Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

small living room design with white couch and elegant accessories

Small spaces have plenty of perks – they’re compact, easy to maintain, cozy and generally charming. However, when it comes to entertaining, small spaces also have their drawbacks. If you live in a small home – such as a city apartment or tiny one-person condo – you may feel a little hesitant to host any sort of event. You may fear that your living space…

20 Modern Landscape Design Ideas

landscape design

Modern landscaping is refreshingly geometric. Clean lines and open spaces combine with sculpted detailing to create contemporary outdoor spaces. Wild overgrown areas are also welcome, as they rebel against more traditional manicured lawns. The key is putting it all together in a way that is original and eye-catching. While this challenge is very doable, an abundance of frilly garden containers and accessories makes modern landscaping…

Stunning Australian Inner City Penthouses

most stunning penthouses in Australia

The development of skyscrapers in the 20th century created the first possibilities for penthouse living, and as Australia’s city skylines grow ever higher, denser, brighter and grander, the opportunities for pushing the boundaries of penthouse architecture continue to expand. The classic penthouse occupies the entire top floor of a high-rise apartment complex, offering 360-degree panoramas of the surrounding city. It usually opens onto outdoor areas…

How to Create a More Serene Bedroom

comfortable bedroom design - miami

At the end of a frenzied, exhausting day of work, school, errands and the many other activities that consume most of your energy, you deserve to retire to a room that makes you feel completely and utterly relaxed. However, in order to truly enjoy a restful night of sleep, and wake feeling fully rejuvenated, you need to create an atmosphere that caters to comfort and…

Design Basics for a Minimalist Approach

luxurious minimalist interior design

Influenced heavily by Japanese architecture the Zen philosophy, minimalism is a design movement that creates simplicity through the removal of all non-essential components. In other words, minimalism is based on the idea of using only what is needed, with an emphasis on negative space. Using a minimalist approach in home décor can mean achieving a peaceful space devoid of clutter and distractions. Over time, most…

Shop Design: The Wonderful Sukha in Amsterdam

shop interior design amsterdam

From its lofty ceilings and ethereally white walls to its soft gray concrete floors, the interior of Sukha Amsterdam feels like a small piece of heaven. The large shop windows flanking the entrance to the store always boast designs so beautiful that it’s almost impossible to walk past without taking a peek inside. What you’ll find upon entering is a wonderful store that falls somewhere…

Commercializing Your Home Kitchen: Pro Appliances for a Pro Chef

custom white contemporary kitchen furniture

Cabinets. Drawers. Wine Rack. Fridge. Teakettle. Stove. Oven. Walk in pantry. Workstation island. Electric can opener. This makes a kitchen. These are the factors that harmoniously work to create one of the most valuable rooms when it comes to resale value and living. Ah, and yet something is missing. I’ve listed everything … Everything but the kitchen sink. A woman with a large purse, with…

DIY Protection: Tips and Tricks On Home Security

home security with iPad

Knock, knock! Let the fun times begin for those with a tooth for DIY home security ideas in mind. While it’s an entertaining and ageless joke with endless punch lines -many cute and few hilarious- the tragedy of invaders of our home who fail to knock and just Take, take! are predators we can learn to fight against if only we use a little DIY…

18 DIY Desks to Enhance Your Home Office

DIY Desks inspirational ideas

The home office is a place where the business of the day is done. Practicality, functionality and efficiency are of the utmost importance, yet an ever-growing interest in making this space refreshingly stylish has led to a large number of home office DIY projects. Why shouldn’t this room of the house be heavy on design? A well-decorated work space has the power to inspire and…

22 Stunning Breakfast Nook Furniture Ideas

awesome breakfast nook in contemporary white kitchen decor

Breakfast is often cited as the most important meal of the day – and for good reason. It’s a jump-starter that provides the fuel you need to make it through your busy morning until it’s time for lunch. If you’re like most, you have just enough time to grab a granola bar or other similar food-on-the-go before heading out the door. However, by creating a…

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