Most Popular Colors for Summer

Summer is here: bring more color to your home

For most, summertime is a season filled with unbridled joy, relaxation and plenty of outdoor events. For children, summer means several weeks without classes and long laze days of sleeping in, but for adults it means cold drinks on warm patios and late nights with good friends. Even nature seems to love this season best as grass becomes greener, trees bloom larger and flower blossoms…

Decorating with an Asian Influence

asian house exterior design

When you think of Asian home décor, you may think of outdoor water features filled with beautiful coy fish and plenty of cherry blossom motifs. While both of these ideas may be featured in an Asian style home, there are many more concepts to choose from. In fact, the term “Asian” embraces such a wide range of cultures, that choosing this influence as your starting…

5 Backyard Fence Types

White picket fence at the pool

A fence has a major impact on the look and feel of your outdoor space. Some fences may give passersby the impression that the dweller of that home is private and unwilling to greet guests while other fences are more open and welcoming. Some fences are erected with the purpose of keeping in pets or children who are playing outdoors, but other fences are built…

Coffee Table Decor For the De-Caffeinated Home Owner

Winter inspiration: home design by HUISSTYLING

Coffee stains. Coffee breath. Coffee scented candles. Coffee withdrawal. Broken coffee carafe. Gritty coffee beans. Cold coffee. Iced coffee. These are the signs and symptoms of a coffee addict. Whether this pick me up needs to be ingested early morning or during the noon day blues, once a coffee addict is denied their immediate access to a routine coffee break the brain cells shut down…

Three Affordable Ways to Add Continual Color in Your Home

colorful living room decor

For the past several days my little corner of the world has been undergoing a gray treatment. Yes, I know, while most graying individuals get color jobs that hide and eliminate these telling strands of age and stress, nature has undergone precipitation dyes that leave the greenery of my scenery muted with fog and the haze that comes with a storm. The sun is hidden…

12 Cool Alcove Beds

cool collection of alcove beds

Is there anything cozier than an alcove bed? Not to mention more innovative? It’s often when confronted with small spaces that we challenge ourselves to create the most interesting nooks. Today’s featured beds are no exception. In fact, these recessed resting places are the perfect in-home getaways. The designers and homeowners who’ve created them saw potential in a niche and transformed it into a retreat….

5 Things You Should Clean Every Day

Beautiful kitchen decor with large island and glossy furniture

If you’re like most homeowners, you dread cleaning your living space. Even if you’re a particularly tidy individual, it’s easy to slack on household chores when you’re amidst a busy week. However, by cleaning just five areas each day you can avoid long and tedious cleaning projects in the future. Sinks – Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, your sinks take a lot…

Spanish Pavilion Design Resembles a Ski Ramp With a Splurge of Color

Colorful Spanish Pavilion 2

And we mean that with complete respect. Created by Pulgon Diseño and on display at the Floriade 2012 in Venlo, Netherlands, the Spanish Pavilion is a wonderful example of a sustainable design that is both flowing in its appearance and fully functional. The structure was designed to highlight the importance of organic products and how various things and materials in nature can be used and…

Contemporary London House For a Working Mom & a Man United Fan

It is not very difficult to plan and design a home for a single mom and her teenage son. But it is indeed a challenge to revamp an existing structure in the heart of an industrial hub into a home for a working mom and her son who is a Manchester United fanatic. (that is a soccer club, in case those across the Atlantic are…

The English Countryside, An Inspiring City Alternative

Fancy Cotswold villa with charming blue roof

You probably thought it would never happen. You love the city; you love the hustle and bustle of London on the weekends, always somewhere to go, something exciting happening, even a night bus to get you home at any hour. And then as you approach your mid 30s something very strange happens. You can’t stay out all night on a Saturday without feeling it on…

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