gray accent wall [Design: Jason Urrutia & Martha Carvalho / Photography by Matt Sartain]
Gray and white Scandinavian bathroom [From: Chris Snook]
Darker shades of gray can replace black in smaller bathrooms [Design: Lauren Bryan Knight]

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