Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Ideas

spa-like bathroom design

A bathroom is one of the most important areas of any home. It is used every day, frequented by both living partners and guests, and can be either a major selling point or drawback to those looking to invest in a home. In order to look their best, bathrooms should be updated every few years. Luckily for you, it’s easy to create a chic and…

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Let It Sparkle: Decorating with Minerals

decorating with minerals

Mineral mania has hit the design world, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Why this interest in nature’s treasures? For one thing, minerals are beautiful, unusual conversation pieces. Not to mention, they have a magical quality that reminds us of collecting rocks and minerals as kids, don’t they?! Another mineral fun fact: they’re versatile! Minerals mix well with a variety of design styles….

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How to Prepare for a Big Move

outdoor spaces - preparing for a big move

No matter how many times you may have packed up your household with sights set on greener pastures, moving never seems to get much easier. In fact, many people blame the hassle of moving as the primary reason for passing up otherwise perfect job offers. It’s taxing, it’s tedious and, most of all, it requires a great deal of physical exertion. Although there’s really no…

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Four Alternatives to Traditional Headboards

fabulous fabric headboard design

 Headboards help to dress up a bedroom, create a more cohesive design and allow you to impose just a bit more of your own personal style. However, for some, an entire bed frame can be a bit pricey and, for others, the traditional headboard simply doesn’t capture the essence of style they’re looking to impart. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to dress up…

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Tiny Houses: The Best in Modern Compact Living

tiny houses

The small house movement, also known as the tiny house movement, celebrates minimalist living and the beauty of well-built compact spaces. Eco-friendly materials are often used, and the small scale of these residences encourages clutter-free interiors. A large number of compact homes built in recent years have been modern in style, as the simplicity of these small structures blends seamlessly with contemporary design. We’ve compiled…

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Tips for Creating an Efficient Home Office

natural walnut home office furniture

Whether you have a small bureau tucked away under the stairs or an annex dedicated as your working environment, there are some key elements that will contribute an effective working environment — Clare, who’s  a specialist from Wooden Furniture Store shares her thoughts on what’s effective when working from home. Whatever area you use at home for work, it’s vital that it’s a functional yet…

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Best Colors for a Positive Mood Interior

contemporary living room in cream beige with TV storage and room divider

It doesn’t take a home design specialist to realize that different color choices provoke different emotions and moods. The effect of color on moods is a strange science deeply rooted in psychology, and marketers and interior designers have long been taking advantage of this phenomenon. Some colors can instill anger or irritability, others excitement and liveliness and others tranquility and relaxation. When you’re choosing colors…

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Create a Color Gradient With Ombre Design

ombre design

Today we celebrate the world of ombre! For those of you unfamiliar with the term, simply picture a paint sample card from your local home improvement store, and you’ve got it! Rather than merely being a collection of vibrant stripes, ombre design creates a color gradient that progresses from lightest to darkest. Ombre is hardly a new trend. For the past couple of years, it’s…

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Simple Landscaping Tricks for a Stunning Yard

backyard with plants and art furniture

Have you ever been taking a stroll through your neighborhood, or flipped through the pages of a garden magazine and found a property so beautifully landscaped that you were instantly filled with envy? If so, you’re certainly not alone. A well manicured lawn is something to be treasured. It takes a homeowner  – or, in most cases, a team of professionals – a great deal…

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Monochromatic Designs: How to Pull it Off

bedroom design with soothing monochromatic color palette

Have you ever watched a home improvement program on television and, instead of feeling inspired, felt even more out of touch? When it comes to home décor and design, implementing new techniques can seem terrifying. An arrangement, piece of wall art or color palette that looks ravishing in a trendy television home can sometimes look like an out-of-place mess when added to your current home…

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Candy Factory Lofts Penthouse presents a lavish bundle of contradictions!

Candy Factory Lofts Penthouse - luxury kitchen design

Modern houses are becoming more and more innovative and bold when it comes to experimenting with various styles, patterns and designs. The idea is to try and create a home that gives the owner exactly what he is looking for, while it also stands out from the pack and showcases the skill and ingenuity of those who have designed it. Of course, in the quest…

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Flower Power: 25 Dazzling Floral Arrangements

beautiful flower arrangements

There’s nothing like a beautiful centerpiece to brighten a room! Yet many shy away from fresh blooms, assuming that an eye-catching arrangement of flowers will take too much time and care to assemble. Think again. Today we showcase 25 dazzling floral arrangements in every shade of the rainbow. From reds and corals to purples and violets, there’s a hue for every design palette. Not to…

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EnThroned: Future Four-ward Luxury Items For Your Bathroom

high tech shower with beautiful tile wall with the vanity

John. Throne. Potty. Commode. These are just a few of the terms used when we refer to the four walls and ceiling that protect the toilet in an essential room of the house. By definition bathroom is considered a room or building with at least one toilet. But with modern technology and creature comforts, the building or room with at least one toilet is undergoing…

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Spicing Up Your White Bedroom: The Perfect Backdrop of Color and Décor

white bedroom with white flooring - Bed quilt and head board

White on white on white décor spells disaster and is like a magnet for ketchup, cherries, other food stains and every speck of dirt that needs to find a place to rest as it migrates from room to room. But the beauty of contrasting whites is undeniable in our homes and if we keep some Tide to Go on hand, well the scrubbing that’s bound…

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