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15 Creepy Gothic Candle Holder Ideas for a Scary Halloween

When it comes to Halloween decor, there are usually two main routes you can take — cute, or scary. I’ll warn you right now by saying there’s nothing all that cute about the decor trends that follow. In the spirit of Halloween, sometimes we all just really need to be creeped right out! And there’s no easier way to bring a little of that creepiness into your home than by dimming the lights and lighting up a few candles on an elegant gothic-inspired candle holder. Here are just a few that will give you shivers.

Traditional Darkness

You can find some very vintage-looking candle holders almost anywhere, but if you want something super creepy, garage sales and antique stores may have the best finds. You can even paint them black for an extra spooky look. These ones from from Grand In Road appear to be quite new, but are still perfectly spooky enough for Halloween.

Tall and large ornate gothic candlesticks with black and white pillar candles

Extra large and tall ones will make an even bigger statement. Check out these great old-fashioned candleholders featured on Everyday Living that look perfectly eerie next to a staircase.

Very large candlesticks in an empty space near a staircase

You don’t necessarily need something extremely ornate to look gothic and gruesome. These simpler black candlesticks featured on April and May with orange tapers create just the right kind of Halloween look.

Tall black candlesticks with orange candles

Serpents & Tentacles

Feeling like a little something more scaly and slimy? Now we’re really getting into the scary side of Halloween! Check out the details on this gorgeous candelabra featured on Design Sponge.

Large black candle holder with skulls and serpents

If tentacles are more your thing, then have a look at some of the candlesticks that Dellamorteco sells on Etsy. You’ll be blown away by the intricate mysticism of each piece!

Creepy candle holders that look like tentacles

Bone-chilling Brightness

Nothing says Halloween quite like a human skull, and they look even more freaky when they come in dark colors with different patterns carved into them. Have a look at this elegant black skull candle holder from Design Label.

Ornate black skull candle holder

Of course, they look just as frightening in stone. Here are a couple other ornate skull candle holders from 6-ft-under.

Ornate stone skull candle holders

On the other hand, why not just go with something that looks realistic and similar to an actual human skull? Add a dash of Halloween flair to it with a black candle.

Realistic skull candle holder with black taper candle

These candle holders aren’t exactly human skulls, but they’re just as scary looking. Doll head candle holders from MudStuff on Etsy will leave you feeling like you’re being watched.

Doll head candle holders

Laced in Black

For more of an elegant gothic style, it’s easy enough to wrap some black lace around any simple candle holder you have lying around as a quick and easy DIY Halloween project. Here are a couple of great examples from HGTV Gardens and Family Chic.

Glass candle holders with black lace
Small glass candle holder with tea light and black lace

Birds of a Feather

Black raven decorations bring a classic touch of dark mystery to Halloween. These candle holders from Williams Sonoma are just perfect for the occasion!

Black raven candle holders

Or how about just the feet? Bet you never thought a bird’s feet and talons could ever look so scary. These candle holders are from RetroDecoShop on Etsy.

Black bird feet candle holders

Erie Lanterns

As a final suggestion for taking your Halloween decor to spookier levels, you can’t really go wrong with a vintage lantern! Especially when paired with other mysterious-looking candle holders and accessories.

Vintage lanterns with pillar candles

The darker and more ornate they look, like this stunning example featured on Betrayed Memories, the better they’ll fit with your gothic Halloween theme.

Black weathered lantern with candle hanging from tree

Scary enough for you? At least when it comes to gothic design inspiration, there’s always a nice dose of dark elegance that kind of balances out the frightfulness in a way that makes it beautiful. It truly is one of the perfect themes to go with for Halloween.

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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