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Hot Design Trends Shaping Home Offices in 2015

A modern lifestyle and our changing needs have seen not only a shift in overall floor plans of homes, but also a steady increase in demand for spaces such as the home office. The exclusive, traditional dining room is quickly fading away and many homeowners are opting for the home office instead. Some turn towards the basement to make additional room for a workspace at home, while others carve out a niche in the bedroom to catch up on some work, even on the weekends! In a world where the line between professional lives and personal space is quickly becoming a blur, the home office has become all too essential!

Small home office with a cool, gray wall [Design: Meister Construction]

Today we take a look at three top trends in home office design that seem to be taking flight in 2015. While one of them seems to continue a trend that started more than a year or two ago, the other two reflect surprising new twists. Whether you are planning for a new home workspace or trying to improve your existing home office, these 25 trendy inspirations sure will come in handy –

Take It Outside

We have seen attics being transformed into home offices, basements have gone down a similar path and even the tiny nook in the kitchen or living area has been turned into an ergonomic workspace. But with a growing number of people working from home, the idea of an exclusive home office that is partly removed from the home yet just a few steps from the living room is gaining credence. And creative designers are adding modular units, prefabricated structures and custom home offices to the backyard or private garden to get this done. For those who prefer something less fancy and expensive, even an old, unused garage will do just fine!

Fabulous home office is both futuristic and sculptural [Design: Platform 5 Architects]
Stunning prefab office in the garden is both functional and aesthetic [Design: OfficePOD]
Exquisite garden studio is surrounded by greenery [Design: la boite a clous]
Old shed of the house turned into a lovely home office [Design: Danny Broe Architect]
Modular home office design in the backyard [Design: Sett Studio]
A home workspace that offers plenty of peace and quiet [Design: PAUL CREMOUX studio]

Dominance of Gray

Gray is without a doubt the hottest hue currently doing the rounds, and the trend that started several years ago simply refuses to fade away. People are much happier to turn towards gray in the home office, as it gives the place a sense of sophistication while moving away from the more boring beige and white. The many varied shades of gray allow you to use the color both extensively and as an accent hue without much fuss. It does not create any visual fragmentation and is ideally suited for small home office designs.

Gorgeous gray home office with contemporary appeal [Design: Pacific Peninsula Group]
Gray home office idea with a touch of imagination [Design: Roselind Wilson Design]
Home office with texture and pops of yellow [Design: 2 Ivy Lane]

Fitting in with almost any theme that you have going, gray is a color that promises to remain in fashion for the foreseeable future. It also allows you to use other bright colors with ease, providing the ideal backdrop for vibrant accents.

Design a home office that fits your specific needs [Design: Valerie Grant Interiors]
Functional home office design that also serves as a great reading room [Design: Creative Storage]
Give your home office a touch of personality with unique decor [Design: R. Cartwright Design]
Gray, cream and lavender combine to create a feminine home office [Design: LiLu Interiors]
Rug adds color and pattern to the stylish home office [Design: Molly Quinn Design]
Eclectic home office in gray with color and pattern [Design: Green Couch Interior Design]

Revitalized Wallpaper!

We have been talking about the revival of wallpaper for awhile now, and 2015 is definitely the year where it seems to be in full swing! It is not just the kitchen or the bathroom that could use a roll of wallpaper, as wallpaper can bring beautiful textural contrast and pattern to the home office as well. Give your more serious workspace a playful, fun twist with bold wallpaper, or pick a pattern that is classy and timeless. For those design aficionados who always wanted to try out the patterns of David Hicks or modern icons like the Woods Wallpaper, the time is indeed now!

Add a brick wall to your home office with wallpaper! [Design: Valerie Pasquiou Interiors + Design]
Lovely wallpaper brings elegance and pattern to the home office [From: Mark Teskey Architectural Photography]
Midcentury home office with snazzy wallpaper [Design: Atelier Interior Design]

The wallpaper that you pick can not only add color, pattern and texture to the home office, but also is capable of extending the theme of the room with its print. If you are a touch hesitant about using it extensively, start off by simply adding wallpaper to the features that you wish to highlight in the room. This is also an easy and fun way of creating an accent wall that is both creative and compelling.

Beach style home office with a splash of blue [Design: Digs Design Company]
Wallpaper brings color and intrigue to the eclectic home office [Design: Catalina Estrada]
Wallpaper adds bold pattern to the beautiful home office [Design: Shirley Meisels]
Use wallpaper to highlight features of your choice in the room [Photography: Dooley Images]
Wonderful wallpaper brings personality to an otherwise mundane home office [Design: Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design]
Home office accent wall draped in wallpaper [Design: Carolina V. Gentry]

Sherry Nothingam

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