Design an Entertaining Small Space in 3 Steps with Michael Pozner and Darrick Bowoski

Michael Pozner living room

Moving into a new place can be an intimidating undertaking. But as then new homeowner to a very microscopic 500 sq. foot in the middle of big New York’s East Village, Michael Pozner — a recognized business consultant —  saw this as an exciting opportunity. Working closely with Darrick Bowoski, the creative director at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, they transformed an ordinary apartment into a distinguished…

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Choosing the Right Ottoman to Compliment your Sofa

blue circle tufted ottoman

Your sofa is most likely the focal point of your living or family room and the way it fits into the room says a lot about your design and entertaining style. While the sofa may be the star attraction, ottomans have now become the strong supporting character and in many homes steal the show. Whether you use an ottoman for a place to put your…

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Garden Pathway Ideas for Fall

Garden Pathway Ideas for Fall

Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean you have to kiss your garden goodbye. In fact, if you live in a warm climate, the newly mild temperatures may allow you to accommodate plants that were impossible to grow in the summer. If you’re not an avid gardener, you may be tempted to start winding down for winter, but use autumn as an excuse to revive…

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Selecting the Ideal Dining Room Chairs for your Entertaining Needs

formal dining room

Before you think of writing up your guest invitation list for your get-together, have you determined if you have the right dining room chairs for your guests? While you may think all chairs are treated equal, think again. Depending on the style of your dining room, casual or formal dining, children or adults attending, different chairs will be more suitable for your guests. Whether you…

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Toronto Penthouse Loft Gets a Contemporary Makeover in White & Blue

Toronto penthouse renovation

When you are redoing a penthouse that is located in a building that is was built originally in 1858, it takes a bit of imagination and some daft ingenuity. When an enthusiastic couple went to designer Golbou Rad with the challenge, they came up with a simple yet effective plan to redo the interiors and offer the loft a whole new lease of life. Since…

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Contemporary House in Israel Dazzles with Glass and Metal Magic!

Contemporary Home in Caesarea 2

Considering the flashy nature and the amazing designs that modern houses are sporting of late, it really is not easy to fabricate a home that will astonish you and dazzle with sheer splendor. Yet, this wonderful modern house in Caesarea, Israel, is really something ‘special’ and the moment you lay your eyes on it, you cannot but help fall in love with its well-defined plan,…

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Transparently Swinomish Indian Reserve Cabin Provides a Cozy Visual Treat

Swinomish Indian Reserve Cabin 2

Comfortable cabins set in nature’s lap are indeed a great way to spend a memorable holiday and definitely help when it comes to escaping the hustle and the rush of the monotonous city life. And while traditionally the mental image of a cabin set in a lush green outback is of a structure clad and crafted out of wood, the Swinomish Indian Reserve cabin breaks…

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Endesa Pavilion showcases sustainability with stunning simplicity and solar energy!

Endesa Pavilion - Barcelona 10

Architects and designers are really pulling out all stops when it comes to creating cool new structures that are not only user-friendly, but also planet-friendly. While some employ traditional design methods which have been tried and tested for ages, others are employing ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. And the Endesa Pavilion showcased at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona is all about going off the beaten…

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Three Ways To Introduce The Bookshelf Doorway To Your Home

Bookshelves hidden doorway

Today we are going to pay homage to the hybrid of bookshelf and door. It’s a quick DIY fix to an otherwise arduous renovation project that can offer your living space charm and other qualities worthy of celebration. When I look back, in school it wasn’t enough that we celebrated and honored Abraham Lincolns, George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthdays. No we celebrated…

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Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Small Living Rooms Design Ideas

You’re looking forward to settling in for the night, but as you reach for the remote control, you trip over the bulky coffee table and find yourself face to face with the rug! If only you had more space in that tiny living room… Guess what? You’re not alone. Even inhabitants of roomier living spaces often lament that they don’t have a larger area for entertaining,…

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