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17 Bookshelves That Double as Headboards

There are all sorts of different DIY headboard projects you can take on to create something that’s really unique for your bedroom, but perhaps the easiest way to do it is by simply using a regular bookshelf. Just position it against your bedroom wall, push your bed up against it, and voila! You now have a great looking headboard that also gives you extra storage for all your books and other accessories. Here are just some of the different ways people have been taking advantage of this clever idea.

From Short and Wide, to Tall and Narrow

Unlike a real headboard designed for a bed, your bookshelf doesn’t necessarily have to be the same height and width as one. In fact, the taller and wider it is, the more of a statement it will make! This first example from Domino is a short one, but extends out about a foot from each side of the bed.

Bookshelf headboard that separates two sections of a room

For bedrooms that lack enough wall space, a plain old bookshelf used as a headboard is one of the best ways to combine two pieces of furniture into one. [Photo from Apartment Therapy]

Simple wood bookshelf behind a bed instead of a headboard

Of course, even if your bedroom is huge, you can still follow this trend. Try combining three narrow bookshelf units to make a large one along an entire wall, like this arrangement featured on BHG.

Large and wide white bookshelf with beach-themed accessories

Similar to the first example shown in this article, this bookshelf headboard from Made By Mood shows how you don’t necessarily need to put yours up against a wall, and instead makes a great solution for a partition.

Tall wood bookshelf used as a headboard

A bed and bookshelf headboard from Simply Grove takes a different approach by positioning one side of the bed against it as opposed to the head of the bed.

Bookshelf with bed positioned up against it from one side

Although they look good in all shapes and sizes, there’s something really satisfying about this bookshelf headboard from Potted Store that fits so perfectly next to the window in this bedroom (along with being the exact same width of the bed).

Tall white bookshelf with accessories behind bed

Twin Bed Artistry

Got a twin bed? No problem — bookshelf headboards are great for kids’ rooms, student dorm rooms, and even guest rooms! Just grab a more narrow bookshelf that makes a better fit for a smaller bed, like these two examples from Small Rooms on Tumblr and Susanna Carter on Pinterest.

Use a bookshelf as a headboard for small rooms
Simple white bookshelf used for a twin bed in a dorm

Up & Across the Whole Wall

If you’ve got a lot of books, why not just stretch your bookshelf headboard as far as you can? Here’s one featured on The Design Files that has little book cubbies built around the whole wall of a bed.

Huge shelving wall until with space for the bed

Or instead of building the unit around the bed, just pick up a couple of bookshelf units from IKEA and place your bed directly in front of them, like this gorgeous example featured on Brit + Co, which has a very strong library feel to it.

IKEA bookshelves used for wide headboard

If you’re lucky enough to have really high ceilings, you can take your bookshelf headboard all the way up to the top, like this example from a New York apartment featured on Home Adore. You gotta love the library ladder added to this one!

Incredible bookshelf that reaches all the way up to the high ceilings

Creative & Custom Designed

Regular everyday bookshelves are perfect for this idea, but to step up your style, you can get even more creative with different styles and even custom-made units if you’re willing to go that far. For example, a very rustic bedroom theme from A Beautiful Mess Antiques uses an old weathered bookshelf with lots of old books to match the lovely country bedding.

Rustic bookshelf that matches bedding

A bookshelf headboard from Jati Belanda appears to be custom made for this bed, with just some simple shelving at the top and a couple of built-in bedside tables on each side.

Custom pallet headboard with built-in side tables

If you’re feeling really creative, you can actually build your own bookshelf headboard by combining and stacking separate pieces, like this gorgeous example from Love Chic Living.

Creative headboard with open shelving areas

Cabinets are similar to bookshelves, and can also be used as headboards for LOTS of extra storage space! Here’s an adorable project from Kate Honebrink featuring an upcycled cabinet as a headboard for a kids’ room.

Cabinet turned bookshelf painted to match bedding

Slightly More Bookish

If you have enough books, you may not even need an actual bookshelf for this to work. Seriously. Just take a look at the wildly creative headboard made entirely out of books and nothing else, found on We Heart It.

Books used to create headboard in shape of an arch

A similar and comparably creative example from Juvenile Hall Design shows books open and attached by their covers to the wall above the bed, with one simple shelf for a lamp and a plant! That’s one DIY project that might be perfect for any extreme bookworm.

Super creative headboard made of actual books

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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