37 Garden Art Design Inspirations To Decorate Your Backyard In Style!

Lighting can play a key role in creating a beautiful garden after sunset

Modern design and architecture have ensured that the line between interiors and the exterior is both transparent and at times blurred. This is a welcome trend indeed as extravagant use of glass in contemporary structures has ensured that green is once again ‘in’. No longer are home owners and architects interested in the ‘concrete structures’ alone. The good old garden is alive, thriving and re-inventing…

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12 Kitchens with Neon Lighting

A pop of green neon lighting in a modern kitchen

“Neon lights, shimmering neon lights, and at the fall of night, this [kitchen’s] made of light”… Before you really start to wonder why I’ve taken liberty with the lyrics to a Kraftwerk song from 1978, let me explain myself! Today’s post explores the vivid world of neon lighting in the kitchen. Some say this room is the heart of the home. So why not give…

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Adding Life to your Outdoor Home with Colored Mulch

outdoor home mulch mixed types

Now that the spring is here all eyes are on your outdoor home. Whether you are trying to add color to your plant beds or you’re trying to prevent weeds from coming, colored mulch is the ideal solution. Mulch comes in many varieties from wood based to rubber and recycled content. Whether you want to add soft footing under your children’s play set or you…

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Sleek Corner Fireplaces with Modern Flair

corner fireplaces design ideas

Corner fireplaces have the power to make a powerful statement in the rooms they inhabit. Often a corner fireplace becomes the main focal point of the space. In fact, some people prefer to orient their furniture toward the fireplace, celebrating the hearth of the home. At other times, a corner fireplace can be a challenge to decorate. In fact, this article was inspired by the…

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Mukul Resort & Spas in Guacalito de la Isla: Luxury Retreat Promises Best of Nicaragua

exotic bedroom design - mukul resort

There are not many luxury hotel owners in the world who will gladly invest as much as $250 million in creating an out-of-the-world experience for guests from around the planet. But then, for Don Carlos Pellas, Mukul is a lot more than just the first Luxury Hotel and Spa boutique in all of Nicaragua. It reflects a proud family tradition that goes back generations and…

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55 Beautiful Hanging Pendant Lights For Your Kitchen Island

Exquisite modern kitchen in white and brown with sleek pendant lights above the kitchen island

Modern pendant lights are quickly becoming fascinating works of art. Apart from offering ample illumination, they seem to bring along with them beautiful balance and contemporary style. With an amazing array of pendant light designs now on offer, the lighting above your kitchen island need not look dull and boring anymore. While there are several lighting options available for every kitchen, elegant pendant lights that…

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West Chin Helps West Side Homeowner Design Dream Home

dream home - dining room

As precipitation turns from snow to rain and trees go from flowerless to budded, nature undergoes a timeless but miraculous transformation. It’s nature’s way of cleaning up after the necessary but sad brown mud of a season beautiful in its own way, but we are all glad to see pass. So why stop at spring-cleaning in our homes when we can eradicate the symbolic mud…

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10 Festive Easter Table Settings

easter festive table decor

Are you planning your Easter dinner? Easter is a special time of the year, and children are especially drawn to the festivities, which often involve egg hunts and other goodies. How will you set your Easter table? Today we feature 10 eye-catching ideas, from the most beautiful of centerpieces to unforgettable place settings. When it comes to Easter decor, don’t feel the need to stick…

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30 Stylish Floating Bed Design Ideas for the Contemporary Home

Modern bedroom sporting a chic floating bed design

Floating bed designs have a unique and exciting aura that surrounds them. Since most modern homes and interiors are designed around the principle of ‘clean and well defined lines’, they make for an appealing choice. Aesthetically pleasing, space-conscious and offering even the smaller rooms an airy and open look, floating bed models tend to bring in an unparalleled sense of sophistication and style. While these…

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Elegant Melbourne Home Blends Luxurious Interiors With Beautiful Terrace Views

ultra chic living room decor

Melbourne is widely regarded as one of the best cities on the planet to live in. This gorgeous 4-bedroom house in the suburbs of this fabulous city is indeed designed for those who wish to live it up in style. One of the most apparent and amazing features of this lovely residence is the simplicity and pleasant atmosphere it exudes from the outset. While most…

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