Three Stylish and Affordable Countertop Solutions for Your Home

Laminate with exposed edges

Today at Decoist, we explore the wonder of countertops. Better yet, affordable countertops! If you’re making a series of updates in your home and find that your budget is quickly diminishing, you may need to take a look at cost-effective possibilities, especially if you are spending money on other highlights such as flooring. But don’t think that budgetary countertop decisions will automatically lead you to…

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11 DIY Dining Tables to Dine in Style

DIY Concrete Dining Table

Many people’s lives revolve around food, entertaining, and sitting down to a wonderful nightly family dinner. So why should your dining table, the hub of your home, be anything less than amazing? While purchasing or upgrading your dining table can get very pricey in the store, there are so many amazing DIY ideas out there for stylish, inexpensive and unique dining tables. So without further…

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Accentuate With Majesty: Purple Passion for Contemporary Interiors

Stunning room in black and white with purple chairs for an extravagant look

Colors play a significant role in our lives. Some come with notions that have been passed down over generations, like purple, which was a rare and extremely expensive dye extracted from shellfish. Others simply wow you. Either way, the colors that you choose for your home play a significant part in determining the many moods of your day. When it comes to creating a stylish…

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The Shiny Kitchen: Metal Decor for Your Culinary Space

Stainless steel kitchen

Did you ever notice how the simplest of metallic details can add modern shine to a room? This is particularly true in the kitchen, where many appliances and accessories are available in materials such as stainless steel and chrome. Some kitchens bathe themselves in metal, while others stick with a few key accents to make a shiny statement. Today we explore the many ways that…

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Shades of Yellow for a Golden Interior

Golden yellow dhurrie rug

It’s time to get sunny! That’s right–today we feature warm shades of yellow that will brighten your interior. We’ve been on a bit of a color kick here at Decoist. From bold shades of red to soothing shades of blue and verdant green hues, an array of colors have had their moment in the spotlight. Today it’s all about yellow. Hint: two of our featured hues include…

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Top 10 Tips on Designing a Space

interior design tips

After almost two weeks of being back from Design Camp in Seattle, I have finally had time to think about and process all of the incredible information I was given. While a lot of it was focused on the business aspects of being an interior designer, there were certainly a million creative tips I was able to take away. I have managed to condense it…

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Wrights Road: Warm And Contemporary Residence Amidst Snow-Filled Slopes Of Aspen

eames chairs and fireplace

The slopes of Rocky Mountains in Aspen, Colorado are renowned as some of the best skiing slopes not just in North America, but throughout the world. No wonder then that a home on the side of the Red Mountain in the region is much more than just a contemporary residence with classy interiors. Designed by Charles Cunniffe Architects, Wrights Road provides its owners with some…

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How to Decorate with Shades of Red

red decor inspiration

Why do so many people love the color red when it comes to interior design? There’s a street in my hometown that many people drive to access a popular area of the city. When you travel the street in the evening and glance at the houses that are all lit up inside, you can see that nearly every one of them features a red entryway….

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Truck Home: Ingenious Israeli Turns Truck Into Exquisite & Ergonomic House On Wheels

truck turned home

When people talk about ‘life on the road’ it is most often about an adventurous trip or two that took them to a few exotic places before they found their way back home. But when 50 year old Joseph Tayyar tells you about the same, he literally means every single word. This resourceful and creative animator by profession has turned a truck into a mobile…

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