25 Modern Shelves to Keep You Organized in Style

modern shelves organization

Storing books and other decorative objects may seem like a practical matter, but shelving has transcended the mundane and entered the realm of creativity. Who says a bookshelf can’t be a canvas for an eye-catching arrangement of reading materials and vases? And what if the shelf itself were a work of art? An array of  modern options awaits you, from the simple and clean-lined to…

Luxurious Apartment in Ukraine Showcases sleek organization and stylish design

spacious modern ukranian apartment 2 - contemporary living room

A 300 square meters of charming Ukrainian delight is what Alexander Chervinskyi has created for Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects. With a highly fashionable interior, lovely milky white walls and spacious rooms with contemporary furniture, this luxury apartment is all about comfort exemplified in a modern fashion. But the design is not merely about the appealing aesthetics as it demonstrates how one can bring a light…

Subtle and stylish Residence reflects the taste of Norwegian owner in soft pastels

Modern Barn Design - designer home 3

A tour through Norwegian-based ceramic designer Silje Aune Eriksen’s beautiful residence showcases how one can add a sense of nostalgia and simplicity to modern design and interiors, without going over the top. Simple shades, soothing colors and sporadic presence of effervescent patterns make up this cool house and add to this warm and plush furnishing and you have a residence that is both unique and…

Restaurant Yaki-Da: Retro Modern Wallpaper to create inspirational interiors

Restaurant Yaki-Da 1

Retro or modern, classic or contemporary, creative or casual, you can pretty much achieve any sorts of feel and give your walls a whole new texture with the crafty use of wallpapers. While most current homes might find them a bit out of date and even cumbersome at times, knowing how to decorate and create cool interiors using wallpapers is an amazing art in itself….

Antique Distressed Furniture for a Fresh Look

From farmhouse chic to shabby European, adding a few pieces of antiqued or distressed furniture adds instant charm and character to any room. You can spend thousands of dollars on authentic antique pieces, but if you’re looking for something a little less expensive, consider antiquing and distressing old wood furniture as your upcoming weekend project. It’s fun, it’s easy and you gives you tremendous bragging…

Seven Repurposing Ideas for Mason Jars

beautiful DIY mason jars

The Mason jar is an integral part of our history. Our mothers, their mothers and their mothers exerting over the hot stove after long hours of peeling and chopping to preserve their raw organic garden veggies for a long cold winter. The water temperature rises and the boiling water seals the lids on the Mason jars ensuring that the food will stay preserved for months…

Decorating With Patterned Upholstered Furniture

Patterned Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to upholstered furniture, many people play it safe with solid colors for fear of overwhelming a space with the bold effect of a pattern. The good news: for every scene-stealing pattern there’s a subtle design to suit the most selective of shoppers. Furthermore, there is an endless supply of patterns to choose from, including florals, stripes, lattices and a slew of geometrics….

Fluid Curtained Walls Dividing An Amsterdam Loft In An Historic Warehouse


Adorning one of Amsterdam’s infamous canals, an historic building holds the floor plan of a beautifully designed apartment that makes today’s post. This 250 square meter Amsterdam Loft created inside the 18th century warehouse maintains the old floor plan while using an ingenious method of dividing the interior space. Created by UXUS Design, this dramatic arrangement of living and sleeping spaces appear as a fluid…

DIY With The Kids: Bedroom or Imagination Emporium?

diy with kids

Lately I have been hanging out with a really young crowd. By young I mean the small people that inhabit and turn this world upside down and leave planet earth dangling off kilter its axis. Toddlers. Original image by Anders Ruff Custom Designs These energetic, outdoors bound, finger painting humans who love play dates, colored food, sticking objects up their nostrils and ears and testing…

Creating a Backyard Oasis: 26 Sleek Pool Designs

luxury contemporary modern mansion with lavish pool

Shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun over the water, you cautiously step closer and closer to the edge. First, you take a deep breath and close your eyes. Then, bravely, you take a flying leap before finally feeling the satisfying splash as your sun warmed body slips beneath the surface. You submerge your entire being into refreshingly cool, clear water and for…

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