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16 Gorgeous Bathrooms with the Warm Allure of Yellow

The dark gloom and cold chill of winter is just about starting to wear off for many of us, and the sights and sounds of spring will soon take over. A change in season is also a great time to redecorate your home and usher in those minor changes that give it a fresh, new appeal. While the popularity of some hues wanes away with a change in the fickle trends, others only look good in certain seasons. Yet there are a few colors that work well all year around and simply never go out of ‘style’. Yellow is one such perpetually popular color, and when used right, it can give your boring old bathroom a refreshing, cheerful lease on life.

Contemporary bathroom in gray and yellow [Design: B&Q]

Yellow in the bathroom is a classic color that is next only to blue and white in terms of popularity across the globe. Unlike other bold colors such as orange or red, it is far more pleasing and seems to trump green with its innate coziness that makes it perfect even in the colder fall and winter months. Here are 16 lovely bathrooms with a splash of yellow to get you started in the right direction.

Cutting across Styles

One of the joys of using yellow in the bathroom is that it seems to blend in and enhance any theme that you already have going. This is because the various shades of yellow allow you to use it both as a relaxing background color in an extensive fashion and as a brilliant accent hue that draws your attention instantly. With gray becoming such a popular choice in the last few years, yellow seems even more appropriate in the world of contemporary interior design. Whether it is simply paint or beautiful tiles, adding yellow to the bathroom instantly gives the setting a more inviting and elegant look.

Contemporary bathroom with fascinating use of yellow shelves [Design: WA design]
Trendy bathroom design combines the modern and the classic [Design: DiGiacomo Homes & Renovation]
Asian style bathroom in yellow with a relaxing ambiance [Design: Robin Wilson Interior Design]
Wallpaper and shower curtains bring yellow to the small bathroom [Design: Room Fu – Knockout Interiors]
Yellow tiles make a big visual impact in the modern bathroom [Design: Allen-Guerra Architecture]

Classic and Timeless

Another recent trend in bathroom design has been the incorporation of design elements from the past. Homeowners are gladly turning towards styles such as art deco, midcentury and vintage to give their bathroom a truly unique look. Yellow is a great choice for all such styles, and it helps in creating a soothing yet invigorating bathroom that is timeless and evocative. As a rule, traditional bathrooms benefit from yellow in lighter, mellower shades, while it is contemporary compositions that generally use the bolder, glossier versions.

Gorgeous bathroom uses yellow in a charming, traditional fashion [Design: LDa Architecture & Interiors]
Use yellow to create a lovely backdrop for your traditional bathroom [Design: Echelon Custom Homes]
Dark walnut vanity adds to the warmth of the bathroom [Design: Savvy Interiors]
Penny tiles in lovely yellow give the bathroom a unique look [Photography: Corynne Pless]
Traditional bathroom with hints of Victorian charm [Design: Siemasko + Verbridge]

Sun-Kissed Beauty!

As always, those less happy with completely committing to a color can start off with simple accents before going bolder. In the case of yellow, it is less likely to be a color commitment issue and more about a desire to seasonally switch between hues to keep the look of the bathroom fresh. A black and white bathroom offers a wonderful backdrop for beautiful yellow accents, and at times even a few neatly folded towels can make a huge visual impact. An accent wall in yellow, a painted vanity or even a simple stool adds to this look. Always remember to use the color in more than just one place to give the bathroom a more graceful and symmetric look.

Beach style bathroom with pops of yellow [Design: Rethink Design Studio]
Black and white contemporary bathroom with pops of yellow [Design: K Kong Designs]
Claw-foot bathtub adds yellow to the relaxed bathroom in beach cottage [Design: GH3 Enterprises]
Bright yellow accent wall for the small attic bathroom in white [Design: Renewal Design-Build]
Yellow brings visual brightness to the posh gray bathroom [Design: The Consulting House]

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