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Scenic Landscape and Modern Aesthetics Shape Inspired Swedish Home

Designing a contemporary home that blends into the natural, rustic countryside that surrounds it is an inherently difficult task at the best of times. The job becomes even more challenging when the lot has a few quirky features that need to be seamlessly integrated with the stylish structure occupying the space. But getting this accomplished with both flair and functionality is this gorgeous private residence in Ingarö, Sweden that was conjured up and brought to life by Gabriel Minguez. The architect was inspired by Japanese design and its innate simplicity and natural harmony, and he incorporated these nuances into the overall appeal of the home.

Exterior of the Swedish home in modern gray

The beautiful home is nestled in a lovely lot that overlooks Östernäs, Ingaro and is spread across a generous 2,368 square feet. Surrounded by pine trees, a curated Japanese garden, and natural rocks that play an important role in the look and feel of the structure, the house has an exterior that melts away into the backdrop with ease. The iron based color scheme of the exterior ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum, while the interior takes on a completely different look with a more cheerful, pleasant and modern vibe.

Outdoor dining and barbecue area of the stylish home in Ingaro

Beautiful fireplace with a calm ambiance and a fireplace

Scenic view of the landscape from the living area

Beautiful Swedish home combines the natural with the modern

Dining area with a long wooden bench and modern chairs

Large glass walls combine the living area with the outdoors

Large natural rock in the middle of the contemporary living area

Large rock left untouched inside the house!

View of the kitchen and the staircase from the living area

The lower level includes the living area along with the kitchen and dining room, and at its heart is a large natural rock that was left untouched during the construction of the home! Three bedrooms and bathrooms are also housed on this level, while a sleek, sculptural staircase leads to the top floor with additional rooms, the master suite and a stunning roof terrace. Complete with a sauna, access to a dock and swimming area, and of course gorgeous private gardens, the home combines contemporary luxury with natural goodness in an exquisite, effortless fashion. And it could be yours for $1.1 million!

Sculptural contemporary staircase inside the gorgeous home in Sweden

Long corridor leading to the bedrooms

Bedding brings a touch of blue to the cool bedroom

Bedroom with private deck that offers a view of the landscape

Bathroom with minimalist and contemporary appeal

Bathroom in white leads way towards the private gardens

Sauna at the home offers complete privacy

Fabulous home blends in with the colors of the landscape

Loveley artificial lighting brings the home alive after sunset

Exterior of the home with low-maintenance surface

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