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Lucrezia: Versatile Contemporary Kitchen Brings Home Endless Possibilities

Minimalism, ergonomics, adaptability and efficiency; when it comes to stunning contemporary kitchens, Cesar manages to deliver every single time. We have seen some fabulous kitchens such as Mila and Kalea from these Italian masters in the past, and today we have another sensational series that adds to this exclusive, high-end lineup. Lucrezia is much more than just a kitchen, as it tries to blur the line between the living area and the kitchen to create an integrated social zone that responds to the changing needs of a fast-paced urban lifestyle. Arguably the most popular kitchen from Cesar, Lucrezia does all it can to deliver the kitchen of your dreams—one that is innovative and fresh!

Kitchen island in white with extended dining table

Modularity and compositional freedom have become the two most important traits of urban kitchen design, and the design of Lucrezia responds to this need. Kitchen islands with open and closed shelves, multiple standalone and wall-mounted storage units, breakfast zones and extending dining tables come together to shape a kitchen that adapts to the specific floor plan of your home. From white lacquered oak to stainless steel and durable Corian surfaces to warm wooden tones, this trendy kitchen charms you with an array of contrasting yet visually seductive surfaces that steal the show.

Small divider with open shelves helps demarcate spaces in open floor plan

Stainless steel adds shiny glitter to the trendy kitchen

Breakfast zone in the kitchn doubles as a social zone

Versatile kitchen siland design with open shelves and closed cabinets

Black brings sophisticated beauty to the modern kitchen

Combine your kitchen and dining space with effortless ease

Spacious work zones, smart peninsular units and functional countertops make your life in the kitchen a lot easier as the intuitive design of each composition comes to the fore. Yet this is not just another sterile kitchen that has a ‘play by the numbers’ look, as quirky details and subtle design elements reflect the individual personality of the homeowner in an understated fashion.

Contemporary Italian kitchen with wooden shelves

Open shelves allow you to decorate kitchen in style

Open shelves of the kitchen island steal the show

Lucrezia kitchen offers compositional freedom

All-white kitchen with stainless steel countertops

Turn even the smallest nook into a stylish kitchen

Customized Italian kitchen with open and closed storage spaces

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